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dhemon22 Regular User Dec 27, 2012, 10:48:07 am 0 1
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 Re: Calradia - Forgotten Kingdom (v 1.0)  » posted under Calradia - Forgotten Kingdom on Dec 27, 2012, 10:52:57 am
BeanyUndead wrote:
Bondy195 wrote:
Befenismor wrote:
Bondy195 wrote:
Befenismor wrote:
Bondy195 wrote:
Befenismor wrote:
Bondy195 wrote:

If you think it sucks then you make something better! Think before you speak/type dumbass.

And also i looked at your profile... Practically all your comments are "This is Crap" or "Port to Warband" get some bloody optimism in your life.

idiot i hate u

If somebody puts time into making something for others to enjoy, and then you just go and slag them off for it!
How do you expect them to react? YOUR the idiot!
You mad?

No actually I dont think I am but if YOU dont like any mods made, why dont YOU make one and stop being such a hypocrite!

stop crying kiddo lol get a job

Stop slagging off my work and start making comments about why you think its bad!!

Don't let him bait you. He sounds like he's about 12. Just one of those sad little people who like to make themselves feel special by putting others down while hiding behind a computer screen. Pathetic. I for one like your mod and thank you for all the effort you put in. Keep it up. :-)
Ok guys he doesn't only sound like he is 12 he acts like he is 12, so if we want this child to calm down all we need to do is just ignore him and so should the modders they shouldnt be taking all this stuff that he is saying because of his negativeness. I believe everyone is a good modder because they are trying to create a mod. while this kid is ruining everything they do so everyone just ignore this dumb kid.

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