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WarezGam3r Regular User Oct 24, 2010, 12:12:27 am 0 10
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 Diplomacy v3.3.2 (for 1.134) (v 3.3.2)  » posted under Diplomacy v4.3 (for 1.153) on Dec 31, 2010, 01:12:29 am
Do You mind if i use Diplomacy in a mod i plan on using? Figured it better to ask before i started tearing into it.

If you want an idea its probably going to include Diplomacy, Spak Items, Kengeki *updated versions if at all possible, for kengeki anyway*
  • New Factions or if not then renamed
  • Tweaking of Faction Colors
  • Tweaking of Village/Town Relations etc including party morale issues. So siege your heart out gods of war!
  • Possibly more tweaks relating to troops & their equipment/stats etc. LORDS WILL BE HARDER THEN HELL
  • Starting Equipment will be godly for good reason. Your armor/weapons are nothing to kings. lords have worse stuff then you but they will still be very hard to kill both due to stats and armor.
  • You will start with some troops at your disposal but! you will have a negative relation with the Khergit Khan so you can start a kingdom right off the bat, NOTE:: the relation will not be enough for them to attack you every 5 seconds, but just enough maybe like -10 so that you can besiege them. You start with 200-300, well havnt gotten there yet because im just starting at modding so i cant script and dont know how to change dialog yet. so i can only set it to one faction and one set of troops anyone willing to help can be given some credit in the mod because their just that cool.
If anyone thinks this is porn should get their eyes checked.I mean yes there are half naked men and women but just like stated above if you check history books you'll see that almost all barbarians where half naked.And i don't know if amazons and valkiryes existed or are just mythological but every pic you find on the net you'll see that are poorly dressed.Yeah this mod is a little unrealistic but after all it is suposed to be that way cause it's a game not a documentary you play in.And to be porn it has to be some xxx scenes in the game but i've played and finished the mod and there are none.
P.S. It would be nice to see this ported to warband but i don't know if someone works on the mod anymore.

If i knew how to port it to warband then i would, im an up and coming modder that needs a way to get it to go from .zip to .exe and a way to rename it then ill prolly put it up here on beta phase. But thats besides the point, ive only done mods for the version/type of game that im currently running. If you can find out how to port it and would be kind enough to e-mail me at [email protected] that would be awesome.
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 MB_Warband_Mod_Tools_v1_11.rar (v 1.11)  » posted under Morghs_MB_WB-WFAS_Editor_v1_40.rar on Dec 29, 2010, 02:41:36 pm
I tried the python editor for Diplomacy & Native but when i try to use the python & txt editor *AS WELL AS JUST THE PYTHON EDITOR* its tells me that im missing the file. um do i just add it or am i literally missing something
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 Persistent World MOD (v Version 3.4)  » posted under Persistent World MOD on Dec 29, 2010, 12:37:17 pm
When i downloaded the mod it was missing alot of the folders and some of the txt files can u maybe post a Hotfix or something with all the original files please?
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 Diplomacy v3.2.1 (for 1.132) (v 3.2.1)  » posted under Diplomacy v4.3 (for 1.153) on Oct 26, 2010, 09:39:48 pm
Hey can you add options that give you a small amount of power, like a few features as a Commoner, and what i mean by commoner, i mean when you choose the Noble Backround.

Like maybe:

Noble Backround:
Can send companions to other Lords/Kings asking for Land (Villages Only, max 2 per Kingdom)
Ask Companions for support to the throne (Not the go gather support, but if you were to become king, what might they look for in you as their King?)
Ask King of a Favorable kingdom (min relation-20) to help you attack their enemy. (If you were Free Lance that wanted to become king, you could ask a favorable kingdom to send a lord to help you. *only if it was that kingdoms enemy*)

Sorry if that last one is kinda of track or complicated, just few examples i made off top of my head.
Any Hope of this becoming a mod for Warband? If it does port Diplomacy *latest version whatever it is when/if you port it* change wedding system though, or do less people at them, bc it caused little lag but enough to annoy the shit out of me.

Now just because i can do this, i AM doing this:
:-) :-D :lol: B-) ;-) :-P :-| :roll: :oops: :-( :cry: :-x >:( >:) :-? :-o :shock: :green: :arrow: :?: :!: :idea: :hammer: :pint:
pwned by my many faces eating ur mum
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 Blood and Roses (Devs Only) DO NOT (v .40)  » posted under Blood and Roses (Devs Only) DO NOT DOWNLOAD on Oct 26, 2010, 09:19:01 pm
Not to be the Stickler, but DON'T RELEASE IT ON HERE IF ITS PROTECTED KINDA PISSSING ME OFF...just put the file on a flashdrive and give it to ur friends or email it to them.....i mean jeez at least give some people the ok to download it so i wouldnt be stuck thinking "What an A**hole, puts this mod I WANT TO HAVE but can't freaking play..."
Heyakjid wrote:
I voted 0.0. If I wanted porn, I would use the web. I thought this mod was about getting married. Instead, it is about nudity and empires. :-x What has building an empire got to do with weddings? :?: I can make a kingdom in the Native Expansion. Everything in this module has been taken from Native expansion apart from the nudity and ridiculous quests. >:( So the name is stupid as well. Extended Gameplay III is something you should look at when next creating a mod. It brings Mount and Blade on par to Warband unlike this garbage. :!:


Its not a mod about nudity and retarded quests, In marriage there would be nudity, and i mean seriously there were warriors that fought outright nude to scare the shit out of there enemies, they were Gallic Barbarians that fought nude and carried big ass two handed Broadswords around hacking off the heads of their enemies. So think about the history of mods and what they represent in terms of that time period, not about Content, its about History & the detail of its historical accuracy. Even though its not intended as a Historical has actually hit the nail on the head. Medieval ages there were Kingdoms that were completely destroyed and in rare cases the(or however many heirs there would've been to any particular kingdom)heir is the only survivor and flees the empire. From the ashes they would slowly bring about their Kingdom for a many of reasons, even in a foreign land, they may end of bringing about support of other kings & queens who wish to help them in the attempt to rise their kingdom back to power.
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 Re: Diplomacy v2.2.6 (for 1.125) (v 2.2.6)  » posted under Diplomacy v4.3 (for 1.153) on Oct 24, 2010, 01:21:10 pm
Dmitar wrote:
If you could do to take lords besides patrols, as generals,
i saw this in a mod for MB, but i do not know what it was called that mod.
sorry for my english.

I hired Rolf as my lord an he is recruting Vaegirs and i want that he recruit swadian soldier not vaegirs.
How can i do that he recruit swadians :?:
sorry for my english not from america im from Croatia

Another way is to speak with Chancellor and talk about Your Kingdoms Culture, i personally do the Swadians as Culture if im at war with any kingdom with weak/no calvary. but i use vegeir for any other kingdom except the Khergit Kahn bc they are pure Cavalry and they tend to kick infantry wass even though they wear light armor & use lightly armored horses, still to fast for heavy cav. to catch them in a fight.
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 Diplomacy v3.2.1 (for 1.132) (v 3.2.1)  » posted under Diplomacy v4.3 (for 1.153) on Oct 24, 2010, 01:16:25 pm
Idk if its a bug or not, doubtful, but if you hit Ctrl + ~ then type in "cheatmenu" it allows a cheat menu in camp and talking options, etc...

Discovered it from Blood & Steel *latest version* Cheats are simple like increase renown honor and r2r if in camp menu, also find item menu thing idk try it out kinda cool...idk if its meant to be there i think its a warband Issue. I used the R2R cheat to get lords to join me easier, and the "Like Me" Cheat.

Im not a cheater, i just know things you dont XD

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