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Darthenrahl Uploader Feb 04, 2008, 06:53:13 pm 1 10
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1  Enb Effects Mod For Mount And Blade (Working Now) Aug 10, 2008 0.5 1,980 Unrated 8,643 73.3 KB 20
of course, itll work with any mod, they all have to run of the basic game files
right, i dont know why mines is working alright with the same files i uploaded though, weird. Ill download that morrowind one again and see what messed up along the way, and tweak it again once its working and reupload it.
Vista may be the problem, i wont know unless someone comments here saying if it does for them. Well theres been 100 downloads and 2 problems so far so im guessing its either working for them or they cant be bothered registering and leaving a comment. I might post this is the m&b forums so i can get more feedback in a while
Hmm, thats strange. Is this actually working for anyone is what id like to know. When i get up ill upload a different set of files to see if that fixes the problem or you can got to vality7's google page and download the enb for morrowind, its the exact same but the options havent been tweaked for mount and blade so you may have to do that yourself a bit, because depth of field will be enabled and that looks terrible in mount and blade.
If you get this working you could just paste my ini settings into the morrowind enb ini, i only made small changes but to me its the best it could be tweaked for m&b.
Hmm, did you by any chance put it into your modules folder by accident? And do you have .960, i havent tested it with another version
I dont know what you mean by you tried direct x 7 and 9. Enb uses dx9 only as far as i know, you get a dx9.dll file with enb. When you start the game is there green and red font at the top left of the screen, that should be there and if it is theres no reason why it shouldnt work. Remember, F12 activates the mod when you are in game..
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 Re: Onin no Ran for M&B v.903  » posted under Onin no Ran for M&B v1.011 on Feb 06, 2008, 10:19:52 am
Bit to empty and unfinished to be playable i think. But I understand its still in Beta and it obviously wont always be like this.
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 Re: Legions  » posted under Legions on Feb 04, 2008, 07:12:56 pm
didnt know a new one had been released since 0.3 keep working on it .903 really needs a good rome era mod and this has alot of potential. though maybe a few reskins would be nice they look to plasticy. great mod all the same though.
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 Re: Old-Steel-Music-Mod v1.0  » posted under Old-Steel-Music-Mod v1.0 on Feb 04, 2008, 07:05:28 pm
epic stuff, i must say it does make slaughtering farmers that much more fun
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 Re: Punkt's Full Campaign Map Textures 1.0  » posted under Punkt's Campaign Map Textures 1.2 on Feb 04, 2008, 06:58:55 pm
really good texture pack, and doesnt effect performance at all on 1 gig of ram and a decent enough graphics card. im using this and the old steel music mod, it completely changes the atmosphere of the game and makes it look much more professional. thumbs up from me

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