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Baraban Uploader Feb 07, 2012, 08:23:03 pm 1 3
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1  15th Century 'Englyshe' Plate Armour Pack Jan 18, 2015 1.4 4,900 Unrated 22,250 23.35 MB 9
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 15th Century 'Englyshe' Plate Armou (v 1.01)  » posted under 15th Century 'Englyshe' Plate Armour Pack on Aug 09, 2013, 11:40:34 am
Hi Vades... Sorry for the late reply, I very rarely check these pages much anymore since Skyrim, VBS 2 and Minecraft FTB engulfed my life....

Unfortunately unlike the armour mod packs like Narf's - which I'm not really familiar with - this is more of a modders and experienced users resource pack than a standalone mod; which means that it needs a lot of manual editing of the python files and repacking it all into a module again to get this working, the least of which would be adding new sets of entries for the armours and pointing them in the direction of the filenames for each of the meshes they use.... I'll try and copy and paste an example for you....

i.e. adding an entry under the other armours in the such as:-

["plate_armor_02", "Plate Harness", [("plate_harness_02",0)], itp_merchandise| itp_type_body_armor |itp_covers_legs ,0,
10000 , weight(28)|abundance(10)|head_armor(0)|body_armor(60)|leg_armor(20)|difficulty(10) ,imodbits_plate ],

plate_armor_02 is the entry name, but you can name it whatever you like, just as long as you remember when referencing it in other files...
plate_harness_02 is the name of the mesh, you can find all the mesh names by looking in the module's resource file using OpenBrf or whatever is the most common editor these days.

There are many detailed tutorials on how to do this posted online in the forums that explain this in much better detail than I ever can, so I suggest reading up on them and experimenting..... Or if you're not comfortable doing it yourself, try asking one of the friendly people on the forums for assistance, as I'm sure one of them would gladly show you the basics if you ask them nicely enough...

Good luck!


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 15th Century 'Englyshe' Plate Armou (v 1.01)  » posted under 15th Century 'Englyshe' Plate Armour Pack on Feb 19, 2013, 04:36:05 pm
As FrisianDude has quite rightly said, it's not as easy as just adding the items, you need to know how to edit the module files to get these to work, especially if you want to get the heraldic ones to show the correct flags and not appear white or invisible... Please visit the Taleworlds forum to find tutorials and posts which explain how to do this in more detail.

Many thanks....

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 15th Century 'Englyshe' Plate Armou (v 1.01)  » posted under 15th Century 'Englyshe' Plate Armour Pack on Mar 03, 2012, 07:53:41 am
I've only just this moment updated it to version 1.01 which contains a few fixes, but most importantly it also contains a small txt file that explains how to add the heraldic armours into your module, so that RJA and others can use them in the game.




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