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Romulus Regular User Jun 01, 2012, 02:19:10 am 0 1
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 [S] Roman Invasion (v 1.3)  » posted under [S] Roman Invasion on Jun 01, 2012, 02:39:57 am
Hi Guys,

i would just like to say a few words here,

the roman invasion mod is really REALLY awesome!! but is lacking quite badly.

i would love to see a complete conversion mod, (ie take the fantasy factions out) ad the picts, germanics(goths), greeks, egyptians.(for example)
and remove the medieval feel from the game as it feels really out!

I have been playing the roman invasion for the last month and a bit none stop it is really the best thing that has happened to mount and blade thank you for this awesome mod,

but as i said before there is still too much medieval(knights n stuff) in it also the romans did not believe entirely in "cavalry" for example in a single legion there would be 160 cavalry men, these were primarily used as messengers, scouts and the horses belonging to the commanding officers. "although it does make for interesting combat."

also the market places probably work on a random setup but i have been struggling to buy roman armour and weapons in roman towns???? doesn't make much sense but that i can still live with.

i wish more guys out there would start actually making decent mods like this one instead of the S**t that comes out all over the place.

the biggest issue i have however is the fact that i have had really difficult battles due to the fact the romans (well arn't romans) the formations are all messed up and so is the "hold ground and the other one forget what its called but the f1+f3 and the f1+f4 commandes....

i have stumbled apon a really cool website as well in regards to the historical facts and myths of rome it might not have everything but it has a lot of cool information.

and then finally i do understand that the majority of these issues are developer fault (i.e mount and blade developers) but the tournaments just plain out SUCK! the combat system is pathetic it would be cool if we could get a cercus or collossium effect from the roman cities and fight like gladiators instead of the default BullS**t that is in the game.

many thanks that the recrutment was "fixed" and the bets, and i am really glad you guys kept to the look of the romans so much.

thanks guys just a few things i thaught i should bring to attention and hopefully will see in any future rome mods.

link to the site i mentioned is as follows.

have a kickass day B-) :lol: :lol:

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