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Kamianbu Uploader Dec 12, 2010, 01:35:52 pm 0 29
Nummenluja wrote:
I have one problem.. i start the game and when it is in loading screen then the game crashes and then comes rgl error- invalid map icons file.. how do i fix it?

Yay, a missing file error, those are fun.

That usually means 2 things... the little resource pak isn't in the resource folder or the textures aren't in the texture folder, one of those two if your Warband is up to date.

Sometimes people get this error when they use a mod for the wrong game or update. So make sure your Warband is 1.143 as SoD was updated to that version and make sure your using Warband as well.

What should fix it... reinstall SoD.

Doing this usually fixes any missing, damaged or corrupted files. :idea:
JohanTW wrote:
For some reason I can't download the whole thing :( It just stops and the file shows up as if it's finished but when I try to run it, it says that there's an error because it wasn't downloaded completely...

Clear out your internet history and cache that will usually solve the problem, after you do that download this again, It should finish completely.

If it still doesn't download all the way, get Jdownloader or some other download manager as they tend to resume downloads where an internet browser will finish too early and not resume if it stops unexpectedly.
computica wrote:
ignitionB4 wrote:
Hey again. im just wondering if there will be any of those unique weapons and armor again like in the original. and are were the companions done now or before?
I've already added a bunch of ranged weapons. There will be over 100 melee weapons added to the game that no other mod has added before. You can say we are gonna take the word "sword" serious.

I would add more armor but I'm not to good add applying the bone mesh, I'll need more practice in that area.

I found adding weapons to be easy for me.

I don't know yet if we need help on the design end, but I could use some dialogue and personality for the companions.

I still need to set the scenes for all the Towns, Villages, and Castles.

If you still need help with dialogue and giving personality to the companions, I can do that if you would like.
Kinda sad to see that others downloaded but said nothing about it :/

I'll try this out and see how it goes then report back :3
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 Re: Diplomacy - With OSP Items V2 (v 2.9)  » posted under Diplomacy - With OSP Items V2 on Sep 08, 2011, 06:08:04 pm
Is there a chance that in the future you'll add on to this with PBOD and such?

It's great as it is since I always return to this mod to play it compared to the others I've played, though adding more onto it would make even better.
Depending on which kingdom you choose when you create your character, do all the villages recruits stay the same? (like swadian) and such even after you take them over or do their cultures change when you take them over?

And does this one have the same invasion as M&B's?

Since while I like the Native units, I like SoD's troops far better and when I DL'ed this probably a month or 2 ago, it didn't provide much in where the normal M&B did. then again, it was starting out so yeah... that's expected.

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 Cadels_Samurai_Armor (v 1.0)  » posted under Cadels_Samurai_Armor on Sep 01, 2011, 03:22:06 am
I'd have to agree with Tred, screenshots would really help ya.

I'm not going download until I at least see 1 screenshot.
jlcjcdc wrote:
:hammer: :green: B-) hey when will this be updated to

Warband doesn't go to 1.143... I think (I haven't kept up with any updates lately)

You might be referring to With Fire and Sword to which this is not a mod for, it's latest update is 1.143 from when I last checked
Lilly112 wrote:
One of the best mods ive ever played along with TeAtRc, Shadow rising and Chronicles of Talera, however there is a few things.
Shinobi 1 track thing doesn't bother me since the chunnin/jonnin throw enough weapons to satisfy my ranged needs and i never really liked cavalry.
Rujin Jakka is awesome especially the fire effects, but it would be truly epic if it had a longer reach, and appeared more often.
Owing to the fact that they are ninja the Shinobi Troops should move a bit faster.
Found zangetsu in a shop and it was a one-hand witch is extremely inaccurate.
Female Shinobi armour is quite rare so i need to hunt a bit for it, witch cant be annoying at times.
If its possible maybe have a Old Hermit who will "unlock your weapons spirit", increasing there damage, for 10k payment.

I don't play as Shinobi a lot but I can reply back to some of those statements.

Zangetsu is indeed a two-handed weapon, but should have enough of a strength requirement to wield it for one-handed (not sure, never found one to buy -_- they don't like me enough)
Kunoichi clothing/armor... somewhat rare, but I find it pretty often enough but I play as a male so I have no use for it. >.> The town merchants respawn their wares every in-game week or two (or three) I'm not sure which, but it'll pop up sooner or later.

As for the "Weapon spirit" ...this is NOT bleach, Naruto or anything remotely close to it. Medieval japan did not have spirits in every weapon created. The only weapons you "might" be able to find or read about close enough to that are old things that priestess's sealed a demon into. No one sane would want to hold that thing as a demon could override your soul/mind and use your body. Which for in-game... would suck because it amounts to your death x_x

So it's doubtful a weapon spirit/old hermit is going to be added, besides I'm sure it's pretty hard to add that option to every weapon that's in the game. If you want something like that, go find the Bleach mod (it's unfinished still i think but they you go.
Hbrown wrote:
On the sieges i hide in the leaders, or stay back waiting for my men to clean the entrance, by the way, on the story of SP, when you chose what to be in young adult, shouldn´t the be one to be a shinobi??

There should, yeah, I know there's a shinobi option somewhere when you first start, but not in the young adult part... I suppose it could be added should the others decide to fix the small things.
I'd make small fixes for this but I don't know how to edit the dialog/menu's and since the only thing that I'd be able to use to edit those is severely out of date... yeah, they'd have to do that.
comment last edited by Kamianbu on May 30, 2011, 03:52:36 am
Hbrown wrote:
But i am the type of going in the front of the batle with the man, i never go alone, to chicken for that xD, besides that i suck on ranged weapons, and sometimes even on the back, a arrow comes from nowhere and HEADSHOT, batle over.

True, that one stupid lucky archer headshots you out of nowhere, but I usually hide behind a tree ^_^ or I hide behind my other archers...
Until you get to level 20 or so and some good armor, you should have at least 20 men to fight against bandits with good chance that you won't be beaten like a snare drum and caught.

As a tip though I'm sure you already know it, beware the sieges, those random headshot arrows come from anywhere and everywhere.
MrRoDa wrote:
These 2 messages come up when I press play,

[img] - - - g/[/img]
that are the pictures takin ingame of the horse and the looters etc.

Hope you can figure it out.
cause with the drivers i have a automatic driver updater and my graphic driver should but up to date.

thank you :D
Greetz RoDa

The HLSL errors are to do with your DirectX software, i think.
Though if your graphics card doesn't support pixel shading, that would be the problem as well.

Alright, from what I can understand from the few forum threads I've seen about the error...
The only answer I've seen and would work so far is to update your DirectX software - Here That link will send to where you can download the web-installer to download/install directx.
Most of the time almost all PC game errors are fixed by simply keeping the directx up to date... so small yet very vital >.>
Open M&B's launcher, go to configure - video
Make sure the Render method is on DirectX 9... 7 is pretty ancient and I doubt it'd work right.
everything below it is more or less up to you, if your card doesn't support pixel shading, you should uncheck 'Use pixel shaders'
Forcing Vsync might help a little as well, but I'm not sure.

Let me know if it worked or not
Hbrown wrote:
Nice mod!! But in singeplayer the batles when i die the batles don´t continniu, having enabled or disabled the batle continuation diploacy preference.

Yeah, the script or whatever used for that is probably missing or not working for some reason, it's been like that for quite a while. The only thing I can really say is... don't charge alone >.> charge with your buddies in decent armor or hang back with a bow and start doing some headshots ^^
comment last edited by Kamianbu on May 29, 2011, 11:43:35 am
MrRoDa wrote:
uhm i got a question just played it like 5 minutes is it normal that example i attack some looters that some of them are like really weird.. ( there head is in de middle and extreme big overzised torso's :P ) just wanna know for sure cause the horse i begin with is also really big and when i go to the marktplace i see some nice armour but when i put it on it changes in that head in the middle creature

or is that all normal in this mod :P
further on its really cool the animations and armour :O
greetz MrRoDa


I apologize for my english

Never had that problem but it sound similar with a mod that tried which was for the first M&B but I used it with Warband >.> they were tall... and flat like paper >.< amusing if it didn't make hitting him impossible.
If you're trying to use this with 'with fire and sword' that might be the problem there... since it would just crash with the normal M&B.

If it isn't that it's a number of things. First things first after you know it isn't the one above.
1. Update your drivers, sometimes M&B gets a little... twitchy with video cards... ATI especially.
-- alot of games are picky about the graphics cards... quite a few developers seem to think all pc's are state of the art for some unknown reason.
2. Make sure it's installed right, usually not the problem, but it doesn't hurt to check it again anyways in case of a small problem that might have popped up.

A screenshot would be nice to see to get a more detailed look, so if you can make one send it to Kamianbu[email protected] ^^ if not, I'll continue to try and help out, and others might too :D

P.S. Your english was pretty good, don't worry too much.
ushockey wrote:
Can i use my save from 2.4

Possibly, you can always try. If it crashes, then that's a no.
HirakoShinji27 wrote:
How can i tweak this mod?!!?
i mean i used tweakmb with a different module (native) and choosed kengeki gaidens directory
and when i load game it crashes so i just do the backup stuff
...ermm.. i'm a little nub with the getting a wife thing :oops: . i mean their poem types are random
and i only can get a good relationship with an ugly lady T.T :-?
so, any help could be appreciated. :green:
sorry for some bad english =.=''

xD they're all ugly, taleworlds failed when making female faces. I'd suggest the female face replacer but it doesn't like kengeki as at least half of the faces are... odd and the texture for their faces are a mess.

If you win a tournament and provided the person you are courting is at the feast/castle you can tell you won the tournament for them, it helps some. visiting them is a plus as well when they send you a message asking to see you. The poems work... provided you pick the right ones for her personality. (see a bard in the tavern for help with their personailities)
If you court a woman with your renown around 250 or more you might have a better chance, I've found anything lower tends to make it harder for them to like you, having your own land and being a lord/king is a good plus to. ^^

So there's alot of things that affect how well she'll like you when you first ask to court her. If you get her around 60 or more into liking you, you can marry her with little problems, she'll more or less elope as well if you don't have permission from her father or brother.

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 Sword of Damocles Warlords 3.0 Beta (v 3.0 Beta)  » posted under Sword of Damocles Warlords 3.0 Beta on May 08, 2011, 03:39:44 am
This does seem interesting ^_^ I'll download it and try it out. I hope it's similar to the one for the regular M&B.
laterus2 wrote:
Hey guys i have some ideas for the new version.
You can buy some kinda pipe that make you shoot poison darts. It do have a shorter range tough but you when you hit them they loss lives. The dart itself doesn't do much damage but the POISON you use can be good. You can buy better and better poison. The baddest poison doesn't do much damage and the poison vanish. But the good one doesn't vanish and it drains life faster.

IDEA 2: You can also buy this big thing that shoots over 30 arrows at a time. It shoots them all at the same time and it got a bigger chance of hitting stuff enemies but it takes over 15 seconds to reload. Its good when you are shooting at big groups. and it is formed as a gatling.

IDEA 3: Fireworks rockets. This is almost as IDEA 2 except that it shoots 1 rocket and the exposion is huge. ( Depends on wich rockets you use ) I can't really think of what it is that shoots it.

That is pretty much my ideas. I hope you read this cause it would be cool to see that in the next version :D

That first idea is a decent idea, but somehow getting the poison dart to act like it's coated in poison requires probably a script to do so, since I don't think the toolset used to play with MB's 'life' will allow such things, but I haven't toyed with it much.

The second idea is a good idea, since such a weapon 'was' created in real life, though it was spear sized arrows that were fired, not our handheld friendly versions in-game. Such a weapon would have to be stationary or your little person will have to be very strong to hold that thing up right, and I don't think japan had this weapon... ever. They were more... up close and personal, alot of samurai found attacking from range to be cowardly and shameful... this wouldn't go along with a japanese mod very well, even if the weapon itself would be fun ^____^

The third idea... I doubt that'll happen, japan in any medieval era never had such weaponry, and again it wouldn't go with this mod. I think this sort of idea would probably best go with a chinese cultural mod, not a japanese one.
Jamould wrote:
Yeah I Know Onin no Ran provided the majority. But I was referring to some models that were there pre 1.8, back in version 0.9 to 0.98. Im pretty sure they werent made by the Onin no Ran team

Most are from onin no ran. From Kengeki's start (I assume) to 0.95 it was Yuias who then gave permission to this band of modders, who implemented in alot of stuff that they created or got permission to use. (Read the Credits, it's right on top.)

Whatever is used inside from anyone but these guys.... its in the credits.

And if you wanted that answer then you should have been more specific the first time. People can't read minds.
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 Nobori (vertical) banners pack (v 01)  » posted under Nobori (vertical) banners pack on Mar 17, 2011, 08:30:02 am
Very cool. When the textures are complete I'll be sure to download this until then I'll sit here and watch. :3
activedino wrote:
JAPAN AND JAPANESE IS GAY!!!!! 0.00000001/100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

....honestly? really? you went out of your way to say that... >.> somebody's been having no life.
dermeister wrote:
While playign this i was thinking... Can you change the 3d models of the towns? too look like Nord towns it feels more asian cause of the wood instead of big medieval europe style also castles can you change them to wooden castles? Awsome mod though can be improved but its an exelent start :)

...that requires redoing every castle siege scene that has stone walls and such, an arduous task to say the least and very time consuming if it's even possible to do it correctly without bugs in the scenes.

The last thing anyone wants is when they're charging an enemy on the wall is to fall through the wall into the empty oblivion thats under the ground, or slam into the ground and get stuck 'in' the wall. - although it is quite amusing when you think about it. :p
comment last edited by Kamianbu on Mar 07, 2011, 05:01:57 pm
I have several times. the first was soon after the fief was taken, I got nothing. I figured it might take a week for them to reappear then tried it again, still nothing, I just randomly ask the traveller when I see him in taverns now, I have plenty more companions so it isn't that much of a problem since they were low level.

So... I'm going with the "They were killed" theory, it makes more sense then the "They vanished into thin air" theory.
comment last edited by Kamianbu on Mar 06, 2011, 03:51:07 am
:-? I have no idea if this one was just a glitch on my part or a bug, but Daimyo/Lord Vuldrat seems to be bare as the day he was born, I saw it during a feast I went to, so I don't know if he remains armorless during combat since going in castle halls removes your helmet and weapons. (I'll check if he has armor during battle or not soon)

This is probably just a game glitch but I've lost 2 companions when my last fief was taken >.> I figure they got beheaded and killed but... eh. There a way to fix this or not?"

P.S. Samurai seem to die like flies >.> but it keeps you on your toes :D
swordsusa wrote:
killertype10 wrote:
nice man looking forward for next release :hammer: hope you can explain to me how to meet the skeleton and the zombie??I am still new to this game.... :oops:
The skeletons and zombies can't be met in single player yet, I couldn't find a way to implement them. for now they are only in multiplayer

One way of implementing them would be to edit the map to put in more land, adding more towns, castles and villages then adding the factions to the game then making everything for them. All of which I'm sure is hard or at the very least very time consuming.

On a different note I've fixed the problem with the shogunate archer's boots, I added kyahan to its item list. If it's alright with you, I'd like to upload it in case anyone else wants to have archers with footwear.

As for another bug, if it even is that. The diplomacy options for the horse speed and the continued battle don't seem to work... my continuous deaths in the game seem to prove that when everyone on my side retreats when I take an arrow in the brain and my horse don't seem go any faster than normal. (not that I'm complaining on that one, I never liked faster horses, I like to kill my target, not run him over)
comment last edited by Kamianbu on Mar 04, 2011, 11:45:03 am
finally We can marry women who weren't slapped dozens of times with the ugly stick.
swordsusa wrote:
Kamianbu wrote:
This is awesome, I've been waiting for someone to release something like this :3

I found a few bugs though...

The Shogunate Archers... are bootless, while it isn't noticable if you don't look at their legs I think their feet get cold in the snow.
The other bug I've found so far is that when you start a new game, every lord thinks you have a banner when you don't and if you take a castle or town, a banner pops up with a bunch of lines on it... fixing this would be nice or adding an option in the camp menu to change the banner would be nice.

I'll see if I can get those bugs to repeat and fix them. Shogunate archers in SP or MP?

Single player for the archer, I don't play in multiplayer.
I'll check on the other troops in the other factions when I get the chance as well :3 (basically when I conquer them)
and if you need ideas on what else to add, I can come up with a few things :) I'm a fanatic with japanese culture
comment last edited by Kamianbu on Mar 03, 2011, 07:45:00 pm
This is awesome, I've been waiting for someone to release something like this :3

I found a few bugs though...

The Shogunate Archers... are bootless, while it isn't noticable if you don't look at their legs I think their feet get cold in the snow.
The other bug I've found so far is that when you start a new game, every lord thinks you have a banner when you don't and if you take a castle or town, a banner pops up with a bunch of lines on it... fixing this would be nice or adding an option in the camp menu to change the banner would be nice.
fameblue wrote:
how do u extract an rare file??? sorry for this question this is only my 6th mod. any help would be appreciated. :-| :-| :-? :-? :-? :-?

7zip like computica said or use winrar
Haven't played it just yet, it's still downloading :3 but I am looking forward to this mod alot. I missed playing SOD :( but now that this has popped up... yahoo! :-D :-D

If you need help with creating troop trees, making dialogue or if you need someone to test the mod, I'll be happy to help.
comment last edited by Kamianbu on Feb 24, 2011, 12:37:08 pm

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