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Cheatcodes Uploader Aug 02, 2011, 01:23:25 pm 1 22
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1  Warriors of the world Aug 19, 2011 4.47 17,953 0.5 / 5.0 14,123 18.84 MB 6
ok now i know how to make the towns peoples and places :D but i only go as far as having a bunch of text files that look like this: ("Town_23","Town23",icon_town|pf_town, no_menu, pt_none, fac_neutral,0,ai_bhvr_hold,0,(74.9469, -135.957),[],0),

Where do i put this? srry for my ignorance but im new to modding :P
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 Freelancer v. 1.31 (v 1.31)  » posted under Freelancer v. 1.31 on Nov 20, 2011, 01:10:24 pm
how can i use this mod in other mods? i mean making it possible to be recruited into a lords army in other mods.... also i think itd be really really cool if you could add the possibility of enlisting in a bandit party or sea raiders and rising up in rank untill you control the gang or making it possible that when youre in maximum rank in a lords army the lord can die and you become maximum commander of his army and also adding ranks like youre in a swadian army under the command of king harlaus: Soldier Class: swadian recruit Rank: private. then youre promoted but instead of instantly being a swadian infantry or crossbowman you rise to Soldier Class: swadian recruit Rank: Corporal and so on and so forth untill you achieve officer in the swadian recruits and are given total command of all swadian recruits in the army either that or you can choose to advance to swadian infantry and start over :D
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 Custom Settlements (v 0.675)  » posted under Custom Settlements on Oct 01, 2011, 11:23:21 am
you guys should make it so that all settlements are at war with each other including player faction also that player can join a settlement instead of making it as an option and remake the factions so that theres now tribal units instead of native units also you should allow players to hold two or more settlements at the same time or make it available for companions to be granted the settlements as fiefs or something other than that awesome mod :D
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 Modern Zombie Minimod (v 0.1 alpha)  » posted under Modern Zombie Minimod on Sep 17, 2011, 08:42:48 pm
cool but body shots should make damage and weres my machineguns? besides that... EPIC!!!!
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 Morghs_MB_WB-WFAS_Editor_v1_40.rar (v 1.40)  » posted under Morghs_MB_WB-WFAS_Editor_v1_40.rar on Aug 24, 2011, 12:21:58 am
This is the best tool ever :D do you think you could make a tool like this one that creates factions and/or quests? because i looked at the taleworld forums for tutorials on how to make them and although i am sure they are very helpful (i couldnt get them to work :P) it takes a long time and only makes one at a time. plz think about it it would really help a lot of people :) btw did i mention its the best tool ever :D
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 Re: Warriors of the world (v 0.7 beta)  » posted under Warriors of the world on Aug 23, 2011, 12:35:05 am
Gaamblore wrote:
Oh never mind I don't have the warband version Lol, I guess I just wasted my time.
Lol that explains it :-D
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 Re: Warriors of the world (v 0.7 beta)  » posted under Warriors of the world on Aug 22, 2011, 02:56:21 pm
Gaamblore wrote:
I downloaded this mod and tried to use it and while the game was loading it said could not open file Arabian Horses something, do you know about this problem and is there a way to fix it?
Try downloading the mod again it probably didnt download correctly
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 Uruk Hai Stuff (v Final)  » posted under Uruk Hai Stuff on Aug 20, 2011, 10:35:34 pm
:D thanx!
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 Napoleonic OSP (v )  » posted under Napoleonic OSP on Aug 20, 2011, 10:32:11 pm
will they work for warband?
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 Re: Warriors of the world (v 0.7 beta)  » posted under Warriors of the world on Aug 20, 2011, 09:09:08 pm
exactinmidget92 wrote:
just like playing Native :-(

u should make guns available at start. ran around for a while but no guns :-(
dont give up and give me my guns :green:
srry i tried making guns available but i just dont know why they dont appear on stores my suggestion would be to attack a venetian deserter party with Venetian gunners and they should drop some guns and bullets but dont worry i swear that as soon as i get more experience and more tools ill update :)
comment last edited by Cheatcodes on Aug 20, 2011, 09:12:40 pm
Lumos wrote:
Cheatcodes wrote:
how do i get coordinates? or make towns? is there a tutorial anywhere? because i just dont understand how to use it...
You get coordinates from Thorgrim's map editor. Press Z while in the MapEditor and you will have the mouse's coordinates copied to your clipboard. Then go to ParMak, fll out all of the boxes, and if you want 100 villages and already have 213, for an example, you fill in (black is the given text, red is example for texboxes):
Generate 100 villages with coordinates X: <first value from your clipboard> Y: <second value from your clipboard> Rotation: <random number here, doesnt really matter for villages> beginning from number 214 (because you want them to be after the 213 you already have).
Finally, hit "Generate Villages" and you'll have your new 100 villages in the output box.
Hope this helps, otherwise I'll have to write a tutorial.
PS do not get offended, mate, but your presentation of your GREAT tool is a little poor, here on the Reps.
Consider that most of ppl just read the few lines you wrote here and do not pay much attention: I suggest to put the pic of the sheet you made. That will explain more than any word!! B-)
Any chance for you to work with Morgh s tool, ???
Thanks, I'll improve the description. No, there's no chance I'll work with Morgh. My ideas and concept are a bit different. ;)
will any other map editors work the same way? i downloaded thorgrims map editor but it wont start it says could not find mount and blade path and then a bunch of errors and then it closes...
how do i get coordinates? or make towns? is there a tutorial anywhere? because i just dont understand how to use it...
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 openBRF - an editor for BRF files (v 0.0.67b)  » posted under openBRF - an editor for BRF files on Aug 17, 2011, 10:04:54 pm
is there a tutorial to help me with this? i dont get it... :oops:
i dont get it...
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 WWII:China Battlefield (v Feb 28 update)  » posted under WWII:China Battlefield on Aug 14, 2011, 06:26:52 pm
one would think that since its ww2 it would take place in germany france or poland maybe even italy but i didnt think it would be based on china, it should make a very interesting and varied mod :D looking forward to playing it till my eyes burn >:)
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 The Last Days v2.4 (v 2.4)  » posted under The Last Days v2.4 on Aug 12, 2011, 04:05:59 pm
port to warband or die make your choice... seriously though port plz :(
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 Re: Magic World v0.20 (English) (v v0.20)  » posted under Magic World v0.20 (English) on Aug 12, 2011, 10:50:33 am
activedino wrote:
HELLO!!! READ PLEASE>< i really need help :cry: i dont know how to talk to the magician of narra hes on the roof how do i get to him??
just walk around the building find the stairs to the wall climb them then jump over some rooftops and youll see something like a bridge made out of clothes thats how i got there :|
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 Re: Magic World v0.20 (English) (v v0.20)  » posted under Magic World v0.20 (English) on Aug 12, 2011, 10:46:05 am
_-Wolf-_ wrote:
Hey, Jackasses, we know what the LMB is, it's just that sometimes spells don't work, the first few times i played, i couldn't cast shit!!!!! :hammer: ALSO the MAge in zendar (which is very easy to find) says that you must use E to cast the spell, that lier!!

Edit; it seems you can't use spells with A encomberance over 20 (in inventory menu)!! hope this explains everything!!! :green:

General locations of the Mages.
Rodok mage is by the entrance.
Swadian mage is by the guild master.
Zender mage is right in front of you FOO!!
Narra mage is up high, and is around the middle.
I cannot find the Nord mage however, i have not looked around on the outside.

:green: I put it like this so you can't entirly cheat yourself form a search. :green:
noob the nord mage is the easier one to find however i dont think there is a vaegir mage which makes me sad also i dunno how to recruit minimages to my army :( btw jk about the noob i only like to say it, no offense meant :D
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 Freelancer v. 1.3 updated (v 1.3 updated)  » posted under Freelancer v. 1.31 on Aug 08, 2011, 03:49:36 pm
will this work correctly on version 1.131? or will it work at all? if not can you give me a link to the newest version of the mod for 1.143? or the link to the download for the current version of the mod? plz answer it looks awesome
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 Europe 1080 0,25 [for 1.010/1.011] (v 0,25)  » posted under Europe 1080 0,25 [for 1.010/1.011] on Aug 03, 2011, 08:22:12 pm
i cant find the assassins guild :( plz help
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 Re: MATRIARCH 0.4 Ribhinn Nation (v 0.4 beta)  » posted under MATRIARCH 0.4 Ribhinn Nation on Aug 03, 2011, 01:42:00 pm
trongar wrote:
Cheatcodes wrote:
is it possible to play as a dude or is it lady exclusive?
You can play a character as a man or woman. As a woman, is more difficult and fun, especially if you fighting against the horned barbarian warriors or misty warriors (dangerous women both), unless you bring the special armor for women that can be found in the chest of friends Silvana, Picton and Sapho.
I sent an update with improvements and fixes minor bugs. Here you can download:
:D thanx downloading now
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 MATRIARCH 0.4 Ribhinn Nation (v 0.4 beta)  » posted under MATRIARCH 0.4 Ribhinn Nation on Aug 02, 2011, 01:28:06 pm
is it possible to play as a dude or is it lady exclusive?

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