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Captdragon Regular User Sep 17, 2008, 05:14:20 pm 0 3
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 Re: Tweaks to Native  » posted under Native Expansion on Oct 17, 2008, 07:29:24 pm
Hi Merc
well I have played the mod 200+ game days and 98% is VERY good even awesome much of what I have thought this game COULD be now has it thanks to you and TML and the others that contributed
the "Tarkan" is INSANE spelt as (Tarkhan) in readme but IF it is the last unit alive it takes 10-15 mins (YES REALLY) and everybody that can get near and I usually 2 or more top lvl units and up to a dozen mid and low lvl units taking it out the script runs and runs with "0 damage" and every 40-60 hits I can get 1-3 adamage maybe.
the other top units seem to be ok and the units HIGHER in line to the Tarkan (Lesser Khan) is tough but no where near what the Tarkan is. WOW could you send me his stats so I can tone him down some
that said if I get him while still horsed (lance him) he dies just fine and several AXE battles with him hand to hand while on horse back is also a good fight but as the last guy standing he is NEAR god-like ;)
I noticed you had "TML" tax and rent collection script in already ;) not rich YET but my feet don't hurt either ;)
all in all great job on compiling this treasure trove on what ought to be.
oh also that unit is sole reason I lost a castle. was toasting all comers until the 4th wave and he showed up took out everyone (and I stood back and took more than 20 shots with that eleit crossbow at point blank not a single damage as a result he killed all 10 companions and 22 top lvl guys (mix of knight-lords, Praetorian, Kataphraktos, Breserker and King's Breserker was something to watch even if I lost I had near 100 troops to send in without me (after I got knocked out) and was finally lost at 3 left standing (3 waves later)
anyway let me know if you will let me tweak that unit down some ;)
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 Re: Dionisia 960v2.1  » posted under Dionisia 960v2.1 on Sep 28, 2008, 01:45:00 pm
Great Mod you asked for suggestions? for future additions to this? well how about a "battle formation set-up window that has sequence plans such as for group of 45 (or smaller/larger) first attack in 3 waves of 15 your main character in center front row companions arranged to either side then highest horse troops to fill in front and second then third row runners in last row (fourth if large group in mass) ok 1st wave lance and pass thru to return with individual weapons of their choice (free) secound wave same (lance and pass thru) third to be a lance then switch in place. In real life truth be told I am a Christened Knight and have much experience with Joust and melee (I know I am a rare thing)
and perhaps this could be in a set-up window at the castle so as to not be such a problem having to do it while on the battle field, it interfers with my lance point aim ;)) thanks again for a great mod as it stands If interested I have a few more additions for the "castle-Personal" at the momment it has ONLY 2 "improvements" messenger and prison towers in RL castles were also the centers for crafts, armor/weapons/farming/clothing etc perhaps someone could add that to this existing mod???
also perhaps another could be using your companion/s after a certain lvl (15?) as "squadron commanders" one companion to have 20 to 40 men each lvl15=20 and 5 men added per lvl? able to hold 5 prisoners to start and add 1 per lvl from lvl16 on?? they could be set up to patrol for bandits/looters of equal or lesser size groups and call for help if larger groups found? ambitious ;))
I could go on about your mod being "great" but suffice it to say, it made me smile !!! and take the time to hunt down and talk to every runnin' fool just to see what they'd come up with ;) thanks for the mod-mories
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 Re: Peasants v.1  » posted under Peasants v.1 on Sep 21, 2008, 05:27:35 pm
hi, downloaded this mod but it isn't compatible with 9.6 are you planning to update this as it sounds great ;) the first error is openning the horse file .dat

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