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 Mount&Blade Repository
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dukon0123 Regular User May 24, 2011, 09:51:31 am 0 11

<It contains two folders.

* The files in the folder ROTK_v2.55_Smith allows you to upgrade all the heroes, lords and ladies.
* The files in the folder ROTK_v2.55_Heroes also adds 21 heroes to hire at the tavern at the cost of travelers and ransom brokers.

Use only one of them.
You need to start a new game for the changes to be effective.

If you need one of my older edits just say so and I will repost them.>
Can it fix crash or just add heroes??? What does upgrade heroes, lords and ladies mean???
AlexDragon wrote:
Get the patch for 2.55 and not 2.40 :shock:
can u tell me where is that patch??? :-? :-? i can't see [email protected]@
sr i can't online for [email protected]@ my parent don't allow me :cry: the patch you say is in fantasy mod 2.40 forum, right?
comment last edited by dukon0123 on May 29, 2011, 09:53:47 pm
of course i have played so i ask you some question...but now there's something wrong with my PC...The game have crashed after i load game for 5 minutes :-x
oh, your mod has been impress. It will better if it doesn't crash so often :lol:
when new enemy comes, the game usally crash. Can you fix it and how to delete the ship icon? It make map lag
ok. Ina use mele weapon, a short sword.And about orochi, it's ok. I've just want to know can i get it, that's all :-D .I thought now was summer??? At vietnam, we have done 2th semester.
comment last edited by dukon0123 on May 26, 2011, 10:03:25 am
thank for answer and the mod. Final question: when i fight Liubei he walk, don't ride dilu and character like Ina Hime just use a short sword but in troop edittor, i have seen she has a bow of moon and arrow of moon. And orochi, i fought him many times but can't take his weapon
where can i find evil lubu??? alex, you are amazing. I am as old as you but i can't do like you :-?
dukon0123 wrote:
will god weapon appear in this ver? :shock:
and why i can't see evil lubu as well as evil king? in 2.40 i can't take Orochi's god weapon and as i know there is Dilu and Shadow harness, right?
will god weapon appear in this ver? :shock:

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