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Stormrider Regular User Dec 19, 2008, 12:45:30 am 0 5
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 Re: Barbarian Invasion .3 (Hegemony Series)  » posted under Barbarian Invasion .33 (Hegemony Series) on Dec 29, 2008, 01:56:24 am
I must try and save Rome! :-D
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 Re: Calradia at War  » posted under Calradia at War on Dec 24, 2008, 05:44:25 am
Very nice mod,
I found a bung in the 1.5.5 i priced up a quest to free Zendar training field from bandit (i don't remember well, this city was near Zendar but wasn' Zendar), my troops and the bandits fell from above, there wasn't homes during the battle, i killed the last bandit and then i saw the troops running to retire from battle. As if behind there was another bandit. I couldn't complete the quest.
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 Re: Prophesy of Pendor  » posted under Prophesy of Pendor V3.42 for Warband on Dec 23, 2008, 02:57:37 am
Good job, may i ask also a pair of things?
Maybe the slave with different sell value... Much more realistic and it helps (yesterday i got an high level troop, 130 wage with 3 leadership, this is crazy! :hammer: Maybe with high level slaves with more sell value this wouldn't be unbearable).
And a feature that i find very interesting... To free a captured lord in exchange of it's (unique) weaponry like Calradia War Chronicle (or steal all as Armed Rebalance, i prefer present arm feature although).

Another thing: i recruited the Sir (i don't remember the name!) the one friend of Ansen with Alayen script... If i remember well he has the heavy dark lance that is long 190... But if i see the lance ingame it's VERY long, it seems too long, as if it' 290 instead of 190). Sorry if i'm saying somethig wrong but i'm not at home! :hammer:
Anyway hail to the dark items!:D
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 Re: The Fall of Zendar  » posted under The Fall of Zendar on Dec 19, 2008, 03:49:18 am
All hail Calradic Empire!
Great mod, where there's tons of mod that gives you power this goes in another direction !
One of the best mod! Very good the idea to improve some troops only with experience (es novice legionary--->legionary).
I've found only one bug with an amazon warriors (maybe the seasoned, if you select her it crashes... A frend of mine conferm).
Please port this to new version! And maybe call the Imperial Guard --> Imperial Praetorian Guard!:-D
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 Re: Prophesy of Pendor  » posted under Prophesy of Pendor V3.42 for Warband on Dec 19, 2008, 01:00:43 am
Very nice mod, i found also some dialogs funny!
Very good that there's a lot of new and though enemies!
I've played a bit yesterday, i found 3 bugs:
1) Recuits: they cost 20 even it's displayed 10. And for example if you have 70 it' displayed that you can buy 5 recruit but you pay 60 and get 3.
2)I found an item called cracked covered round shield and it was unusable and not worth selling.
3) Raiders axe. Its kept in the chest and it's strange. It's not texturized during battle and you see it again in the chest. It dish out an incredible amount of damage... I speak of 120 with a starting character in an horse charge against well armoured guys... For compare: i was lucky to find also a balanced great axe (the one of 54 dmg), with that it was a lot if i inflict 30 dmg to these fellows. Like as if wihout texture it ignores armor (that would not be a bad idea for a ghost weapon! :-D ).
Anyway great mod!
PS: first post, sorry for my writing but english isn't my first language!

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