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Krashnaak Regular User Jan 23, 2012, 03:10:28 pm 0 2
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 Re: OSP Spak_Items (v )  » posted under OSP Spak_Items on Jan 24, 2012, 09:09:29 am
Spak wrote:
Krashnaak wrote:
get_object failed for texture: warhorse_new
It seems that this horse was cursed)
solution №1.
copy from "Warband\ComRes\textures" to Textures folder in Native folder
solution №2.
delete horny_charger_plate, both from .brf and .txt file.
go to the top of the item_kinds1.txt and find a number, should be the second line. For example, 600 and change it to 599.

If that does'not help, pm me ( fnd I'll try to help you.
Thank you very much for you quick response. I appreciate the fact you're so attentive and you're not losing nerves, even if we all are annoying with "I have a problem with this, I have a problem with that..." :-P And yeah - a cursed horse, definitely! :-D I've tried both solution №1 and solution №2 - neither one seemed to help. Here's what happened today: I deleted the Native folder that I've screwed with, and restored it with backup. Now, I did all what I did before again, and now it seems to work... :-? Although I put "load_module_resource" on a different line in .ini file (on the bottom of all load_resource lines - putting it on top of these seemed to cause the problem, although I don't know why :-? - I've already said I had no experience in M&B modding). So I've managed to start the game. Now, however, when I go to market, and hit some of trader buttons (be it armor, arms, horse or goods merchant), sometimes everything goes OK, but sometimes the game crashes to desktop, with unspecified error (you know, "Mount&Blade: Warband has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.") When it does not crash, I can see and buy some of the items from the pack. I even entered tavern in order to see if it works when the models and textures are rendered - and it does. But there obviously still is a problem, as the game crashes on more occasions than not. I am totally puzzled. Might as well spend some time browsing through modding tutorials and item_kinds1.txt guides and try to check the lines and implement the models and textures one by one. Thank you once more.

Edit: I added a couple of items to a new .brf, pasted the lines to .txt, and added .dds files, and it works. Will do the same for the rest of them, and find out if there's a problem with some item/items. Cheers.
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 OSP Spak_Items (v )  » posted under OSP Spak_Items on Jan 23, 2012, 04:06:21 pm
Greetings, good fellows.

Spak - I very much liked the models and textures, they are astonishing. Those old items got me bored eventually, and I stopped playing. Wanted to find some good item pack to spice the things up a bit and make the game attractive to play once again. And now I have found it! But (there's always "but" :-( )... I can't seem to make it to work. I have no modding expirience in this game whatsoever, but I browsed through the comments and tried to follow the explanations from yourself and various other posters in order to find a solution, but I seemed to fail, whatever I tried. Take me for a complete noob - I don't care, but I need help, as this pack seems awesome, and I want it successfully implemented into my game. :-) Here's what I've done in short:

-Downloaded the content; found following folders: Goetia (pictures only), Resource (with spak_meshes.brf file inside) and Textures (with a number of .dds files), and 2 .txt documents: item_kinds1.txt and item_kinds1_native1143.txt. The first one seemed to have had lines related to items from the pack itself, while the other one seemed to have been composed with joining the default item_kinds1.txt document from the Native folder, and the item_kinds1.txt I've downloaded. So I've done as follows:

-Copied the whole text from item_kinds1_native1143.txt over the text item_kinds1.txt in Native folder (item_kinds1.txt was now exactly the same as item_kinds1_native1143.txt, except for its name); this is how it looks:
(I've tried to do it in other different ways, but the problem that occurred in the end still persisted)

-Copied all .dds files from downloaded Textures folder to Textures folder in Native folder

-Copied spak_meshes.brf from downloaded Resource folder to Resource folder in Native folder

-Added "load_module_resource = spak_meshes" line (without quotes, of course) to module.ini file

-Started the game

-Saw the Paradox Interactive and Tale Worlds Entertainment videos

-Game started loading

-CTD followed, with an error note: get_object failed for texture: warhorse_new

I have also downloaded openBrf tool and tried deleting the horny_charger_plate, both from .brf and .txt file, as advised above, but it didn't work. Even tried downloading that separate .brf for warhorse_new linked in one of the comments and adding it to spak_meshes.brf, but it didn't do the trick. Then I decided to register on the forum and to try and ask you for help, since I REALLY want to try this pack out. :-D Am I doing something completely wrong, or what? I am grateful for your answers in advance. Hope to hear... No, wait - read :-D from someone who has an :idea: . ;-) Cheers, everyone.

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