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TeaandCrumpets Regular User Nov 01, 2010, 12:42:36 pm 0 23
Where is the upload for 1.39? Also idibil if you want any help with modding or testing please let me know. I would be happy to help.
FOCA90 wrote:

Try downloading from here. (remember its 1.38)

I had trouble with the download from here too.
Quick question does anyone know how to set it so there aren't so many hills in the battle map. I dont mind the odd hill here and there but everytime I battle there are about 20 hills I have to hike over before I get to fight!
brummiebiker wrote:
same problems in every post , but no one listen to (read this)
this is the most beautiful mod , best sieges but the worst battles i've even seen in m&b , warband , WFAS
crap and boring , magic shields , soldiers formations too far to the left , enemy doesn't attack , battlefield too big , useless bows , during besieges no one use javelins
i play that mod only for awesome besieges and castles and because i can have own proper kingdom
rest of it .......

Give it some time. I am sure they are working on it. I know how you feel though. The sheilds are a bit too overpowered and appear to have magnets in to absorb any shots coming at them. It is still the best mod out there!

Any news when the next patch is going to be out idibil?
Hi all.

Firstly can I say to vorador that I agree with most of your points but with some of your complaints you have to remember that this mod is based in the 800's. They did not have many/any polearms and definitely no firearms.

Secondly I wanted to say to idibil that this mod just keeps getting better and better, please please keep up the great work. However there are a couple of points I would like to bring up.

1. The complete uselessness of ranged weapons against any enemy with a shield. I understand that sure it should be hard to hit someone with a shield but it seems as though they are invincible from the front (which is always the way your archers are shooting from). Also that the arrows need a bonus against shields. I hate fighting a battle and having a shield with 20+ arrows and javelins in it. Maybe do it so that 6 arrows will destroy a shield (3 javelins or 2 throwing axes etc). This would make having archers a tactical option.

2. Is there any way of adding an option of bringing up the party menu before you go into a battle. There are times when I would prefer to set my cavalry up to be on the field first (which would mean moving them higher in the party menu, I believe). This would allow for more versitile play, especially during sieges.

Keep up the outstanding work!

How does entrenchment work!? I can entrench my campsite, leave it (fortifications remain), but when I try to retreat back to it I go into camp menu, select return to fortifications and it just stays on the camp menu!

If I select wait here for some time (which i would have presumed would mean staying in the entrenched position) it just sets up a regular camp...

How do I return to a fortification after its been built and get to fight there?
Awesome mod. Someone needs to work on some gameplay footage to advertise this!
By the way idibil really really great work, the mod keeps getting 10times better each time an update comes out!
I keep getting runtime errors too. :cry:

My specs are...

Vista 32bit
4GB of ram
Nvidia GeForce 8600GT

Is there a solution to this problem yet?


i have steam so it updates the version auto i lowered the graphics settings and now i dont chrash that often
also amazing mod people good job!

Try setting the shadows down or turning off anti aliasing. These are the two main culprits for laggy gameplay.

teun557 wrote:

i have a problem
the mod works and i can play it but it randomly chrashes every 10 minutes it then says mount and blade warband doesnt work anymore
this happens every 5-10 minutes anyone know how to fix this?


What does the error say when it crashes? Have you got the Warband 1.134 patch installed?

Glad I could help Tiger! I think I have gore mode on but no blood spurts happen. The missing head thing happens half the time I hit someone in the head (I don't know my own strength sometimes!). Other than that this mod keeps getting better and better!

TIP: Southern Ireland is full of Scoti Raiders and Outlaw Warriors, lightly armoured and loads of them. Really helps with levelling up!
TigerGRC wrote:
I keep having the same problem :( Also after having those error messages, after loading a game and getting into battle again i don't get any messages at all.... >.<

Still getting the error messages come up? I re-patched my copy to 1.134 and its now working fine! Give it a try and let me know.
IP: logged
 Europe 1200 - Public Beta 3 (v Beta 3)  » posted under Europe 1200 - Public Beta 3 on Feb 07, 2011, 04:28:56 am
Any way of using Polished Landscapes with this mod?
Just realised I am only getting the opcode error: must lead charge, when I am hitting the enemy in melee. Thrown weapons and bows are fine. Any ideas why this is happening?
Hey tiger. I think it works on the large shields only, but I'm not sure.

I am using windows vista. The overwriting of the game files shouldn't be a problem because you are meant to delete the old Brytenwalda folder before install. Not sure what it could be but it looks as though you and I are the only ones with this happening so far.

I'm sure idibil will get back to us soon.

TigerGRC wrote:
Hello there. I haven't plaied in a while since i've been busy but now i kinda felt like checking Mount and Blade again. I had this mod in my watchlist and i was glad to see how far you got it ^^ I experience some problems though... I haven't playied much i am just on the start of a new game and yeah...... kinda dissapointed because i really want to play this mod.

First of all when i started the game i was given a weapon i could not use... so i ended up unarmed and foced to beat the heal out of the poor bandit that attacks you at the beginning of the game xP The options i picked were Gender:Male, Parent: Merchant, Childhood(if i am right that was the name): Craftsman Aprentice, Job: Traveling Warrior, and the last one was Lost of a Loved one. I was given a spear that requires power throw 2 and i have no power throw xP

Well dispite that everything seemed to run smoothly. No error messages in the fight, nothing. I talk to the merchant get out to the map and then I decided I wanted to see your new mods, realistic casualties and gore mode. So i go and select them and as usual going to butcher the closest bandit party :P I don't know if you made them that tough but they would need like 100 damage to die. In any case every time i attacked i got those red lines raising on my screen. I first thought it was the mods, so i dissabled them to see which one it was. Even with both dissabled though I keep getting these messages:

Unrecognized opcode 1804.; LINE NO: 5:
At Mission Template mst_lead_charge trigger no: 37 consequences.
At Mission Template mst_lead_charge trigger no: 37 consequences.

that text again and again... well now that i actually read it i guess it has to do something with the troops following? I had no troops at the curent time.

Anyway... thanks for reading and thanks for the help! btw..... How does the shield bash work? x3 I'd love to see that!

Thanks again

Getting exactly the same problem. Really really annoying. Has made battles unplayable for me :(

Turn shieldbash on in the Camp, Mod menu then hold block then click to attack at the same time. Its handy when you are in a pinch.

brummiebiker wrote:
thats mean i have to buy origina warband :cry: , i cant find crack for 1.134. in uk is impossible find warband/m&b or "with fire and sword " in the game shops . maybe when i will go to poland much better and normal country than uk, trere is no problem with that :-)

Not that I use a crack myself but I hear any crack seems to work, no matter the patch. ... Hope this helps.
Hey idibil. Thanks for the fast reply.

I meant the animation for when the arrow leaves the bow and the range of the bows. If you have 5 mins on the 1257 mod and use a bow you will see what I mean.

Would it be possible to set the cargo mission rewards to say 1000+ that way it would be worth accepting them.

Just had a 14 hour shift at work...should sleep but going to play Brytenwalda, will try and find the bishop mission! :green:
Hello! Great to see a new update! Absolutely love this mod but there are a couple of things that bug me about it.

1. Arrows. The arrows seem to be able to shoot for miles, even when using a hunting bow. I know it was like this in the original game and I didn't think anything could be done about it, but after playing the 1257 anno dominai mod and seeing they have implemented more realistic arrow flight making being an archer a lot more fun to play. It also looks a lot more impressive having scores of archers firing visible volleys down onto incoming enemies.

2. Delivery/Accompany missions. One of the most common missions I get is to deliver cargo or cattle to somewhere on the other side of the map. This is a really good idea to get the player to go out of the local area however the reward isn't worth it. 330 denars to take things all the way across the map when you could easily make that money by having an encounter with 10 bandits.

I don't know how hard these things would be to put into the next release but personally I think they would improve an already astounding mod.

Keep up the good work!

Hey Idibil, I have found some controls. Formation ones and such, but I still can't find shieldbash key... :(
Great! Thanks for the fast response! This mod really shows how good M&B could have been. Keep it up!
Downloading the new version now. Sounds great! Is there any chance of a manual because its great having loads of features but its a pain not knowing how to use them. Shieldbash for instance... how do I break someones face?!
LOVE this mod, great work! One thing that is a little annoying is when I tell infanty to hold position they start to walk off the map, really annoying mid fight when your troops stroll off! Oh and I have installed the P.Landscapes mod which is 90% working, just no dense trees.

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