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Cristian Regular User Nov 18, 2011, 03:01:52 pm 0 7
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 tEatRC: Struggle for Bermia (v )  » posted under tEatRC: Struggle for Bermia on Nov 25, 2011, 01:51:00 pm
Calvacade of new bugs:

:!: If you send one of your companions in a diplomatic mission:
*He may never come back... never.
*some times he may come back but you wont get the welcome back option (even if you have many free spots), you tell him automatically that you cant right now. (tried everything, you cant have him back).
*if you send more than 2 companions and cant get the first one you sent to rejoin the company, you lost the other for good too (he'll never report back).

:!: A new Error line its coming up now. Something about "consecuences 19" i dont remember.

:!: Usually every 8:00 in the morning the game would stop for a few seconds and then continue, now it takes almost 10 to 20 seconds every time.

:!: I noticed that not only allies, any lord, can travel to your position and disappear but actually they are kinda "following you"... invisible mode. After a while they reapear and go on their bussiness. If you get into a fight, those invisible lord will fight for or agaisnt you, depends on your relations.

:!: If you lend one of your companions to a lord and forget get him back after a long time (or maybe he changes alliegances? not sure what triggers the bug) You lose the companion for good (the quest its failed and disapears from you questbook.)

Its unplayable for by now, and by the number of issues i dont think we going to get a miracle fix anytime soon.
comment last edited by Cristian on Nov 25, 2011, 01:59:44 pm
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 Re: tEatRC: Struggle for Bermia (v )  » posted under tEatRC: Struggle for Bermia on Nov 25, 2011, 07:01:36 am
SirLancelot98 wrote:
Wow man, just wow. Great job with this man, its great. i have a problem and then ill make some suggestions for the mod:

problem= when ever i try to load up mount and blade warband and it goes into that taleworlds video bit, at the end of it, it keeps saying its not responding so i have to close it so i cant play the mod, help please?:/(ive found out it doesnt work even without the mod please help)

My suggestions :-) :
1) Maybe add in jousting tournaments for single player?
2) Make it so you can MAKE your own banner with emblems such as a male lion face, a dragon or animals and things. (Those animals/creatures are suggestions.) Most people look for mods where you can make your own banner as it makes it more "personal".
Hope you take these into consideration and find out how to help with my problem.

So, you couldn't play the mod and not even warband and you are giving veredict and suggestions? WAT?

Anyways, more problems:

:!: If you start your own kindom and assign a fief (castle, town or village) to any of your companions, they disapear forever. :(

also, i noticed that the name changing ( example vicecount fernandi to Marquis 4 1) happens when the lords change factions.
comment last edited by Cristian on Nov 25, 2011, 01:57:18 pm
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 tEatRC: Struggle for Bermia (v )  » posted under tEatRC: Struggle for Bermia on Nov 22, 2011, 07:05:21 pm
The error i get over and over and over again its this one:

SCRIPT ERROR ON OPCODE 521: Invalid party ID: 1000; LINE NO: 20:
At script: cf_select_most_profitable_town_at_peace_with_faction_in_travel_route
At script: cf_select_most_profitable_town_at_peace_with_faction_in_travel_route

and some times

SCRIPT ERROR ON OPCODE 2204: Invalid party ID: 1000; LINE NO: 9:
At script: cf_select_most_profitable_town_at_peace_with_faction_in_trade_route
At script: cf_select_most_profitable_town_at_peace_with_faction_in_trade_route

Wont allow other reports to show up. How can i fix this?
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 tEatRC: Struggle for Bermia (v )  » posted under tEatRC: Struggle for Bermia on Nov 22, 2011, 07:23:46 am
Another one i didn't notice until now, game breaking somewhat....

After some time ( i been playing for 100 days so far) the other lords start being replaced by a series of lords named "marquis 7 4" or "marquis 8 2" (playing laurian) and so on. They always look like a bonomiese lord for some reason (leather with blue and a hat with plumes).
I say they "dissapear" because i cant find them nor they daughters in the lists when i ask for the location of a lord. Also their fiefs and towns are being distributed by the king.

Its like a scary movie, first was one of them and then after some days was another... then i go campaigning for 40 days into helmarian territory and when i come back almost 9 of them!, owning fiefs, owning towns, being marshals, marrying the daughters of the remaining lords... I can hear them lurking around, craving my flesh and bones. I wonder how long ultil they replace all of us... Diary of Cristian, 22/11/11 XD

**Actually i was wrong, its the same lords and they dont change into bonomiese lords its just, two of the bonomiese became laurian lords and some of the laurian lords became alma matter lords, thats why i didnt find the ladies i was looking for. I never knew becouse i cant see the reports. so, emot-ms.gif
comment last edited by Cristian on Nov 22, 2011, 06:33:07 pm
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 Re: tEatRC: Struggle for Bermia (v )  » posted under tEatRC: Struggle for Bermia on Nov 21, 2011, 06:33:27 pm
Nikephoros wrote:
Thanks for the reports, it's probably one of the most useful ones i had in the last weeks.
By the way, the problem with the merchant not selling firearms, gloves and boots seems to be a hard-coded problem with the last version of WB.

Hey no problem. Another random bugs i found so far.


:!: If you take a loan with the guildmaster and wait until the next "pay day", it doesnt only disapear but now they owe you instead! (i noticed this when i was in posession of palormo, laurian kindom, and usually after each payday the "debt" was around the -5000 or -7000)
-If you take more than the amount they "owe" you, the guildmaster substracts the rest (example, if the "debt" was -5000 and you take 6000, now you owe 1000.... at least until next payday, when it resets back to -5000).
-If you take less than the amount in "debt", it goes back to normal and you cant get the rest without going into debt again ( "example, debt was -5000 and you take 100 denars, it goes back to 0)

-I noticed a rise (a really big rise! almost *500%) in the prices of the market if you owe money to the guild master. Also if you try to sell you get ridiculous prices (lordly mail, 500 denars... pffff). But i guess thats not a bug, the guild overcharges you until you cancel your debt.

So far i can take almost 12000 denars a week, wait for payday, and repeat.

:!: Wine production it almost as profitable (900 denars a week) as dye production. Only wine costs 2500 to set up and dye 10000.
:!: The quest of the farmer in the tavern its broken, when you get there, there is no raid going on.
:!: Units stuck in boat boarding.

i dont know if those are bugs:

:!: The prize weapons you get in tournaments cant be used.
:!: if you mount another horse and leave the battle, you keep that horse and yours.
comment last edited by Cristian on Nov 25, 2011, 01:52:25 pm
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 tEatRC: Struggle for Bermia (v )  » posted under tEatRC: Struggle for Bermia on Nov 18, 2011, 03:48:37 pm
And i forgot.

The merchants stops selling firearms, cartriges or boots of anykind after a while. you need to find those through looting.
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 tEatRC: Struggle for Bermia (v )  » posted under tEatRC: Struggle for Bermia on Nov 18, 2011, 03:44:18 pm
Im really enjoying this one, big time!, congratulations. I love the fact that i dont need cavalry to win at all, it really portraits the situation of calvalry against the new technologies and strategies.
Bugs I found:

:!: (Daiyousei, this one will interest you) Something messed up with the charger horses resource (that's why it crash when you fight a lord whom is mounted in a charger), more specifically the "warhorse_variants".
To fix it (more like... jump over the problem), go to modules\Struggle for bermia\Modules.ini, open and add a " # " to the start of the line " load_mod_resource = warhorse_variants ".
Sometimes you will see horseless riders, but it wont hang anymore.
Something funny, the game also crashed when i was in the last instance of the first quest you get, the one with the merchant who asks you to deal with the eeeeeviiiiil captain of the guard. For some reason, unknown to me, doing this will also allow you to finish this quest.

:!: Brigdes in the ocean

:!: Sometimes the other lords (allies) start following you (in the world map) and when they catch up... simply disapear.

:!: and i get a continuos message about some faction looking for a profitable trade route with another faction, all in red. It goes on and on, and after a while i can't see any messages at all (damage reports, exp reports, relation reports). They just stop, but i still see those if i go to the quest screen and look in recent messages. Actually i dont mind couse it adds a new challenge to the game, NOT knowing stuff just by looking at the menssages, but i recognize its anoying in other instances.
comment last edited by Cristian on Nov 25, 2011, 01:52:58 pm

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