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RobinHood Uploader Oct 08, 2008, 11:24:39 am 1 4
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1  Native Improved Mod + Tweaks Nov 28, 2008 0.75 2,761 4.8 / 5.0 5,389 402.1 KB 1
I really like this mod and therefore using your mod as a base when making My mod.
It's only a small one, but I intend to add alot more later.
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 Re: Battle Size Changer  » posted under Battle Size Changer on Nov 25, 2008, 08:47:23 am
There's two game imbalances with this one though.
Tactics skill will only have something to say when you're dealing with very very big armies.
Second is when sieging a castle, which then usually ends up with a bunch of people fighting their way to get in, all stopped by a wall at the top. Now that is okay, but with big armies there should either be more ways up, or if that is a problem for the AI, make the siege ramps and entrance alot bigger, to make room for bigger armies.
Tactics isn't a big deal, but I would really like to see more exciting sieging, and that's why I usually put numbers down again when sieging.

Anyways, this is a really great mod.
Looks nice. I think I'm gonna try it.

Just a tip.
I think when you say "two-manual", you mean two-handed.

"one-handed" (held in one hand)
"two-handed" (uses both hands, No shield possible)
"One-handed/two-handed" (can be used as both, if you use shield, it will be one handed, and if you don't you will hold it like a two handed).

Anyways, you mentioned muscets, wonder how that works.

I haven't played it, but you should also make people use armors typical for their soldier class, and faction, making their soldiers recognizable on the battlefield.
Khergit knights, should only wear lamellar (I think it's named that) armor and so on.
It would also be cool to directly recruit high tier troops in forts, if we're a lord of that faction, or serving them as a mercenary, and also we need good reputation with the forts owner, +25 or something like that.
Only troops belonging to that faction, and they're expensive to buy, so that training them from peasants is cheaper.
very nice mod. Hope you will continue to improve it.
I wrote a looong post about ideas for economic system, but apparently it never got posted (think my connection was to blame) :-(
Theres a few things I will state out in this.
Although this is not your fault, the battle sizer is awesome, makes fighting between large forces more realistic, and also better balanced, except one little thing. Now the tactics skill seems rather pointless. This is minor problem using it and of course you can avoid using it, but I think it's safe to say that many players with non crappy comp's or better would like bigger battles from time to time. Still the biggest disadvantage using large armies is sieging. No matter how large army you have you still have one place to crawl up in the enemy castle, making the defenders barricade the entrance making it nearly impossible to enter. I hope for bigger or more entrances into a castle. Dunno how siege works at all (only joined an ongoing one), but should be the better and more siege equipment gives better entrances into the castle.
If your siege machines is overwhelming the main gate should be open and we start outside that one instead.
This may be a bit hard, but atleast making the entrance into the castles bigger, as one ladder isn't very much. Maybe make this choice optional but I would certainly like it.

And then very short about economic+more I come up with:
Armors and weapons they carry now looks alot better, although I dunno how you got the black mercenary cav. armor from, and they may be strong but their also double the expense of a Swadian knight. Generally this cost is low anyways, so troops weekly pay should be increased, alot, armors a bit cheaper especially the heavy ones, as a lighter reinforced version might be cheaper and better while still being lighter. Basic gear should generally be cheaper, but there should be some new special gear very expensive but also alot much better, created for lords. No other troops carry these in battle, it is prestige equipment worn only by lords and kings. Just enhance textures of an already existing armor, or a sword. These should be hard to find in stores, having for example only one available at a time (in a city), or not even that, but might be dropped by kings.

Lords and kings should generally have fatter loot. Always A high tier horse, and for example you may find a plate armor, or something else, that's also why they should be cheaper compared to rest, so it's not to unbalanced.

Stores. Cities sell equipment belonging to their faction, some others but basically that. Lamellar armors, khergit bows and sabres with the khergits. That plate armor (the one with 27 weight), iron greaves, charger, warhorse, steel shield with Swadians (many of these are sold elsewhere to of course, but lamellar armor should mostly be sold with Khergits, and always to find there.
Champion versions of horses are on the other hand to rare to see, only seen one so far. Maybe have one type only to be found with one faction, and then again the horse is randomly located in either of the belonging cities.

If possible make encumberance strenght limited, so that you need a specific amount of strenght to wield very heavy armors.

increase prize of wages alot, but decrease basic equipment cost (mail armor, plate non enhanced etc), this works both ways when buying/selling, increase income from fiefs (mill bigger influence), allow higher bettings in tournament (300-500), but decrease the odds factors a little bit, better loot from lords or kings, and quest payments are way to low. Especially quests from kings should be higher, and high renown and good relationship with faction and king should rise you in the ranks as vassal, gradually giving you bigger lands to control.

Well this suddenly became long after all, and I know many of the ideas are dreaming, but atleast some should be accomplishable. Maybe the creators. could think of some of these things if they're gonna release a newer version.

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