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phoenixguard09 Uploader Dec 21, 2010, 09:30:30 am 7 4
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1  Mount & Gladius: The Roman Multiplayer Mod Jan 18, 2012 7.97 24,702 3.1 / 5.0 85,110 84.1 MB 17
2  Mount & Gladius: Troops.txt Patch Jan 17, 2012 0.14 443 Unrated 1,775 486.2 KB 0
3  Extended Factions: New Year's Gift Part 3 Jan 01, 2012 0.09 295 Unrated 1,468 18.74 MB 0
4  Extended Factions: New Year's Gift Part 4 Dec 31, 2011 0.09 291 Unrated 1,099 120.23 MB 0
5  Extended Factions Dev Beta May 20, 2011 0.03 105 Unrated 984 367.93 MB 0
6  JNE Source (Password Protected) Jan 09, 2011 0.05 163 Unrated 2,394 1.1 MB 3
7  Jimbob's Extended Factions Dec 23, 2010 0.71 2,467 5.0 / 5.0 12,141 80.75 MB 8
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 JNE Source (Password Protected) (v Classified...)  » posted under JNE Source (Password Protected) on Jan 10, 2011, 08:50:00 pm
Sorry about that I didn't see it.
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 Jimbob's Extended Factions (v 0.6 beta)  » posted under Jimbob's Extended Factions on Dec 27, 2010, 11:46:17 pm
@ Alaricrose: Thanks and yes I wouldn't mind some input although maybe on the forum thread instead of here if that's ok. This is a major work in progress as many people have seen fit to tell me. :D
And yes the scenes for all the new villages and castles are unfinished and therefore not really working. On the other hand the towns should be fine, except the Taverns which I can't get working. But I'm hoping to find someone who wouldn't mind donating some time to scening.
By the way you should try multiplayer just to verse some bots or something so you can see what the new stuff is likely to look like. Thanks for downloading. :D

To Everyone: I have found another bug on the map. Any Lords inside Katakana cannot come out. It will be moved inland significantly in the next release.

According to the poll on the forum thread, there will probably be two new factions in the near future. Please vote to determine what they will be. :D

If anyone is interested in doing aything I'm happy to accept them, particularly texturers and or people who don't mind scening. From what I can tell, the scenes don't take effort, just time which I don't really have.
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 Re: Jimbob's Extended Factions (v 0.6 beta)  » posted under Jimbob's Extended Factions on Dec 23, 2010, 10:34:16 am
3d86 wrote:
I was jocking about the lazzy part,sry i dint really make it sound like a joke
and im NOT going to download until you dont have a full single player support,im not really one to play 24/7 multiplayer
so you dont feel to bad about my coment,here i go ..... omg omg omg its so hard to say something nice .... :green: :green: :green:
...... i like the idea of the factions ... :green: :green: god that was hard !!! dont make me do it again !!!

Gee thanks :roll: And fair enough for not wanting to play mutiplayer 24/7. Neither do I. And I'm sorry I sort of went off at you, the cats just shat on my sheets so I was a little pissed off. But please don't be sarcastic, I went to fair bit of effort to release this. I've only actually been working on it for about 2 and a half weeks. And I've had other stuff to do. Suffice to say this isn't the only modding project I've been working on. But thanks for taking the time to look at the thread I suppose.
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 Re: JNE.rar (v 0.6 beta)  » posted under Jimbob's Extended Factions on Dec 23, 2010, 07:31:50 am
3d86 wrote:
Ok i cant help my self but to wonder why you releast a version that you know its way to buged ...... its beyond me ... :shock:

PS .... If you are to lazy to do a mod maybe you should quit .....

Hey that's uncalled for. It's not too bugged its simply not got full Single Player support yet, Multiplayer still works. It was mainly an attempt to see how much people like the new factions. But hey feel free to download and then tell me what you think. As it is now you haven't actually seen it have you? So commenting might be a little bit unnecessary right? And anyway I don't feel as if I'm too lazy just a little thing thing called real life gets in the way.
comment last edited by phoenixguard09 on Dec 23, 2010, 07:34:20 am

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