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jojobe71 Regular User Oct 27, 2010, 06:11:26 pm 0 6
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 Shogun - Sengoku Jidai 0.70 beta (v 0.7 beta)  » posted under Shogun - Sengoku Jidai 0.70 beta on Aug 21, 2011, 08:26:14 am
I just down loaded the mod and was impressed. But i did not get far after i made my character. I went in the first town bought a sword and food but as soon as i clicked the armor the game crashed. I downloaded the patch to the game but to no avail the game still crashes. :-? :hammer: needs a bit more work. My syatem does meet requirements and using 1.43 patch. I get texture errors in red.
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 The Eagle and The Radiant Cross (v 3.1415)  » posted under The Eagle and The Radiant Cross on Nov 29, 2010, 08:24:33 am
This was very good to play.

Pros :lol:
1. large map lots of factions.
2. fun to play
3. Lots of weapons and armor.
4. You could hire help to run your kingdom while you go out and conquer.
5.I did not get a lot of errors or crashes

Cons. >:(
1. Some concepts confused me - the book merchant sold dictatorship and several other books that were not stats
2. making lords out of you party members. Once you made them lords they would never show up to there land. You would see their picture as you approach their land but that is it. Also I notice once you gave them the land, they would not change to a new banner but keep yours.
3. Becoming a King yourself. you could not change to a different color. At least i found no option to change colors. I was tan along with another nation.
4. too many troops in the tavern. At least that is what i think. One time i went into a tavern there were 73 troops wanting to join me would not have been so bad if there all didnt decided to show up at the tavern at the same time. LOL

what would send this mod over the top; :hammer:
1. more buildings for towns and cities because income is a problem.
2. limit the amount of screen chatter. I do not need to know what other kingdoms are doing aside besieges and attacks/captures (also the notes are so faded i could not even see them id just get scrolled notes that i could not see to read)

That is all i noticed. the map is very nice looking. :-P
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 Prophesy of Pendor V3.01 (v 3.01)  » posted under Prophesy of Pendor V3.42 for Warband on Nov 01, 2010, 12:51:15 am
I have played several mods to date. This one hands down is the best. I tried to install the game for warband but it did not work so i bought mount and blade. this game add made it worth it.

You guys did a good job

If you guys add this for warband can you include:
1. auto billing LOL there nothing like owning 20 cities and having to visit each one to get rent.
2. I need help to run large empire vassals are not enough. support staff is good sheriff to watch the road, a chamberlain to help me run taxes i think the diplomacy mod that out has all this stuff already.
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 Blood and Steel 1.171 (v 1.171)  » posted under Blood and Steel 1.251 on Oct 27, 2010, 09:13:34 pm
this mod is very good only 2 things id like to see added:

1. diplomacy
2. better trade system. just iron and dye are the most profit no town specials. also for me once i built the factory i could not change it later on.
This is is a good mod. The landscape the villages were awesome.

I do not know if i have a bug or not but i did experience the following problems while playing.

1. My female characters have male bodies. there head is female but there bodies are like football lineman bodies. There is are no female armor or female warriors. the skins on most of the characters were not good. ( if you look at the skins on the avatars from blood and steel you'll see a very big difference)

2. there is an error in the spawn point in some the the cities the enemy was spawing behind a wall and you could not get to them unless you they walked out. ( the city was un uneil or something like that at the southern tip of ireland) it was not the only castle city that that had happened.

3. For every city it seems the most valuable item to produce is wine or beer

one major 2 minor. still a good mod.
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 Calradia 1480 Zendar Offensive 1.1 (v 1.1)  » posted under Calradia 1480 Zendar Offensive 1.1 on Oct 27, 2010, 06:26:36 pm
it crashed as soon as i installed it. on the load ini screen. :roll: COMMON RES COSTUME ERROR
comment last edited by jojobe71 on Oct 27, 2010, 11:57:08 pm

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