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Trotsky Regular User Feb 15, 2011, 08:12:36 am 0 2
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 World War 1.2 (v )  » posted under World War 1.2 on May 09, 2011, 08:41:54 am
tried the MP by myself just to test it out, this is what I think of this mod so far :

1) Love the maps, pretty good job there
2) the textures are not that bad
3) Bots do get stuck in trenches which is rather annoying
4) Accuracy should be improved, since the muskets in M&M Battalion are more accurate and the game is set in 1800s :-D
5) Damage can be lowered
6) And is it just me , because when i was playing as austrians the uniform became invisible on me but the Bots didnt have that problem
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 Re: Blood and Steel 1.171 (v 1.171)  » posted under Blood and Steel 1.251 on Apr 06, 2011, 06:25:50 pm
Möölj wrote:
jussipe wrote:
Hi, :green:

I am so compelled to say that your mod is very nice and shines to its best if played at 150+ soldiers in a battle.
I have played it a lot :hammer: :hammer: :hammer:

but I have some problems. :cry:

1. If played on 150+ units, the game crashes. >:(
2. For this mod, i have to turn down all graphics all the way to Zero including DirectX7 otherwise it won't start. :shock:
3. Even after lowering the graphics and decreasing soldier count.... the game randomly crashes anywhere (especially while using dialogues in tavern and during sometime in battles). :-|

Note: In other mods, i can play with 600-- 800 units ot 1000 if I turn down all settings.

My specs are: Intel i5 2.6ghz, ATI HD4350 (DX10 1gb), 2gb ddr3
Windows 7
Mount and Blade Warband (Ver 1.131)

I can't figure out what is causing the problem. Hoping to see a reply soon :hammer: . Just yours..

(note: Jussipe managed to escape during the battle)

Hey, I've tried the mod with 150+ and slightly above the normal graphic settnings but it never crashed for me so.. Something must be wrong with your inst or your computer :P
mate, update ur game

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