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 Mount&Blade Repository
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itsthatoneguy123 Silenced Troublemaker Aug 29, 2008, 10:17:34 am 0 6
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 Re: The Ballad of Serenity  » posted under The Ballad of Serenity on Aug 29, 2008, 03:20:47 pm
jus do this. get some permissions, and use some of the star wars items, armors, wepons, and shields. just modify them urself with an editor, change them to wat u think would fit, and vwala, u gots ur own space stuuf to go wit this mod
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 Re: Magic Mod: Curtain of Fire  » posted under Magic Mod: Curtain of Fire on Aug 29, 2008, 03:11:40 pm
gotta say... damn... looks great... but... doesnt exactly work... the link u provided is jus the link to the native game. take some time, and make this game work for us
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 Re: Moss's Minimalist HUD  » posted under Minimalist HUD - Updated - New Crosshairs on Aug 29, 2008, 03:08:53 pm
the point of this download relly is to prolly make the game seem more rellistic. cuz wen u running arouind cutting the shit outta ppl, u aint goona say "hey i wonder how much damage i can take bfore i go down!!!" or "wen is my shield gonna brake, oh i no, ill jus look at my... wat evr the fuck ur corner view is called." jus makes the game seem more rellistic. ths mod along wit the enb blooms and all would make the game seem perfect, if u can get the enb to work. good work wit this i gotta say. screw those fags who put u down.
u relly gotta tell me, us, how to work ths thing cuz it looks pretty damn descent
I think i mite of figured my problem. I gots the cracked version cuz i dint relly feel like spendin 20$ or so on the game wen i can gets it for free :-D maybe that is the prob. Dose this work wit the cracked version?
Im hving the same prob. I got all the shit nd all. nd wen i gots the download, i dint hav a dx9. i got a d3d9. idk if its the same or wat... maybe. also gots vista. no words in top left corner. i also placed the files in folder with the mandb.exe like wat the readme said. aint got nuttin

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