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ViniJones Regular User Mar 31, 2011, 08:49:05 pm 0 3
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 SWORD OF DAMOCLES - V5.0 BETA_1 (v Beta_1)  » posted under SWORD OF DAMOCLES - V5.0 BETA_1 on Feb 15, 2012, 07:48:28 am

first of all this is quality stuff, kept me busy for like 3 days straight. Great job. :shock:

For anyone experiencing crashes during/after battle and when leaving castle interior via an npc(Slavers, Merc Envoys n shit). I suggest alt-tabbing to windows and back before each battle or a center visit. Not sure if its relevant :-D , but once I started doing it the crashes stopped completely. (Windows 7 32bit, battlesizer="300")

More to the point I encountered them legion basterds on day 320+. (Some of their dialogues were most astonishing and imo thats what this game needed.) HOWEVER after I owned several of their divisions, weird shit started happening. In any battle from now on I see my avatar in the enemy team :?: I can even meet her on the field and kill her, but after that shes wounded and stays at 10% making any battle "unwinnable" because she cant be captured and keeps the whole enemy army locked in the battle for all eternity. After I killed myself about 4 times and locked half my army in 500vs1/40 battles I decided to post it here. Oh and when the avatar in the enemy team dies, mine is reduced to 10% hp too :-| . I dont know if this helps but the army I led when this happened was about 3k large, not sure about the legion army size.

I tried the remove duplicates in the options, to no avail.
I tried an earlier save (new legion spawn location).
I tried disbanding all regiments before and after the invasion began to no effect.
I also tried taking a day off mount and blade to see If i wasnt just delusional from playing 3 days straight... didnt help either.

If you cant help me I hope you had some fun reading it at least. :P

Once again great job, looking forward to the warband sequel. (You ARE the ones doing the "Warlords" right?)
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 Re: OSP Spak_Items (v )  » posted under OSP Spak_Items on Apr 01, 2011, 07:41:40 am
Spak wrote:
ViniJones wrote:
Ive wondered the shops for-fokin-ever so i guess its rly not there :D.
Use this code:....
Thanks for a quick and workin response. Your decency is refreshing. Keep up the good work as they say.
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 OSP Spak_Items (v )  » posted under OSP Spak_Items on Mar 31, 2011, 09:31:49 pm
Hello mates,
Lemme start with sayin thanks, theres a lot of nice stuff in that there pack(some pretty scary stuff too :shock: ), so a toast to you Spak.

However I cant see the face through the great helm. I keep gettin the lame "wall o darkness" one. Ive wondered the shops for-fokin-ever so i guess its rly not there :D.

I followed the instructions with the 78 number with everythin else workin fine.(yea all other helms too)
I tried overwriting the textures in the game folder(not module), but to no avail. So I copied the originals back.
Im runnin both Native and Diplomacy with the same results.

So is there some way to try and find it and do somethin with it in the wall of text to make it work?
Or any other way around. Thanks in advance.

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