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Berthout Uploader Nov 23, 2010, 09:09:39 pm 3 13
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1  Napoleonic OSP Jan 01, 2011 0.75 2,176 5.0 / 5.0 9,994 582.8 KB 6
2  Europe 1805 - War of the Third Coalition v 1.0B Jan 01, 2011 21.49 63,134 4.6 / 5.0 104,292 161.37 MB 64
3  Europe 1805 - War of the Third Coalition v 0.9A Nov 30, 2010 1.99 5,844 4.7 / 5.0 15,475 149.18 MB 14
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 Re: Napoleonic OSP (v )  » posted under Napoleonic OSP on Jan 04, 2011, 01:02:03 pm
AdmiralNelson6262 wrote:
the textures file is empty...

Is it?

Oops, I'll upload it again when I have acces to the file (will take some tile though).

For those who can't wait: all the textures are of course included in the mod:
korvos wrote:
Omalley wrote:
Excellent mod so far. But I do have one question. How do I use the formations and assign companies. I have tried everything from changing the buttons to going through the different menus but with no avail. Please help me so I may further enjoy this mod.

ya i can't figure it out either. I can understand buggy but i can't get the different groups to work at all. it's too bad too cause with these formation and group options this game would be so much better. is there some kind of directions for foxymans formations anywhere cause i can't seem to find it.

I love the mod by the way.

Have a look at the FAQ, it explains it all and has a link to the original Form Ranks topic.
molashkre wrote:
how can I recruit Kalmyks?

Join Russia and talk to the Major/Warrant officer in one of the Towns. He will let you recruit all the troops, including kalmyks.
baba psuva qko wrote:
i don't know why but when i going to start a new game and at the loading screen is loading the setting data it shows me ,,cannot .... scel_ratman" something of this sort :-( :-( >:( >:( :roll: (Sorry for the bad English)

It's for MnB NOT for Warband
TheZhark wrote:
it looks like a really good game!
but tell me, what can i do so i can download beta files?

Just press download now (top left corner), unzip the files and put them in your mountandblade/modules folder.
netsuke wrote:
Very good mod,and cloths are very fine.

just a problem

I join french empire

i don't know why i can't upgrade french conscrit , to dragon or hussars.

In the tree , i can made only, grenadiers, and voltigeurs.

Can u change that ?

Infantry will never upgrade magically into cavalry. What you should do is go to a town and talk to the major/warrant officer. He will let you recruit troops.
hussarcharge wrote:
great! nice!!especially the hussar suits are very cool.
but a qestion, when i became a officer of france ,i can`t take warrior from the castle or city .i talk with the major of the city or castle ,thefirst option offered is seemly to take soldiers from reserved .but infact it can`t operated .both side is my troop instead of the reserved. please check it.

The bug you discribe happens when you try to recruti troops from castles. In towns it works.
AdmiralNelson6262 wrote:
one minor question. some of the troops you can hire have really weird faces, like they have been messed around with. is this a bug? it makes it much less realistic. an example is the irish line infantry

I'll have a look at it and fix it. Thanks for the feedback
Henry von PreuBen wrote:
First of all great mod, it is one of the best I've played. I want to talk about 2 points tho.
1) I have besieged Dresden and once i start the battle, it only takes like 5 mins then it freezes. I exit the game it is says RGL error cant restore vertex buffer.
Any help with that???

There are some bugs with the sieges, that will be fixed in the next release (shouldn't take more then a few days). The restore vertex buffer is related to the graphics though. The only way to get rid of it is to lower the graphics/ battlesize. Lowering the number of bodies helps a lot apparently.
2) I am sure people have asked you before but it would be extremely nice if you could make this mod for warband.
It might be in future, but at the moment it's not planned.


My pleasure and thanks!
Good to hear that you enjoy it.
ruben6f wrote:
found a bug:
this appened to me while dueling my polish uhlan in the same map used for the barracks, we were both on horse and when the polish uhlan ran torwards the fence and got stuck on top of it, after a minute or so he feel dow to the other side of the fence. :(

I'll make sure to fix it. Thanks a lot!
ruben6f wrote:
also the reloading time is so big, I know that during that time the reloading took a while but in heat of war soldiers reload faster

sadly that isn't true. It would take longer because of makign mistakes due too the stress. Reloading is already slightly faster then in real life.
ruben6f wrote:
I have a question:
when I'm setting out my formations and tell my uhlans (GUARD) to hold position, why after 10 seconds they run up the hill where my enemies are and get mutilated with out my orders?

That is a bug in the original Form ranks kit. It's caused by making your troops in wedge formation stand closer together. Form now the only solution is for not changing the density of the wedge formation. with other formations it works fine.
I'll add it to the FAQ
comment last edited by Berthout on Dec 01, 2010, 05:56:44 am
ruben6f wrote:
found a small bug: in the barracks when fighting some of the enemies go trough some walls and other enemies just stab the wall randomly.
but so far no other problem

I'll look into it. Thanks for the feedback.
ruben6f wrote:
Portugal only has one city, during napoleonic invasion of Portugal Porto was taken by the french army and it's considered one of the major cities of Portugal.

I'll consider adding an extra town.
ruben6f wrote:
no reloading while moving is annoing

Sorry but that's the way it was.. :-)

MrDarkSider wrote:
Well Just played 20-30 Minutes long, and as I see so far, it is quite good, but there was some skills saying "Not in Use" Something like that, Other then that and there being a war right off when I start off, not even starting the actually game, which is a bit weird, So a few changes will need to be changed.

The not in Use skills are for crossbows and other native things you won't need. It isn't possible to just delete them from the menu so I chose to name them like this to avoid people wasting points.

The war is intended to start when the game starts. Note the date, it's the date the Austrian empire got into war with the French army, and thus the start of the war of the third coalition.

Kaje wrote:
I've downloaded this and put it in the right folder etc. but when I try to run it, it gives me an error and says it can't open CommonRes\costumes_a.brf

You aren't trying to use this in warband, are you? It's for native MnB

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