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terminal85 Regular User Jan 14, 2009, 07:12:13 pm 0 1
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 Re: War for Calradia  » posted under War for Calradia on Jan 14, 2009, 08:29:45 pm
Really nice mod Ivdiness! The only mod I like enough to actually play a full game with.
There isn't really any other mod that gives you the capacity to manage your own kingdom, without adding a lot of things that don't really fit with the quality of native M&B (as in rough textures, rough scripts, mixed UIs).
Don't get me wrong, I can see that a lot of effort goes into all those mods. But I guess that M&B is a little rough around the edges when it comes to modding (as are most games).

It does have a couple of minor bugs/exploits/oddities:
-When you capture a new castle (or maybe when you give it to one of your lords) all villages and castles seem to reset their ownership (back to you).
-I don't know if this is intended, but for some reason, most (all?) lords change banners (compared to native). Of course this is only annoying if you played long enough of native to recognise lords for their banner. :P
-You can rise your relations with any of your lords as much as you want, by repeatedly giving them a fief and taking it away. You can also rise your relations with the fiefs in the same way.

I also have a couple of suggestions:
-Maybe you can fix the relations exploit with the lords by adding a relatively big relations hit when you take away a fief (after all, they should be outraged).
-The money you get per fief owned by your lords seems way to high. I mean, I would be happy if they pay even half of what I would get by owning the fief myself. After all, they are garrisoning my castles for free and it wouldn't do me much good, owning more than a couple fief anyway.

And of course my own wish list for future additions :P :
- It would be great if you could improve the recruiting of lords. Right now it seems way too easy and is pretty much role-specific. Maybe you could add a system similar to the claimant quest in native. Though probably it should be harder than that.
- I would love to be able to recruit lords from other sources than the rest of the kingdoms. Maybe from your companions or from additional NPC appearing in lords halls around the game world (like the claimants).
- Maybe some kind of strategic advisor, letting you give orders and know of the location and doings of all of your lords? Maybe you could break the kingdom management in to NPCs? Though I suppose that would need a capital, like in Native Expansion.

Well, I think that's about it. Best of luck with your mod, in my mind if the best mod for M&B.
PS: Sorry if my bad English offended anyone , I'm from Argentina. Not that I'm a good writer in Spanish either :oops:

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