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1  CRPG Siege - BI Stone Keep 1.3 Sep 08, 2011 0.07 173 Unrated 1,191 78.9 KB 0
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3  CRPG Siege - BI Stone Keep 1.1 Aug 27, 2011 0.05 132 Unrated 1,015 78.8 KB 0
4  CRPG Siege - BI Stone Keep Aug 08, 2011 0.07 193 Unrated 1,462 261 KB 0
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 The lair of Robin Hood in Sherwood (v 1.1)  » posted under The lair of Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest on Aug 19, 2011, 04:22:33 pm
So as attackers you are going to be running at least a minute before you even get to the walls which is poor, the whole time your view is blocked by the trees which there are far to many of. Following that the whole system of ladders and tree fort style walkways gives the defenders all the time in the world to pick you off from multiple vantage points. As defenders you there is little action as most of the time we had attackers just running around trying to figure out where to go. Once you do manage to figure out where the flag is in fact located you are going to have to break down 2 more doors and deal with 2 platforms of defenders who can attack over the fences and walls while you try to take the door down.

While playing on NA Community we had multiple people get stuck on the map in terrain, the map was down voted and the chat was filled with people complaining on both sides how unbalanced and obviously untested the scene is.

To offer some ideas the maps needs to me made much smaller, or the spawns need to be reworked it should not take 2 minutes to get to the flag on a non-stop run from spawn. The defence needs to be redone also as currently the maps is setup like a gauntlet for attackers, both sides need to have advantages and weaknesses on a scene. Reduce the amount of trees and make the line of sight to the flag more clear and direct.

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