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Merlkir Uploader Dec 21, 2005, 06:23:08 am 5 36
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1  The Last Days PATCH from 3.0 to 3.1 (MnB1.011) Jan 30, 2012 4.88 18,793 5.0 / 5.0 54,730 258.31 MB 15
2  The Last Days of the Third Age 3.1 (for MnB 1.011) Jan 30, 2012 23.85 91,849 5.0 / 5.0 184,520 525.8 MB 54
3  The Last Days PATCH from 3.0 to 3.01 (MnB1.011) Nov 07, 2011 5.13 20,193 3.3 / 5.0 76,862 4.28 MB 24
4  The Last Days of the Third Age 3.0 (for MnB 1.011) Oct 31, 2011 12.88 50,773 4.0 / 5.0 166,808 362.91 MB 89
5  New Haradrim Texture for Last Days 1.3 mod Dec 21, 2005 0.09 571 Unrated 3,202 937.9 KB 0
Tyson wrote:
Hi guyz! I just can't load my saved game...everything works ok but that is a big problem...2 times i started the game and i wont do that anymore...pls help!

This is possibly the worst place to contact us. (our MBX forums being the best. Ask there if you need anything.) You ran into the save corruption bug, nothing to be done about it. Search through the forums for "save corruption", iirc there are tips how to best avoid it in the Optimization/Performance thread. Also, use the most up to date version of the mod. (which is currently 3.23) Our main download place is on ModDB, not here.
m3talmulisha wrote:
Alright, I have all the files in the right places, I have read the manual, seen screenshots of where the files go and I have put them all in the right places. I have the IronLauncher up and running, I can get in the game but the text just appears as a bunch of squiggles. I seen what you said to the other guy so I double checked that my font_data file was in the right place. I re-launched and again I just saw squiggles rather than text. This is kind of frustrating seeing as I have spent the past hour and a half googling how to fix this.

Well, what should I tell you? The font files are not where they're supposed to be.

Anyway, the Repository is no longer supported. There is a 3.23 version available as an .exe installer on our ModDB page.
Rohan12345 wrote:
Ok so i used a different computer and used ironlauncher and it worked. I play up until the war started, but now when i load it to play it, it crashes when i move for about 5 seconds. Any suggestions? Thanks!

My suggestion would be to not play version 3.0. There's a version 3.2 released already.
What you ran into is the save corruption bug in the Mount and Blade engine. We don't really support Repository anymore, so look here:

and read our forums to learn what to do to be avoid the possibility of the save corruption:
Rohan12345 wrote:
I got the game running, but the words are all messed up and i can't read what they are. Can anyone help me? I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

You didn't install it entirely correctly. Pay attention to which files you're copying where. This is the font file not being where it should be.
migselv95 wrote:
i can't read the text in do anyone know how to fix this? :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint:

Yes, install the mod properly as the manual says.
powercentury wrote:
Help please..I cannot attack my enemy in the game i already do everything and follow the instruction help me ASAP :-P

You didn't install it properly, the skeleton file is not where it's supposed to be.
kill wrote:
so, ive been playing a mod on medieval 2 total war kingdoms called third age total war, and i was wondering if anyone that is behind tld also does things for ta:tw?

No. They're using a few of our designs, but that's all.
Cyco Tatertot wrote:
For answer 2, what does it mean that it takes a while to kick in? Does that mean that I have to wait a certain amount of time before I can actually start playing. I had gotten windy_flora, but I did use Ironlauncher and I ran as administrator as well.

Iron Launcher takes a while to start. If you get the windy flora message, just do what the Manual says. (in case of Iron Launcher not working)
Cyco Tatertot wrote:
Cyco Tatertot wrote:
Okay Merlkir, I believe I have the latest version downloaded, but I am still getting the same response. I really do not have any explanation for this happening. I am sorry if this is a inconvenience to you, but I really do think I would like this mod, but I really haven't messed around in files a lot to know whats going on.
And thank you for a response, at least I know your still active.

OH WAIT, is this mod for the original warband?

TLD is for Mount and Blade, version 1.011, not Warband. It says so in the title.
Cyco Tatertot wrote:
Could someone please help me? I try to launch the game and half through the INI file loading it tells me "Mesh names should have at least 2 characters: rename "0", in file "Modules\TLD\Resource\tld_missiles_a.brf"" I don't know what I can do, if I do need that Iron Launcher i've seen mentioned in the comments below.
Again any help would be very appreciated.

I've never heard of a problem like this before. O_o anyway, 3.0 is an old version, why don't you try 3.15? (available on our ModDB page and forums.)
kill wrote:
any new patches yet? i got the one that reduces parties on the map but is there any after that. if not then when there is is it possible to post updates on here so i get email notifications?

You can follow us on ModDB, it doesn't send emails, but there are notifications in their own system.
And yes, there are beta patches being released on our forums, which will hopefully lead to a final end patch soon.
kekkuli wrote:
I ve been having problems with save games. I installed mount&blade+TLD 3.1 and the hotfix. I played a save game for like week, and now when i try to load it, it says something about c++ and unusual requestion...lost 2 of my save games like this already. It s really starting to piss me off.

Try reading a bit of our forums, many other people experience this problem. It's nothing we can fix easily, MnB is simply badly programmed and while saving information about the game, it sometimes screws up. There are some ways that supposedly help prevent this, you can find some of these suggestions on the forums:,20.0.html
kill wrote:
so after about half a week of playing and leading the white hand to victory, i noticed something. where is the rammas? i remember in the book there was a wall that surrounded almost all of pelennor which the forces of minas morgul had to get over to get to minas tirith and besiege it. another pelennor based observation is that when i have a battle with someone on the pelennor fields i can see minas tirith, the white mountains, even walk up the the great gates of minas tirith - but wat i cant see is the mountains of shadow and the dark clouds over them. also why do the olog hai and armoured trolls look the same? :-? apart from all suggestions and questions, you got me off world of tanks, best mod on the site in my opinion

No, Rammas Echor is not there, because it's not really a defensive structure. But I suggested it as a scene prop some time ago, so we know about.

Trolls look the same, because of the item limit.
Blackbeard wrote:
I just love the responses users get from the people that make these mods. Instead of trying to help them out they belittle them by calling them a child.

Did you ever think sir that some users are not "in to it" as much as you are and that they may simply not be aware they are doing something wrong and they get frustrated and mad?

If you can't be nice about it then NO answer is better then the one you gave... :-|

Dear Blackbeard,

it is quite difficult to answer such a person at all, after he calls our mod "a load of bollocks that doesnt do shit - i wouldnt even wipe my arse with this if it were physically possible". But hey, that's normal behaviour and we should thank him for his kind words, correct?

I told him EXACTLY what's causing his problems! As developer feedback goes, I think that's pretty good.
kill wrote:
thegodking wrote:
WHAT DA FUCk I WAITED FUCKING 4 HOURES AND THE FREAKING MODULE ARENT WORKING WTF sry for caps :!: :!: what shall i do -.- :green:
i feel the same, 5 years of work my arse - more like 5 minutes. why is it that i cant even get past the first loading screen without an error? and instead of "loading" its just a bunch of squiggley lines. i could have been doing something useful instead of waiting for a load of bollocks that doesnt do shit - i wouldnt even wipe my arse with this if it were physically possible

Dear kill,

we can't be held responsible for your inability to follow simple instruction. You installed the mod wrong and that's why you're experiencing problems. Also, there are much faster mirrors from which you could've downloaded the mod out there, if you could be bothered to look.

Thank You for the feedback, we wish you better luck next time you try doing something a child could do!
tkobylecky wrote:
:?: :-( :-? :-( :shock:

I second the previous comment. Took an hour to download and 7zip refuses to open the file. I get a 7zip error box saying "Cannot open C:users/ etc... /TLD_3.1_FULL.7z' as archive." I tried running 7z as administrator then opening TLD from inside the 7z program and got the same error.

This really sucks, please help asap. This mod looks like a dream come true for M&B.

The file itself is fine. It may be a corrupted download because of MBRepository. I'd suggest downloading with a downloader that can do a crc check for file integrity and resumed downloads, or perhaps downloading from our ModDB site. It also has much faster downloads.
csabbo wrote:
Windy Flora all the time, even tough I launch it as an administrator... HELP please :hammer:

Do what the Manual says.
jingjie2 wrote:
Don't be lazy, read what you should've read and install properly. Welcome.
I copied the file into my modules folder and ran the iron launcher in administrator mode.. it is still the same RGL windy flora problem.

The Manual specifically tells you what to do in that case.
jingjie2 wrote:
I get an RGL error saying something about not able to get Flora. Help!

Don't be lazy, read what you should've read and install properly. Welcome.
ryuinz wrote:
So got the mod working, used iron launcher with enhanced mount and blade. Played for about 90 mins, really impressed so far, but now it is constantly crashing. I picked up a task from Rivendell to escort refugees to woodelf camp, now once I load my game no matter what I do it crashes within 10 seconds. Not sure if its linked to the quest or not, any ideas?

Not linked to the quest. Read the comments above, read the forums. There are ways to go around this.
Thebaja wrote:
I have a minor problem. The strings in the game aren't working! It sems as i can't read the rumors in game and the region names are all str_fullname_region.
everything else is excelent :-P

Install this:,2663.0.html
Aleric wrote:
I was wondering if you were gonna release a warband version of your mod? I tried it with a trial version of m&b it looks awsome !!!!!

We're happy you like the mod. Sadly, the possibility of a Warband port is not very big. There's still a lot of work to be done fixing and balancing this current release and by the time we get this done, MnB 2 might be on the way. :) We'll see, at the moment we're a bit swamped with real life.

BTW, you can follow us on ModDB: . Or on our MBX forums, we answer questions more frequently over there.
Blackbeard wrote:
Can this be used on Mount and Blade 1.43?

No, because there isn't such a version of Mount and Blade. The last version of Mount and Blade is 1.011.
netsuke wrote:
I play this mod befor , when i was in win xp , but now, whith my new computer and win7 , the game dont work.

I followed the instructions exactly but the game does not start : (

If you read the Manual, you'd have learnt that it's important to run the game and Iron launcher in the Administrator mode, while using the mod on Win7. With a vague report without many details, I assume that's your problem.
Galohawk wrote:
This mod is not for warband ? This is Shit!

Well, thank you for your opinion, asshole.
Knight Inquisitor wrote:
Look man, I gave you the hints about make it better. Your angry answer is not the one that make ME angry. I want to play the game so I gave you some hints. I can choose NOT TO download too. But I already had (do not make me say unfortunatly).

Textures ARE to strong. I have a dual core and it freezes me. I don't know, maybe bushes, maybe trees, I don't know, You should know it's your mod.
Second, the cutscenes are failure because this is a game. A game, not movie, not book, a game that need to be played, I do not have to read it or to watch it, I want to play it.

And, about text, I appreciate a hint how to install correctly. I fount archive file called "HDR", yet you didn't gave an explanation where to put it. I also checked a "FAQ" but nothing was written there about it.

Everything about installing the mod properly is in the Manual. Yes, the font too.
Your computer is too slow, there are many many more people who do not have issues with forests. The textures are in fact much much smaller than most other mods have, so they're not "strong". Games do have cutscenes, some of them have cutscenes 5 minutes long and even longer. Ours last about 30 seconds all combined.
You are an annoying prick and know nothing about modding. Your hints are bloody useless. Thanks for the feedback, you douche.
Knight Inquisitor wrote:
It IS broken. It works for the first time until you change the territory and then it crashes. I have barely seen what is written on the screen. But, it's not the only problem 'bout the game. I have few hints more:

1. textures are too strong. when i fight in the forests it's slowing down my computer so hard. I have a very strong configuration so it's not problem made by me.

2. what about all those scenes? are you made a game or a movie?

3. the horses. they are so silent in the battles. only what I can hear is their gallop.

4. armored wargs. lose it and the game will be much better.

5. leave an option for player to have a better choise of food and armor. I mean, only I got there is fish and dried meat. It's getting a "little" bit borring.

As for other things of mod, I think it's great.

The text is not broken, that's bad install, so save the attitude.

1. Textures are not too strong in any way. If it slows down, you're using way too many men, or your computer is not as good as you think. It runs just fine for me and I have a 3 year old computer.

2. Oh, excuse us for making 5 cutscenes! It won't happen again, we won't dare anger you! :roll:

3. We didn't change anything about that.

4. No.

5. No. There is an item limit and we simply cannot put any more in, we're already pushing this limit. + there are more types of food than just fish and dried meat.
Mikemikey wrote:
Hi guys ive downloaded the patch and then extracted it to the Modules/TLD folder but i can still continue my previous save from versio 3.0

As stated in the description, the patch is NOT 3.0 save game compatible. It may be that you're able to play with the old saves, but you won't be getting the fixes and new stuff in these saved games.
Benjammin wrote:

It is not. You installed it wrong.
There is a guide for Steam users on our forums - third post here:,2465.0.html

The installation is not difficult at all and we don't have many options to make it any simpler.

We are sorry you're unable to do it properly, but simply "copying to module folder and playing" is not possible, because this mod changes things the normal mods don't and has features they don't. That's why we've included the Iron Launcher, which makes it very simple.

It may be slightly more complex for Steam users, because of Steam's non-standard way of installing games. But it's doable and frankly - not our problem.
Please, see description update about this so called bug.
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 Re: The Last Days v2.4 (v 2.4)  » posted under The Last Days v2.4 on Oct 21, 2009, 08:22:10 am
crysis9999 wrote:
I need HELP! When i trying to start the game with the mod it says somthing with error i think. Like white hair missing. But when im installing it says the mod is for 0.808 and you have 1.000. And when im installing the game i got version 1.000. PLEASE ANSWER! I NEED MUCH HELP!

yeah, guess what, how about doing what the message tells you? The mod is for 0.808. And it will not work on 1.000. Is it too complicated? Get 0.808 if you want to play it, or wait until we release a new version for
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 "someone"?  » posted under The Last Days v2.4 on Jan 20, 2009, 02:16:38 am
It's like I didn't even say anything...

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 everyone, please  » posted under The Last Days v2.4 on Jan 18, 2009, 05:48:00 am
This mod is for a VERY old version of the game. Don't be fucking twats and post shit about the game being boring, not working and stuff like that.

If you think it's boring, don't fucking play it. Also, you're stupid.

If it doesn't work or works badly, it's 99% your fault. Bad installation, weak computer, something like that. No, it's not an excuse, it works on 0.808 and it works just fine. If you have a problem and you still want to play it before we release a ported version (which will eventually happen), read the Bug Reports thread on our forums and if you don't find the solution, ask.

Peace and patience.
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 Re: The Last Days v2.2.1  » posted under The Last Days v2.4 on May 02, 2007, 06:03:09 am
the 0.808 version is being worked on :)
It's pretty damn good :) I'd love to see more action, but it's still good though. Xerina is far more cute than in the game ;)

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