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Caba`drin Uploader Oct 17, 2010, 12:42:50 am 13 7
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1  Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment v0.96.3 beta May 20, 2012 3.17 13,777 5.0 / 5.0 49,526 3.82 MB 7
2  Diplomacy + PBOD (Diplo v4.2 + PBOD 0.96.3) May 20, 2012 3.63 15,554 5.0 / 5.0 49,082 3.97 MB 9
3  Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment Kit v0.95.7 beta Feb 01, 2012 0.79 3,431 5.0 / 5.0 21,563 731.3 KB 12
4  Diplomacy + PBOD ModSystem Kit (v4.2 + 0.95.7) Feb 01, 2012 0.28 1,112 Unrated 5,352 1.58 MB 0
5  WFaS - Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment v0.92 beta Jan 21, 2012 0.75 2,944 4.8 / 5.0 9,431 1.06 MB 1
6  ModMerger Additions Dec 16, 2011 0.69 2,698 Unrated 8,896 22.3 KB 0
7  Dynamic Array Utility Scripts (ModMerger ready) Dec 16, 2011 0.33 1,300 5.0 / 5.0 4,043 4.8 KB 0
8  Diplomacy + PBOD Full ModSystem (v4.1 + 0.90.1) Dec 08, 2011 0.45 1,914 3.3 / 5.0 7,643 1.19 MB 1
9  PBOD - Full Module System Source - v0.90.1 beta Dec 08, 2011 0.32 1,377 4.5 / 5.0 5,721 1009.9 KB 0
10  Diplomacy + PBOD for use with Floris Basic Nov 18, 2011 0.21 826 Unrated 6,068 1.28 MB 1
11  Floris Expanded Mod Pack BUGFIX Patch 2.41a Apr 23, 2011 3.53 14,754 Unrated 22,483 497.2 KB 0
12  Pre-Battle Deployment Kit - v0.77 Beta Jan 10, 2011 0.13 546 Unrated 4,524 9.2 KB 0
13  Pre-Battle Orders Kit - v0.8 Beta Dec 06, 2010 0.14 600 Unrated 4,811 25.5 KB 0
Hosokawa wrote:
Sounds good. :) Just curious, will the AI commanders ever use the formations and special orders as well? The way I understand your description my troops should be able to use all that, but I'm not clear on whether troops of other armies will as well.
If you turn them on in Mod Options, which are found in the Camp Menu, they certainly will. Currently I have both formations AI and 'special orders' defaulting 'off'.
DatrixTSW wrote:
Can you hire recruiters to recruit your men for you or is that going to be in a later update...? Or do you think it would be a good thing to add?
Having recruiters, hired through your constable, is part of Diplomacy, so it is in this merger of Diplo and PBOD.
gdwitt wrote:
I'm new. We really need this in Brytenwalda 1.39 with the close in battle starts. I have no idea how to install this. Can you provide instructions.
There's no way to add it to Bryten without having the source code, unfortunately.
There is at least one extra caveat for Diplomacy since PBOD's battle continuation will conflict with Diplomacy's battle continuation and it didn't seem worth it to try and remove Diplo's first and then implant PBOD's when the native module_mission_templates could just be used instead.
I'll be uploading a Diplo-specific kit shortly that will include the Native mission template file and a few extra instructions to disable Diplomacy battle continuation in favor of PBOD's system

Diplomacy-specific kit:
comment last edited by Caba`drin on Dec 21, 2011, 08:33:47 pm
Belendor wrote:
Both of your downloads contains same files which are .py

There are 3 possible PBOD downloads.
  1. This one, which is the source kit with instructions for how to add PBOD to another mod's source.
  2. The full Module System source, which is Native's source code with PBOD already added.
  3. And the compiled, playable mod.

They all have different files. The first two do include source .py files, but they are different.
comment last edited by Caba`drin on Mar 08, 2011, 01:17:53 pm
Bitnikas wrote:
I have checked the box that says battle continuation in mod preferences menu but when I get knocked out battle still ends with autoresolve.
Battle Continuation ended up bugged in the v0.85 release version here. My apologies. Download a hot-fix here. Just paste the file into your ...Warband\Modules\PreBattle O&D\ folder and say yes to replace/overwrite. It will be fixed in future versions. FIXED in 0.86
GaiusJulius wrote:
I have another mod from this website called "Roman Invasion" and I wanted to use this mod for it. That would be great if I could and If I can. Please tell me how
You would need the Module System source code for that mod, and then download the "kit" for this mod and follow the instructions in each file to do a complex copy-paste into Roman Invasion's source code. You'd then need to compile the new mod to play. There are tutorials for this on the Taleworlds forum.
comment last edited by Caba`drin on Feb 15, 2011, 04:48:42 pm
GaiusJulius wrote:
Am I able to use this for a mod? That would be really great if I could use this mod with another one.'ll need to be more specific. What do you want to use this with?

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