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Nireco Uploader Oct 15, 2010, 11:31:54 am 5 2
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1  Nirecotive Jul 17, 2014 4.41 15,509 4.5 / 5.0 42,902 1.24 MB 8
2  MapPackApplier Nov 08, 2011 0.83 2,624 Unrated 8,455 3.37 MB 0
3  Barrel script Nov 05, 2011 0.54 1,690 5.0 / 5.0 8,111 3.38 MB 2
4  Mapadder3 Sep 20, 2011 0.17 538 5.0 / 5.0 2,703 8.94 MB 1
5  Mapadder2 Apr 17, 2011 0.15 515 Unrated 2,432 20.3 KB 0
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 Re: Default settings and Weather issues  » posted under Nirecotive on Jul 16, 2014, 09:34:11 am
Muzzle wrote:
Is the "Nirecotive default setter" supposed to be included in the latest version?
I couldn't find it. Would surely make it easier to admin the server, since the map rotation cycle tends to get messed everytime i change the scene manually.

It seems that the name has changed at some point and the current tool is called It should be included in the within the Nirecotive zip. newnirvars.txt contains the definitions for the values and the tool writes an initialization script based on those. The map rotation defining tools are a bit lacking, so you probably want to set 0 to persistent game type. That should tell it to use Native rotation defined in server configuration file.
Another question is about the weather.. I'd like to have random weather, but without any rain.
If i disable random weather, the sun position doesn't ever change.
I'd only like the sun position to change randomly..
I suppose you never coded the possibility to have random weather without rain, but is there a possibility to completely disable the weather system, so that the sun position would be as it was made to be in the scene.
Since i don't want to have rain, i now have to adjust the "round day time" manually to get some changes on the sun position.

Has been a long time since I touched the random weather code. The controls for the randomisation definitely seems lacking.

The sun position doesn't get saved to the scene by the editor. Or at least I have the impression that it doesn't. Might be also good to know that NativeNative clients will always see the typical midday with no rain. In addition, anyone joining in the middle of map might see something else, as the weather information is sent at the end of previous round due to some issues.
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 Nirecotive (v 2.0.8)  » posted under Nirecotive on Jan 17, 2011, 06:34:23 am
mathus180 wrote:
i host this mod, but i can't change nothing !
it just starts in afternoon but when i acess to change it, or make raining or snowing, just has the buttom back and when i back, still nothing changed,
please help me
I decided that the weather is not too valuable feature and set it as free. After updating to version 2.0.8, you should be able to modify weather settings. Note that to see the weather correctly, the map needs to change after setting the weather; or you need to join the server twice, if you are joining it.

Non-free features are now marked more clearly.

mathus180 wrote:
sorry, now i can see that i can't do
how can i download the full version ?
sorry, I am not currently willing to release the full version. But you still got the weather effects, if that was what you wanted.

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