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Nemeo Uploader May 29, 2008, 02:43:27 pm 2 15
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1  Native Bis Feb 27, 2010 3.33 10,941 4.6 / 5.0 29,619 63.07 MB 35
2   May 30, 2008 4.33 16,687 5.0 / 5.0 21,538 111.7 KB 3
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 Native Bis (v 0.96)  » posted under Native Bis on Apr 01, 2010, 11:05:51 am
The health bar has been removed. If you want it back, look for a file named "" in the "Mount&Blade\Modules\Native Bis\Textures" folder and delete it.
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 Native Bis (v 0.96)  » posted under Native Bis on Mar 13, 2010, 06:07:41 am
Game directories of steam games are located in "Steam\steamapps\common" except for Valve games, which are in "Steam\steamapps\accountname".
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 Native Bis (v 0.95)  » posted under Native Bis on Feb 16, 2010, 10:44:53 am
Troop trees have been posted. They look awful. Check the homepage link.
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 Native Bis (v 0.95)  » posted under Native Bis on Feb 16, 2010, 08:47:41 am
Couched lance damage has been reduced to normal damage. The first reason is that the AI rarely uses couched attacks (and to me, being able to do x3 damages when the AI can't feels like cheating) and the second reason is that lances damage have been increased. With the appropriate training you will be able to be an efficient lancer (you can already see that the few AI knights using couched attacks are really efficient when they hit).

The original game enabled a level 1 soldier to kill anything with couched lance damage. In this mod, you will have to put some points in strike and in riding to hit harder. If you want to be a steamroller, you'll have to level the appropriate skills. Nobody's a knight on his first day :)

For the troop trees, I'm begining a dirty description of them right now. It will be on the forum in a few hours.
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 Native Bis (v 0.95)  » posted under Native Bis on Feb 14, 2010, 11:26:05 am
I see no reason why the game would crash after level 20 and I did not experience such a problem. There's no dormant script in it which activates later in the game. Does the game return an error or something ? Did you try to merge this mod with another one ? When you tried to get another soldiers/prisoners in your party, how many of them did you have in your party when the game crashed ? Maybe it's a party limit issue but I've never heard about such a limit.

I need more clues to investigate. If any of you have trouble after level 20 as well, please let me know and post any information you can provide. Right now I have nowhere to start from. Thanks.
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 Native Bis (v 0.94)  » posted under Native Bis on Feb 12, 2010, 10:37:06 am
It is indeed a small bug. In fact, vanirs and romulians were inverted in the culture selection screen. A fix is being worked on, it will not be savegame compatible.

edit: hopefully fixed
comment last edited by Nemeo on Feb 12, 2010, 11:25:57 am
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 Traduction fran´┐Żaise de Mount&B (v 8.5.30)  » posted under on Jan 23, 2010, 01:42:50 pm
Cette version est totalement incompatible avec la 1.011.
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 Re: Native Bis (v 0.93)  » posted under Native Bis on Jan 08, 2010, 02:58:41 am
herGot wrote:
The enemy was Nords, me swadians. my forces was my 50 and five another lords + king, each about 100 plus king 150+ -.... got masterwork crossbow and shield with pickaxe.siphahi helmet with plate mail +37 and gloves +11 with boots +41.I order infantry to charge and archers to follow...infantry charged but done no damage at all...i stop the archers in front of wall so they have clear shot. And then slaughter begun. strange thing was that enemy archer was not focusing on me until all alies dead or wounded. never happened to me in any mod before.
i dont know how well are nations balanced but on the open battlefield a can win over three-times more enemy. still nation of swadians lost 5 castles from begining and none retaken or conquered.
P.S. I dont know new names of nations so i put here old ones.

If you ordered your troops to charge right from the beginning, it's no wonder why you lost so many troops : the Vanirs have the best melee fighters. They don't have any cavalry and this foot supremacy compensate largely their lack of punch in open terrain. The Austrasians don't wield 2 handed weapons and will always take a blow before attacking. They are no match for such fury. All is not lost however. Crossbows have an excellent armor penetration. The best you can do is to leave your infantry just in front of your crossbowmen so that they draw enemy fire and block it with their shield (Austrasian shields are larger than usual), and when you're out of ammo, launch your infantry. This should help, but Vanirs are definetely a challenge for the player.

Campaign map balance is related to troops level and the amount of reinforcements they can get. Their levels and reinforcements are perfectly balanced. The three factors which will determine the outcome of the war are: player interactions, number of factions at war and randomness of reinforcements.

Lastly, I have no controle on battlefield AI. You were not an interesting target ;)

edit: Bets have been tweaked. Tell me what you think about it. I don't know if it's save compatible.
comment last edited by Nemeo on Jan 13, 2010, 10:04:49 am
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 Re: Native Bis (v 0.93)  » posted under Native Bis on Jan 07, 2010, 08:29:41 am
That's odd. I play on the hardest setting and don't have any difficulty taking castles.

What was the faction of the enemy ? What was the faction of your allies ? How many were you and your allies ? How many were the enemy ? Tell me what you did. Did you give any order to your troops during the battle? Please explain how things went on.
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 Re: Native Bis (v 0.93)  » posted under Native Bis on Jan 06, 2010, 10:42:37 am
herGot wrote:
Nice work.still... tournaments wining are ridiculous. win 1 tournament and live for five years from it. lower the bets or lower odds...just do something that winner cant take 22k and go away.
and one more thing, castle assault is PAIN! and I mean real pain...cant conquer 200men in castle with my 600?? the problem is only 1 ladder and big projectile damage. Keep the damage thats realy good but add some more ladders or something ;-)

Tournaments bets will be reduced in the next version.

An old version of the mod had 2 ladders assaults. The problem was that battlefield results were a lot different from autocalculation results.

I could modify the autocalculation results, but then castles would fall whenever someone would try to take them. Because of this a lot of castle would be left defenseless (only defended by 70 soldiers or so).

You need a good mix of troops if you want to take one. The defense scenario looked balanced in that purpose.
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 Re: Native Bis (v 0.93)  » posted under Native Bis on Jan 04, 2010, 11:18:05 am
If you can wield a sword, you can wear gauntlets as well. But if I allow troops to wear gauntlets, an archer restricted to leather armor (20 armor) would be able to increase his armor protection by 10 points, which means by 50%. This poses a problem of gameplay.

Even though I don't try to make this mod realistic, I try to make it "believable". With what you pointed out, I must admit that the mod crosses the line. But it is designed to prevent the player from abusing this item and boost his stats. If it was for me, I would have removed gloves from the game. But a character with gloves looks more classy, so I ended up with this clunky solution.

Concerning looters, I would love to make them look dirtier but I am not a modeler and thus I can't do anything for it, except making all gambeson looking dirtier (like I modified light boots). And even if I had such talent, I would start by modifying every banner ! (If some of you has skills and interest in this mod, you know where to find me).

Thanks for all your inputs. I might lower strength requirements a bit for all items and I will lower tournament bets as well.

I'll wait and see if someone else has some input about the mod before working on the next version.
comment last edited by Nemeo on Jan 05, 2010, 07:51:38 am
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 Re: Native Bis (v 0.93)  » posted under Native Bis on Jan 01, 2010, 09:21:40 am
Thanks for your comments and feebacks. They are most welcome.
Peltipuku wrote:
- armors don't protect legs. For example, a long coat of chainmail goes all the way to a man's knees, so it should give at least some protection to the legs (+2 or so)

Armors work by tier. This has been made to ease the balance of faction troops on the battlefield. When a troop is too powerful, I just have to change its weapons to increase or decrease its efficiency. I don't have to deal with every particular piece of equipement. Besides it makes boots more useful.
Peltipuku wrote:
- strenght requirement on some items is way too high, especially leather items. For example, leather gloves require 9 strenght to use.

Armors are tiered, and I had to provide every army with several armors of each tier to make each troop varied, which means that some equipements might look stronger than they actually are, and conversely. A few leather armors are tier 2, providing 28% of cutting absorption, but most leather armors are tier 3 and provide 42% of cutting absorption, which is quite high. However I tend to agree with your statement and I might lower all armor requirements by one point. Concerning gloves, I had 2 solutions: make them weak with small requirements. Or make them useful with requirements in par with other items. Gameplay wise, it makes more sense to give them some purpose. At the moment you can jump from 70% to 80% of armor absorption with gauntlets. So I consider them as a good bonus slot when you reached your ideal armor cap and want to optimize your defense even further.
Peltipuku wrote:
- the damage values of some weapons are strange. For example, a greataxe deals a fairly low amount of damage in the mod, considering the weapon itself is long and heavy. The damage value of a short sword is not far behind...

The AI has a flaw. The guy with the longest weapon will always deal the first blow, and will very often hit. So long weapons with no speed penalty had to be weakened, to prevent low level axemen to rule the whole battlefield with an iron fist. However those values have been generated with an excel spreadsheet taking in count weapon length, weight and damage type. So a typo in a weight value could easily screw other values (I didn't alter length value since they are tied to their 3D model). If you spot a weight which is lower than expected compared to other weapons, please report it. If you see a full class of weapon being overpowered (like 2 handed swords or else) please report it. I will investigate and modify the spreadsheet if needed.
Peltipuku wrote:
- the skills of heroes are too similar to each other, and some of them have too many points in various combat skills, considering one of the heroes is a doctor and one is a merchant, etc.

I agree, I was a bit lazy with heroes. I wanted to give them 2/3 of un pc's points available at their level and I had too many points to spend for them. I will probably change this in the future.
Peltipuku wrote:
- looters' equipment is too advanced. They should be the poorest scum of the earth, desperate men, who must fight for food. I know that you intended to make them a harder opponent, but still... my opinion is that their equipment should be less advanced. A slight adjustment in this would be enough, for example remove the bows, leather armors and shields, or make the items very rare and the poorest possible quality. Maybe a few tweaks in the skills would make them a harder foe.

Well, I didn't see them as the scum of the earth, that might be the heart of the issue. They are looters, so they already looted something, and I feel like they could easily loot some clothes and being frisky enough not to sell them or throw them away. And for the bows, they looked defenseless in ranged combat in native, hence the bows. But it's the weakest bow available, with the lowest chance of spawn possible. They are capped to tier 2 armors, which is quite low.
Peltipuku wrote:
- tournaments give too much money a bit too easily. A slight adjustment would suffice.

Could you be more specific please ? Do you talk about the arena, the tournament prizes or the bets ?

Thanks again for your feedback. Keep them coming and happy new year
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 Native Bis (v 0.93)  » posted under Native Bis on Dec 20, 2009, 02:37:40 pm
The new textures are part of WestNordOst's Colorful texture pack, except for the grass which is a modified version of the grass from Zaro's graphical enhancement. I quite like this combination, and it has no impact on framerates.

For good names, there's nothing like a good encyclopedia. :)
comment last edited by Nemeo on Dec 20, 2009, 03:24:49 pm
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 Native Bis (v 0.91)  » posted under Native Bis on Dec 18, 2009, 03:18:06 am
The sound improvements are the work of Checkmaty and his alone, and I agree : they are just great.

If you want your hud back, look for a file named "" in the "Mount&Blade\Modules\Native Bis\Textures" folder and simply delete it.

The damage interrupting threshold is a bit high (the mod is old and I didn't remember putting it that high). I suggest that you browse the "Mount&Blade\Modules\Native Bis" folder and open the file named "module.ini". There look for the line looking like this :
damage_interrupt_attack_threshold = 15.0

And change it to look like this :
damage_interrupt_attack_threshold = 10.0

Then save the file. It's a savegame compatible modification. I would gladly upload a new version of the mod but uploading a 60 MO archive just for a 7 KO file seems a bit excessive.
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 Native Bis (v 0.91)  » posted under Native Bis on Dec 17, 2009, 03:57:21 pm
Comments on the balance of the mod are more than welcome. Treasury issues, army templates, anything. The mod has been heavily tested but if you ever find a bug please add a comment with detailed information.
comment last edited by Nemeo on Dec 17, 2009, 03:58:27 pm

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