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suggy666 Regular User Aug 27, 2010, 02:38:34 pm 0 5
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 Warsword Conquest Preview mod (v 1.0)  » posted under Warsword Conquest Preview mod on Feb 07, 2012, 11:33:27 am
Absolutely brilliant mod! but i do have a few suggestions. i am an avid warhammer player and 40k player and other table top games as well and i have alot of experience with both the models and lore.

First of all, the orcs weapons are WAY to big, yes i know orcs are massive beasts who like to overkill with weaponry but lets be realistic here they are way to big although it is amusing it is very off putting and un realistic to any warhammer lore.

secondly, i would like to offer a new mount idea for the lizardmen as they are my faveorite army, wether you take the idea or not i think people would enjoy it, if you know what a carnosaur is i think you should put them in because they are like the epic mounts of the best lizardmen there are and i think if you do put them in you should give scar leader Kroq gar the special ones he rides called grymloq.

thirdly i think you should make the area where the lizardmen kingdom is located have a huge amount of trees to make it more rainforest like, this is just something cool that you could do to anything important.

overall i have no more issues so far as i have yet to really meet the nipon tomb kings or goblins so i will surely make more if you react posotivly towards them :) keep up the good work as this mod is absolutly stunning as you are the only one to do it and i worship you for doing so.
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 Southern Realms (v )  » posted under Southern Realms on Sep 15, 2010, 12:41:39 pm
THIS IS THE BEST MOD I HAVE EVER PLAYED!!! it has everything i just really hope you get all the scenarios done like the assassins i was really looking forward too them and some of the towns need fixing :D
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 Garnier's Mod 1.2B (v 1.2B)  » posted under Garnier's Mod 1.2B on Sep 12, 2010, 02:30:31 pm
sorry man just dident like it there isent much too it you move to fast and i just cant enjoy it xD i know tahts the concet but still
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 Garnier's Mod 1.2B (v 1.2B)  » posted under Garnier's Mod 1.2B on Sep 10, 2010, 12:01:09 pm
dude your mod sucks sorry :-|
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 Warsword Release 2 (v Release 2)  » posted under Warsword Release 2 on Aug 27, 2010, 02:42:33 pm
i have been downloading for a while not thinking much about it some of them downloaded propely and some dident i just got the ones i couldi think now that i cant download RAR files but i can download ZIP i dont understand what am i doing wrong

when i download a RAR file it just seems to download as like an internet file thing that confuses me :-? so if anyone can help please do i would really like this mod

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