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Fading Cloud of Time Regular User Mar 10, 2007, 05:59:44 pm 0 2
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 Re: Liberty or Death 0.40  » posted under Liberty or Death 0.40 on Mar 12, 2007, 12:03:03 pm
Extract the winzip file to somewhere on your hard disk. Open the extracted should see another folder called Give Me Liberty or Give Me death (something similiar). Copy this folder to you Mount & Blade/modules directory.

Now run Mount and Blade. Where it says give me liberty or give me death. Run the game. This is for 808, remember.
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 Re: Liberty or Death 0.40  » posted under Liberty or Death 0.40 on Mar 10, 2007, 06:34:43 pm
It's a great mod. I just wish there was some story tied to it. Anyways, just a few glitches, and suggestions:
Firstly; whenever you approach British troops as an American or vice versa as an enemy, it only responds as they would if you were neutral, i.e.

the party asks me: Hold it, who are you?

I then respond with my player name

then the party asks: What are you doing here?

I then only have three options:

I'm admiring the sites
I'm on my way to Zendar
I'm carrying some merchandise

the party lets me go.

There is no battle. I cannot battle any of the enemy nation's parties.

It does not do this with the Indians, bandits pirates...or those annoying dark knights. They killed 8 men, and wounded 40 grenadiers Honestly, what are they doing there? Black armor and medieval swords on chargers against imperial muskets...grrr.

:hammer: :hammer: :hammer: :hammer:

I think those are the only glitches I've found. The rest of this lingo is just stuff that I am hypocritically suggesting as I can do none of it myself. If anyone would like to teach me how to mod, I'd be happy to learn.


I posted this message a second ago then realized I forgot something:

Seige enemy castles/towns and take them over for my country. Maybe a new map with capturable forts... I don't know all the limitations of modding, sorry if I am coming across like an a**. :oops:

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