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gdwitt Regular User Oct 02, 2011, 10:36:39 am 0 7
I'm new. We really need this in Brytenwalda 1.39 with the close in battle starts. I have no idea how to install this. Can you provide instructions.
I agree, that top left link is broken or just too slow. As download time or interruptions increase, the chance of a data error increases. Messing up one number in the data files of this game makes it all unworkable.
I appreciate your detailed accounts and feedback. I'm just a user too with a high-spec computer that can't play with more than 60 players at a time.

Can you try what happens if you replace your Bryt music folder with the Native folder?

What changes when you enable or disable the shield bash?
brummiebiker wrote:

true , but i wana be serious about this game ,
i love warband and that mod ,
because i live in uk since 7 yrs (i'm polish)and i've seen some places from brytenwalda like Hadrians Wall or Dun Troddan Broch , for me Din Tagell looks like Dunnottar castle
because i hate fantasy and love history

This game is mostly entertaining fantasy as well. Maybe if the bugs were fixed then we could call it real, but even then it would have little to do with what England has become.
If you want to experience that england, come here to America and join the cutthroat job market where they fire you in a blink. Even better, go live in Africa or the middle east.
I trace all my ancestors to those lands, but realize now I have little in common with these people.

If I were trying to forge an English identity, I would
1) Find a fruitful career that you can be proud of
2) Read the great english philosophers: Bede, George Berkeley, David Hume, John Locke and the great Poets of the 15th -20th centuries.
3) Watch youtube and historic movies on old England. There are many.
3) Wait 5 years and then revisit future revisions of this game when the bugs are worked out and computers are better.

Keep it up Ibdil! We're counting on you.

By just searching rgl, I located a recent file in my documents/Mount&Blade Warband
This is also where you'll find a text file for your main characters that you can import into any warband game I believe.
It's easy to edit your stats here and import in the character screen.
Thank you for your images and bugs. I've run into many others.
Is there a specific bug thread for this game as in most other games?

Sigh. I've been at it for a week and realize that there are so many bugs with combat that using cheats are inevitable.
F4 and control-h and control-x and reload.
It's good not to be too serious about this game.
The setting is astounding and it's a wonder why so many developers make fantasy worlds when this story needs to be told.
I believe the developer team only has the tools to keep enhancing the setting and tweak the edges of the core game.
Immersing yourself in some encounters, reflecting on the experience and understanding history is the best outcome.
There will be no way to solve the wild west of early England without the massive use of cheats or enormous amounts of wasted time.
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 please help with tweak  » posted under BRYTENWALDA 1.391 - Warband 1.143 - 21/02/2012 on Oct 02, 2011, 12:35:40 pm
I just installed the latest MB and Walda v 1.38.
I successfully started it up and played for 10 min.
I then tried to teakmb the companion interaction to insert the we hang deserters line. Now it won't load!
I get an error: Unexpected end to conversation.txt file. Cannot load.
Note that the latest tweak mb was for walda v 1.36, which means that I loaded up 1.38 and edited as if it were 1.36. Would could this have done?
Is there another solution other than uninstalling and reinstalling?
I tried inserting the conversation.txt saved in the tweak backup, but that file also has "unexpected ending."

I really don't want to play this game and deal with the companion conflicts and leaving with all my equipment.
is there a way to tweak the game and not have the load error above?

edit: I fixed this by reinstalling v1.38 to desktop then copying the conversation.txt into the tweaked warband brytenwalda file, overwriting the corrupted one.
I wonder if the "we hang deserters" counter will work without tweaking it. I see it is already there in the original conversation.txt.
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