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Blackbeard Regular User Jun 05, 2011, 07:29:24 pm 0 15
jengelhart wrote:
Whenever I try to runt his mod a dialog box appears saying this:

Unable to open file:
Modules\Brytenwalda\Resource \textures_face_gen.brf

How do I fix this?
Please reply soon!

What components do you have inside your computer? Such as cpu, video card and main system ram, how much memory? These are extremely important if you want to run this mod. Read my posts above because I had so many problems trying to run this mod that it was unplayable. The reason for that is because my computer was not strong enough or new enough or good enough to run it.

I have done a lot to try to get this mod running so that it was at least some what playable on my computer. I added ram until I had 4 gigs, that helped some. I also down loaded other versions of the mod that are intended to be run on computers that might be older or that do not have the better components like more system ram and especially a very strong video card with LOTS of video memory. These other mods for older computers are lower resolution versions and honestly these didn't work very well for me being that my system ram and video memory was still on the low end of the requirement.

So to sum up, from my experience with this mod and as you can see from my above posts I have a lot of experience trying to get this mod to run better because it is an excellent mod. Your error is a graphics based error. That means that when the mod (or game) is trying to load graphics it is not finding enough system memory (where it can place the necessary graphics) and either it will crash, give an error message or just not load the graphics at all and the area will be black or not there, then it will crash.

The base minimum required memory is 4 gigs but I have found that more is better and that at least 8 gigs or even more would be best. Also the video card memory is very important. My card had 512 megs and that was woefully not enough, the bare minimum is supposedly 1 gig video ram. I would highly recommend 2 gig video memory or more be present on the video card.

I'm not sure because you didn't list the specs of your computer but from that error I would have to say that your system is not strong enough and does not have enough system and video card memory. My suggestion would be to get a new up to date computer with lots of memory or simply forget about running this mod. Sorry............

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I just wanted to add my last updated comment to this thread and say the following below. Maybe my comments will help people that are having difficulties running this Brytenwalda mod... Unfortunately its not spelled out too clearly that you need a VERY STRONG computer to run this mod. When I first tried Brytenwalda I couldn't understand why I was having so many problems because the native Mount & Blade Warband game always ran perfectly on my computer and it did not require a super computer to run. I guess the graphic content is much more extensive with the Brytenwalda Mod.

If you DO NOT have a top of the line computer that is strong as suggested in the description that goes along with this game I would highly recommend that you get said "strong" computer or forget about playing the mod.

Now I want to say this. This is a GREAT mod and it is obvious that a lot of work went in to its development. Unfortunately it takes a real beefy computer. Sometimes I say things out of frustration because either the mod doesn't perform up to my expectations or I don't know how to fix the problem. For that I apologize.

My computer is pretty old and I have tried very hard to run this mod on it and I have actually succeeded in getting better performance. Recently, like maybe in the past 6 months or so (I didn't check the release dates so it might be earlier) the developers have released some updates to the mod that attempt to make the mod playable on older systems. I downloaded one and yes, the mod runs better but all of the problems are not fixed on my old computer. (I still need to try the last update.) You can find the updates to the graphics package elsewhere on the forum or you can go here

There are 2 updated mods that you can try. They still require a rather hefty system so if you only have 1 gig ram and a single CPU it still won't work. My computer has a dual core CPU running at 2.1 ghz. I think that meets the requirement, however I would recommend a faster CPU. I initially started running the full non-updated mod with only 2 gigs system ram and this was woefully inadequate. I have since added 2 gigs more ram for a total of 4 gigs and the mod runs better, but it still crashes. I have a 256 meg ram video card and this is where I think my problem lies. You NEED at least a 1 gig ram video card, even to run the updated mods.

There are 2 updates and one is named brytenwalda512x512.rar this is the one I have tried and I got much better results, but I still have some crashes but its not too bad. At least all of the graphics are present when I enter a fort battle. Most of them were absent in the main non-updated mod.

The other update is named brytenwalda256x256.rar. I will be trying this one next and I do believe that it will fix most if not all of the problems. If not then its because my system is just too old and lacking...

If you are missing graphics, are having Runtime error crashes and are experiencing slow downs (especially in fort battles) then your system is NOT STRONG enough like the designers have stated. Even if you think your computer is strong enough (like I did) it IS NOT and you need to try the "old computer" updates that I talked about above.

In closing. Like I said before, this mod is GREAT. Its more realistic then the native game and most of the other mods out there. It has many new weapons, troops, and locations and the weapons are not so powerful that you can cut an enemy in half with one swing. The NPC companions have been expanded and completely redone and there are other game options and features too numerous to mention here. The enormous graphics package requires a newer and stronger computer then you might presently have. All hope is not lost though because the designers care and they have made attempts at satisfying people like me that get frustrated when we don't think the problem is our fault (like with my old and slow computer.)

Good Luck

*Note: I'm not in any way connected to the designers of this mod. (However I would like to be because they are very good at what they are doing. Plus some of the people connected with Brytenwalda have their likeness present in the game in some of the npc characters and that is pretty cool.) I'm just a Mount & Blade Warband player that loves this very realistic and well done Brytenwalda Module. I just wish I had a better and more up to date computer then I could really crank up the options and enjoy this mod even more. I'll put up with some crashes and slow downs though because Brytenwalda is that good. Cheers...
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This is an update to my above post.

Ok, so I bought and added 2 more gigs of ram and now have (the recommended) amount of 4 gig system memory.

This mod runs better and I was even able to turn up some game options like having 100 men on the field of battle instead of only the min. amount of 30 or so like I needed because the game was way too slow, this is good.

However, the game still crashes and this is the error I get: Runtime Error! program:c:\program files\mount & blade warband\mb_warband.exe. This application has requested the runtime to terminate in an unusual way. Please contact the applications support team for more information.

Ok, so I am contacting the applications support team (or rather the mod support team because I have never had this or any other error when I run the native mode).

Also, I have a problem that I didn't have before and that is missing files when I enter a fort battle. Numerous error messages come up saying that file such and such failed to load. Then when you get in to the fort battle half of the objects are black and it eventually crashes.

Is my computer still not good enough to run this mod even with the required 4 gigs? I have a dual core cpu and a 256 meg video card. Granted not state of the art but it should be able t run this mod at least with options set at min. shouldn't it?

Have I down loaded and am trying to run corrupt files?

I really like this mod, in fact its great but it is very frustrating having to run it like I am when I want to play the mod and praise it. its frustrating not knowing why this is happening.

Thanks. Hope I get a response.
I think I found the answer to my question above.

-- RAM: Available physical RAM: 4 GB
- Number of CPUs: 2 ( Speed: ~2094MHz / ~2094MHz )

I don't have that and probably never will, so playing this is out for me.

They have a home page for this mod and I would suggest going there for more detailed info. It can be found in the upper right hand side of this page or click the link below.

Have fun playing this mod because it really does look great.

comment last edited by Blackbeard on Nov 08, 2012, 02:21:30 pm
Yes, I agree, wow... Wow as in this mod does nothing but crash and lock up my computer. All I get are runtime errors.

My PC isn't the newest or greatest but it is a dual core, 2 gigs ram, 512m video memory, XP and I turned down all the options to low.

Is it my computer? If so, what do you need to run this mod?

Its really too bad (for me at least) because this mod looks real good. It's realistic and the world is big a lot of work was obviously put in to it.

Anybody have any suggestions because I would like to play this one as it is totally different then the stock M&B Warband game, lots harder being that its realistic...

I'm not going to say anything negative because it's probably my crappy computer and others might not have any problems.

:-( :-( :-(
Merlkir wrote:

Dear kill,

we can't be held responsible for your inability to follow simple instruction. You installed the mod wrong and that's why you're experiencing problems. Also, there are much faster mirrors from which you could've downloaded the mod out there, if you could be bothered to look.

Thank You for the feedback, we wish you better luck next time you try doing something a child could do!

I just love the responses users get from the people that make these mods. Instead of trying to help them out they belittle them by calling them a child.

Did you ever think sir that some users are not "in to it" as much as you are and that they may simply not be aware they are doing something wrong and they get frustrated and mad?

If you can't be nice about it then NO answer is better then the one you gave... :-|
Taking the lazy way out on this one? How do you know his game isn't patched. Mine is patched and I had the SAME exact problem with this mod.

Telling somebody to "shut up" is a real nice thing to say just because they find fault with your product. It isn't my fault your mod SUCKS and you don't want to do anything about it, is it?

Why don't you just fix the thing OR shut up yourself. All you can do is tell people to come to the forum if they want help. This is the damn forum and I'm sick and tired of hearing that. He doesn't want to go to another forum because this is WHERE he got the thing. Plus the thing SHOULD JUST WORK with out the need for any computer tweaks. Why can't you understand that?

Why don't you resolve the problem with this mod before you upload garbage like this? Either that or take it down and start over. You have LOST any respect I may have had for you.
computica wrote:
@LEGION_420 Your game hasn't been patched to the latest version. If you need more help find me at the forums.

@Blackbeard Shut up!
I guess that brings down the number of people that have had no problems with this mod to 9,998 and not the "over 10,000" that I was led to believe were the number of people that had absolutely NO problems what so ever.

This is the EXACT same problems I had until I just gave up and deleted the thing off my computer. It would not install and I let it sit "attempting" to load just like this disgruntled user has done.

In my estimation there is NOTHING wrong with his computer and he is doing NOTHING wrong. The thing just DOES NOT work. Period, end of story.

A game, a mod or whatever it may be that is advertised to work with a certain OS and a certain version of a game or software package "SHOULD work for all that attempt to use it." You can quote me on that.

Like I said earlier, this mod "in concept" is very good. However it "DOES NOT WORK" for everyone. I'm glad to see that I AM NOT the only one.

Trying to get this thing to work reminds me of the old days when computer games were run on the old DOS OS. You had to tweak all the drivers and tweak the config.sys and the autoexe.bat and all that just to get something to work. That was then and this is now and you should NOT have to do that!

My suggestion to the author of this is to recompile it or whatever it is you do because again. It does not work right for every one. There are problems.

I don't know for sure but it "appears" that this mod was made for the older Mount & Blade version 1.11 or whatever it was and not the Mount & Blade Warband. Then it was ported or redone for Warband 1.43. Am I correct?

I think you need to go back to the drawing board with this one? Again, the concept is great and I really wish i could run this mod. (With out needing to tweak my system to do so.)


Legion_420 wrote:
computica wrote:
jojocrako2003 wrote:
Hey me again. I wanted to try this update. No luck. It downloaded fine installed fine. get in the game click start new game the loading screen comes up and just stays there. FOREVER. tried it twice. waited and waited. third thime went and had dinner while waiting. was still there. removed then reinstalled. no luck. CTRL alt del works just says not responding so i end process. any ideas?
Hey can you Private Message me your rgl_log.txt file on the TaleWorlds forum? I want to see what the issue might be.

hi. im new to the site and dont know how to private message. meh, whatever... Anyways, i cant get the damned thing to run anymore for some reason. i loved this mod and it freezes right up at about 80% or so. ive tried several times to wait and once for over an hour while i went out. i really hope its just my technical ignorance on the matter because this is by far my fav thing to do on a day off. could you possibly tell me what to do so i can get back to wasting my life on this awesome mod you've created?

Starting new log file.
Version: 1.143

-- OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit
-- RAM: Available physical RAM: 1683MB/3072MB
-- CPU: AMD Phenom(tm) 9500 Quad-Core Processor (AuthenticAMD)
- L1 cache size: 64K
- L2 cache size: 512K
- CPU Features: FPU MMX SSE SSE2 SSE3 HTT 3DNow! Ex3DNow! MmxExt
- Number of CPUs: 4 ( Speed: ~2194MHz / ~2194MHz / ~2194MHz / ~2194MHz )

-- GPU:
- D3D9 Adapter: 0 / Driver: aticfx32.dll / Description: ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series
- Texture Memory: 1786 ( Available Texture Memory: 1772 )

Received stats and achievements from Steam

Processing Ini File {
Module_name = SOD_Warlords_TC3920
Num Hints = 12
Setting Map Min X = -317.000000
Setting Map Max X = 317.000000
Setting Map Min Y = -317.000000
Setting Map Max Y = 317.000000
Setting Time Multiplier = 0.200000
Setting Seeing Range Multiplier = 9.000000
Setting Track Spotting Multiplier = 0.900000
Setting player_wounded_treshold = 5.000000
Setting hero_wounded_treshold = 15.000000
Setting Skill Prisoner Management Bonus = 15

ERROR: Error on creating shaders: Out of video memory!
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computica wrote:
Blackbeard wrote:
The down load went fine. The install went fine. No errors or anything.

The mod does NOT work and totally locks up my computer.

Controll-alt-del to bring up the task manager WILL NOT end the task.

I had to shut down the computer to get out.

I've down loaded a lot of mods and have played numerous one all with no problems. Until I got to this one.

Pretty dissapointing.............. :-(
You have to be patient and let the mod load. :-x

I waited for several minutes "for the mod" to load and the computer LOCKED UP. It would not respond so what am I supposed to do? Wait for an hour or more to see what happens.

Like I said before, I have played MANY mods before and once you load the game and then start a new game with that mod it will take a couple of minutes to "initialize". This one just DID NOT RESPOND. I tried it TWO (2) times just to make sure.

So in my estimation this mod is garbage pure and simple. And people in this comment section seem to agree with that statement because they have had problems too. >:(
The down load went fine. The install went fine. No errors or anything.

The mod does NOT work and totally locks up my computer.

Controll-alt-del to bring up the task manager WILL NOT end the task.

I had to shut down the computer to get out.

I'v down loaded a lot of mods and have played numerous one all with no problems. Until I got to thios one.

Pretty dissapointing.............. :-(
Can this be used on Mount and Blade 1.43?
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 Re: Native Expansion for Warband (v 1.0)  » posted under Native Expansion for Warband on Jun 06, 2011, 10:03:57 am
marcus dalious wrote:
Wolfsblut wrote:
@ marcus
If you want to level up on your own take an archer build, get a halfway accuarte bow and MANY arrows and search in the
There are the weakest foes, mountain-bandits.
But watch out for the javelins^^.
ye...i did something... well..i really have exp with m&b so i did the easiest as i know from my other plays.. - i both a bow..ofc - i go to power draw at level 10 (max) ... and 1 bags of arrows..i change the settings from the folders so I DON"t have 30 arrows..i make em 100-200 ..or now i made em 10 000 :D ... i coud have 3 bags..but kinda anoying... i also tried the oder way - bying merceneries and making a lot of money in the tournaments..this i think are the easiest ways..and y - the first time i jumed into mountain bandits..i was in a little trouble of those javelins :lol: i just haven't played a harder mode from a lot of time :) and i really hate it when women knights are with 10 strike,10 hp uupgrade,10 athletics,10 riding while men are wih 7 :( ..dammn..women are more powerful as it seems :D

You can edit your characters stats to make them more powerful by using notepad or other text editor. However for me personally I see that as cheating. lol So I export and then import my character that I have been playing from other games. This character is near level 50 and has no problems. Before you export a character sell all of your armor and you will have a bunch of money. All the money gets transferred over when you import the character into your new game. You can then buy good armor and recruit some powerful mercenaries right from the start. If you don't you will have a problem with this mod because it is a LOT harder. The enemies are very strong which is good because other mods are just too easy. Even with doing all that its still not easy. Good luck.
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 Re: Native Expansion for Warband (v 1.0)  » posted under Native Expansion for Warband on Jun 06, 2011, 09:56:25 am
Aldor5259 wrote:
do u add mod to native or does it already come with the files

Its easy to add a mod to the game. Find the modules folder under the Mount & Blade Warband folder. Put the compressed module in the modules folder. Then run your extraction program and it will make a sub folder called native expansion and you are ready to go. All of the necessary files will be there and you do not have to put anything in the native file section. Boot up the game and change from native to native expansion. You will then run the new module.

Do the same if you add a patch. It puts the patch files where they need to go.

Hope that helps.
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 Re: Native Expansion for Warband (v 1.0)  » posted under Native Expansion for Warband on Jun 06, 2011, 09:51:00 am
marcus dalious wrote:
oh and am.. i hjave 3 castles- tHEY DO NOT SELF RECRUIT AND TRAIN they are supposed to :(

I had a couple of castles myself. They both DID self recruit. As far as training goes I don't know about that. As far as I know the castles aren't supposed to self train troops in the garrison.
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 Native Expansion for Warband (v 1.0)  » posted under Native Expansion for Warband on Jun 05, 2011, 07:45:10 pm
This is a great mod. It really is and I have been playing it a lot. However, theres a problem that is a game killer because it required me to use the control-alt-del keys in order to bring up the task manager to end the game or exit after losing the in side castle battle against the last defenders.

Here's the problem. When you attack a castle and then move into the final battle where you go in side the castle to fight the remaining defenders. If you beat them fine, you win the battle and exit normally. If you lose all you can do is hover around watching the enemy cheer your being knocked out. The battle DOES NOT end if you lose the battle against the remaining defenders in a castle battle. Pressing the Tab key makes the retreat screen come up. Saying yes does nothing so you are in essance stuck and have to reboot in order to get out.

Doing the same thing on an out door battle lets you retreat and the battle ends, the same if you get knocked out in the first part of a castle battle that you don't feel like waiting for your men to win.

I tried pressing all the different keys but could not get out after losing the fight in side the castle against the defenders. Is there a way to get out or is there a bug and no way to end that fight? Please advise because there are some battles that old Blackbeard can't win even though he does win most of them... Thanks. (Everything else seems to work just fine.)

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