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Brian Youngman Uploader Dec 28, 2008, 10:58:33 pm 5 6
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1  WARSWORD BAPTISM Feb 04, 2012 1.03 3,433 Unrated 11,736 414.15 MB 1
2  ogre test patch Jan 16, 2012 0.14 475 Unrated 3,018 1.31 MB 1
3  Warsword Baptism patch Jan 14, 2012 0.17 574 Unrated 3,235 35.32 MB 0
4  The Age of Warlords Knights and Warriors 1.3 Jan 15, 2010 2.99 12,169 3.7 / 5.0 18,776 94.7 MB 1
5  The Age of Warlords Knights and Warriors1.2 Jun 19, 2009 1.83 7,862 5.0 / 5.0 16,608 95.12 MB 8
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 Re: The Age of Warlords Knights an (v 1.2)  » posted under The Age of Warlords Knights and Warriors1.2 on May 14, 2010, 06:45:38 pm
Luksas43211234 wrote:
GREAT Mod :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Have you tried Version 1.3
I haven't spent much time on this mini mod, I've been very busy working on the Bretonnian faction as well as the empire for the warsword mod, check it out it has a lot of stuff I was going to put in version 1.4 for WKW
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 Banner and Flag Standardization Pac (v 2.01)  » posted under Banner and Flag Standardization Pack on May 11, 2010, 06:48:54 am
Hoping to use this mod to enhence the Bretonnian faction, I will report back on how well it goes,
data662 wrote:
Testing now. I have 2 play against the new faction to make it work or what?

Just Play the Brythonians then all will show themselfs, have fun its best played with the Royal flag
comment last edited by Brian Youngman on Jan 15, 2010, 01:01:15 pm
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 Re: The Age of Warlords Knights an (v 1.2)  » posted under The Age of Warlords Knights and Warriors1.2 on Nov 01, 2009, 07:03:10 pm
petar4o0o_94 wrote:

VERY TIME I START A MOD DOWNLOADED FROM HERE!!!IN EVERY MOD THERE IS A MISSING RESOURSE!!!!STOP UPLOADING MODS WITH A LACK OF RESOURSES DAMN IT! :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x

Tut tut your having a bad day aren't we, Don't even know Y I'm replying to a dirty mouthed person such as u, Read the amount of downloads, not 1 as the same issue you've got, so guess what nooob check your system for Russian Hind gun ships you will more than likely find your problem there.
oh your reported hope your kicked off sooner than later
bye have a good day?
Thks for the feedback
Can you remember which lord, did it correct itself after some time.
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 Re: Calradia at War  » posted under Calradia at War on Jan 15, 2009, 10:24:18 am
Thks the Gr8 Mod
I'm having a issue with the cattle herds

Op code 2281
ID 1012 line N04
trigger 76

can i do a quick fix ??

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