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ghsmith Regular User Nov 10, 2008, 04:00:02 am 0 6
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 Re: 1257 ad Feudal edition  » posted under 1257 ad Feudal edition on Jun 25, 2009, 11:30:37 am
I suspect I already know the answer to this, but isn't there a way to give the Feudal Knights custom surcoats without using the player's custom surcoat? What's the point in allowing the player to have a custom coat of arms if virtually every outlaw in Calradia has the identical one? When the College of Heralds granted a coat of arms, it was to an individual, so there could not be and would not be roving bands of outlaws wearing the same coat of arms as one of the l local lords.
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 Re: Dalls_Mount & Blade_HD  » posted under Dalls_Mount & Blade_HD_PartTwo on May 04, 2009, 12:07:05 am
How did this get downloaded 418 times when every download attempt gives a 404 not found error?

Ah, just got that answer, this site counts failed download attempts as actual downloads. The count was at 418 when I first tried to download the file. After three failed attempts it now says the file has been downloaded 421 times. Makes for nice statistics, but very misleading.
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 Re: Utopia  » posted under Utopia on Apr 22, 2009, 11:00:46 am
And the answer to my question is,"Yes, the mod is as useless and worthless as the description." I downloaded it and gave it a try. After going through the training, I rode over to Thir. I began by visiting the marketplace, nothing new at any of the merchants, just the same old weapons, armour, and horses, absolutely nothing new. Then I went to the tavern and that is where this mod really shines (am I being too subtle with my sarcasm?). Imagine my surprise when I entered the tavern and found a bunch of floating heads with detached arms and legs! The meshes are screwed up and no one has a body. This is definitely a problem with the mod, since everything was simply unpacked directly from the original rar file into the Mount&Blade/Modules/Utopia directory,and since 1257 AD, Calradia At War, Lords And Realms, and Native Improved are all working perfectly without any mesh problems.
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 Re: Utopia  » posted under Utopia on Apr 22, 2009, 10:29:03 am
Hey,nice description. Yep, real informative. Is the mod as useless and worthless as the description?
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 Re: The 1257 Edition (v1.4)  » posted under The 1257 Edition (v1.4) on Dec 31, 2008, 01:41:15 am
I just installed v1.4 and began a new game. Upon entering the armour shop in Halmar I noted something rather odd with three sets of Lamellar Armour. There was a set of Lamellar Armour (not crude, rusted, reinforced, lordly, etc.) selling for 4699 with a weight of 25, +48 to body and +13 to leg, next to it was another set of Lamellar Armour (again not crude, rusted, heavy, reinforced, lordly or anything else, just plain Lamellar like the one before it) selling for 8599, weight 25.0, +50 to body and +13 to leg, and then there was a set of Crude Lamellar Armour selling for 8917 weight 25.0, +49 to body, +12 to leg. Seems just a little mixed up. Two sets of identical plain Lamellar, with different body protection (granted only a single point), but with a 3900 difference in price, and then crude Lamellar armour which A) shouldn't afford as much protection as the better, plain Lamellar and B) presumably should costs less than the supposedly better plain Lamellar. Instead the crude offers 1 point better body protection than one set of the plain Lamellar but costs 4218 more and even costs 318 more than the other, slightly higher rated set of plain Lamellar.

Lamellar Lamellar Crude Lamellar
4699 8599 8917
25.0 25.0 25.0
+48 Body +50 Body +49 Body
+13 Leg +13 Leg +12 Leg
Nevermind, I solved the problem all is working as it ought to.

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