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semipr0 Regular User Sep 08, 2010, 08:15:58 am 0 2
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 InNoVative (v 1.1)  » posted under InNoVative on Sep 14, 2010, 01:08:14 pm
Done some interesting things so far with this and wanted to report back on it.

The Lend Companion to Lord bug appears to be a Native issue with 1.131 its happened multiple times, effectively the companion returns within 3 days the quest doesn't end for after 7 days. Has nothing to do with having secondary tasks with the lord you lend the companion to.

Couple things I thought I'd add here.

I've hacked in compatibility for More Metal Sounds v2.2 it works great with the mod.
Also added Blood Mod which had no issues as well. And the Better Water .dds override
Better Banners, as well, added in with no hiccups nor issues in regards to them I modified std_banners_a to add my own custom banner without problem or issue as well.

Polished Landscapes is a really good addition to this but there is a different version of it that reduces the random seed of trees by a small amount that cuts down on the tree density by just a slight amount, I think looking into adding this into the compilation would be a good idea because its just "OMG TREES" on some battlefields and even some castles have some serious tree collision issues with their forward wall and towers Rybilet Castle is a good example there. I mean the visuals are outstanding but I'm running a Quad Core Q6600 OC'd to 3.2ghz, 8GB of RAM and a Geforce GTX 480 and running full graphics with full HDR the start of many battles for me on what I deem to be pretty good hardware for running Warband starts off with about a 3 second resolution freeze as everything resolves into proper detail. This is no big deal theres no lag or frame rate issues after that but the opening resolution frames are really an intense load even on good computers and its largely due to the massive amount of tree and grass density. I suppose I could turn those down in my graphics but largely as stated after that initial hitch everything runs smooth and fine so I don't mind so much but I can imagine that this would probably put lesser hardware into a pretty massive tailspin on full detail. So I'd highly consider either reducing the random seed yourself or finding the Polished Landscapes mod here on MBR that does that already.

Stranger Troop Tree this was initially fun but I found the Samurai so dreadfully out of period that I went in with Morghs Troop Editor and changed that entire tree to the following. Retaining the same level stats but adjusting a few skill stats as needed to round out the needs of the unit I designed. Anyways I'm pretty sure what I added in their stead could be viewed as out of period but I feel its a little more fitting. Also did something interesting that I'll explain at the end of the tree description which I think adds a new layer depth to this additional troop tree expansion.

Stranger = Templar Devotee (Robe, Quarter Staff, Hide Boots, Infantry Troop)
Samurai = Templar Footman (Early Transitional Armor[White], Chain Coif, Studded Leather Gauntlets, Splinted Leather Boots with Spurs, Round Shield, Flanged Mace)
Samurai Warrior = Templar Soldier (Red Corrizina, Guard Helmet, Studded Leather Gauntlets, Splinted Leather Boots with Spurs, Kite Shield, Long Arming Sword, Crossbow, Bolts)
Samurai Archer = Templar Bowman(Gray Corrizina, Guard Helment, Studded Leather Gauntlets, Splinted Leather Boots with Spurs, Kite Shield, Short Arming Sword, Longbow, Barbed Arrows)
Mounted Samurai = Templar Crusader(Heraldic Mail with Tabard, Great Helmet, Hourglass Gauntlets, Cased Greaves, Bastard Sword, Knightly Kite Shield, Strong Bow, Bodkin Arrows, Leather Barded Warhorse)
Yari Samurai = Templar Knight(Heraldic Mail with Tabard, Great Helmet, Hourglass Gauntlets, Cased Greaves, Heavy Bastard Sword, Knightly Kite Shield, Heavy Lance, Maille Warhorse)

Tree Upgrade Tweaks

Now in addition to this I also added Templar Devotee as a second Upgrade path to Watchmen and Caravan Guards(going to add it to Forest/Mountain Bandit/Looters as well I think just for additional expansion) and then at the top tier end of the Factional trees, I added Templar Knight as a second expansion for all factional Knights, and Templar Crusader for all top tier factional archers/crossbowmen. This allows for a constant stream of mercenaries converting over to this non-faction aligned unit base, and also allows you to capture/recruit/train top tier factional units over to a non-faction aligned level 28 unit that no longer is affected by morale issues (the line conversion switching over to Templar from faction troop changes the faction alignment for the troop to "Commoners". This basically allows for putting together a fairly effective, if expensive, force of troops that can work against any faction without morale issues and none of the Templar troops are designed to be any more superior than any other level 28 unit on the field except with a few mild skill upgrades to allow them to be slightly better at what their focus is (Templar Knights have 6 Ironflesh/6 Power Strike and a high 1 handed/polearm focus, Crusaders have 6 Riding/6 Power Draw/6 Horse Archery and a higher Archery focus, the lower tier troops have minor adjustments as well to fit their skill sets but nothing overpowerd.)

Also allowed Mercenary Cavalry a final conversion over to Templar Crusader and Hired Blades a final conversion over to Templar Knights.

Largely I felt this worked better for me than the army of Samurai and the "Strange Armor" (its not strange its bloody awful lol) and more fit the period and the logic of it allows me to easily establish myself against any kingdom than wrongs me. (Ragnar stupid and awarded a city I took to one of his cronies last night, hes gonna pay for that!).

So anyways some further feedback and some suggestions and info on what I've done with Innovative. Not saying you NEED to do it yourself. Just saying this is what I've done with it further, for my own personal use. I may go hunt down that lowered random seed version of Polished Landscapes and see if I can hack it in today.
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 InNoVative (v 1.1)  » posted under InNoVative on Sep 10, 2010, 07:55:03 pm
I think this is a great compilation mod and its great that Diplomacy is in it cause I can't play Warband without Diplomacy any more.

Couple things of note that I'd report as "bugs" though, they're minor and you can work around them without too much issue but heres what I've noticed so far.
  • Tulga Tavern has trees in it. Not sure why
  • Battlefield commands no longer have an "Everyone" category when doing tactical commands if you send a single group (archers/cavalry/infantry) command, hitting 4 goes to Unnamed 1, not "Everyone", this makes using tactical commands a bit tricky cause you can't reform and give orders to the entire group, I've tried to figure out a work around for this but nothing I've tried has worked yet.
  • Lend Companion to Lord quest stays locked in quest journal after companion returns on their own, this happened I think, specifically, because the lord I lent my companion too was also the father of the noblewoman I was in the process of marrying, so in effect I had two tasks with him, both completed, but the Lend Companion quest never cleared out of the log. Not sure if this is specific to this mod or a side bug.
  • Assisting a patrol that is being attacked by an enemy lord, sometimes (like once so far) at the end of the battle, the patrol gives you the "thanks for helping us dialog" then any captured lords in the fight get stuck under the patrol's dialog tree and not the captured lord dialog tree. I've found just telling them to carry on fixes the situation but you're not given an opportunity to capture them or let them go for the relation increase in this situation. Again not sure if this is specific to this mod, or to the 3.1 version of Diplomacy itself (I didn't play the 3.1 version of Diplomacy much before downloading this).

Thanks for putting this altogether in one package, I've been hacking in mods I wanted to use with Diplomacy manually and at times turning up mixed results, this seems to cover more or less everything I needed to make Warband a better experience (except perhaps smarter NPC Lord AI, which I'm still looking for, Ragnar's such a dummy) so good job and hope to see future compilations and well done on the troop tree expansions. I totally fear Swadian Barons, they really make me up my tactical game on the battlefield cause they're just scary as hell.

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