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Dorblaron Regular User Jun 04, 2007, 04:00:59 am 0 3
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 1866 Version 0.8 (X-Mas Release) (v 0.8)  » posted under 1866 Version 0.8 (X-Mas Release) on May 07, 2010, 03:48:35 am
Ok. Let me say again i LOVE this mod. I have played through to the end game and have a few questions/comments. Again i remind you i know nothing about modding so if i say/ask anything stupid i apologize.

The stockpiling skill - i can see what its for but my guys seemed able to use ammo of any skill level. (regardless of thier skill level)

The gamblers in the saloons - i couldnt get any of them to play black jack with me. (or any other gambling)

The saloons themselves - only the ones in the USA towns have troops you can hire from time to time. (maybe this is intentional)

When i attacked a few carriages my relationship with that faction improved? (shouldnt it get worse?)

More building options for the forts would be nice.

I so far havent been able to find any book sellers.

The relationship of the actual sheriffs as opposed to the town itself. (does this have a bearing on anything and if so what?)

The end game - I am unable to totally eliminate the cottonwood bandits. They have no territory, and at one stage i had everyone one of thier officers as my prisoner, and i get messages for both the USA (my faction), and the cottonwood bandits that they are the sole ruler of the west. (Is this because the bandits are a minor faction?)

This is the only mod/game of M&B i have ever played through to what i assume is the end game, if they are all like this fair enough.

OK, this of course adds to my previous comments. But i still love the mod, and am even still playing after the end game and enjoying it as much as ever.

I think is this IS my favorite mod.

Any thoughts on a warband version of the mod? (just curious?)

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 1866 Version 0.8 (X-Mas Release) (v 0.8)  » posted under 1866 Version 0.8 (X-Mas Release) on Apr 13, 2010, 12:44:22 pm
Dam i just remembered, Tournaments. I get messages saying there will be one soon in every town at some point but the only one that i've been able to find is Jack in the alley in san castebrato ( or whatever its called), am i missing something?
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 1866 Version 0.8 (X-Mas Release) (v 0.8)  » posted under 1866 Version 0.8 (X-Mas Release) on Apr 13, 2010, 12:37:19 pm
WOW! I dont usually comment in forums, but this was SOOOOOOOOO deserving of praise. Well done, 9.5/10, thats only because its not perfect, but its dam close.

I've read the comments before me and i havent had any problems or issues yet, fingers crossed, but i love it. I could almost say this could be my favorite mod, i'm not sure, its a close call.

OK, i do have a few criticisms/comments but please keep in mind 2 things, firstly, i'm not a modder so i have no idea how difficult things are, so if i comment on something unbelievably hard i dont know any better. Secondly i still gave the game 9.5/10 so it did REALY ok.

ok comments;

The scope, it would be nice if the map was as large as the native one.

I would like chests in all the commandants houses for all that extra loot you'll be carrying.

Finish the "clean up cotton wood" quest.

There are 4 "heroes" that wont join me; Nar-wis-mah (or similar) Thunder seeker, tears in his eyes and pablo Pete. I realize it may because i chose the USA faction, but they wouldnt join me at the start before i chose a faction. (Are they faction specific?)

It would be nice if you could recruit your prisoners other than from the camp menu once a day. (I realize this may not be possible)

Thats it. Again great job, thank you for all your hard work, and again well done.

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