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Tusksplitter Regular User Aug 15, 2010, 01:08:12 pm 0 9
Thanks, i eventually solved it with the Cmd solution and then reboot- and after playing this mod i can heartily say that it is the best M&B mod to date for such a multitude of added features- and thank-you for making such a great mod.
sorry about reposting the same problem again but i always get the same Runtime error in this mod, so far for both 1.34 and .35.
i used to have it before- an earlier version that worked, does anyone know what causes and how to fix this error?
and also; the error occurs when i create a character (new Game) and when i choose to "continue) to the beginning (intro; with the merchant) fight the error always crashes the game.

I would really appreciate any help, as i am now desperate to play this mod, it has also occured on some other mods and not on others,
Thanks in advance-
dannux49 wrote:
HEY PLZ HELP! i downloaded it, AND downloaded brytenwalda polished landscapes too AND Calradia in Darkness for Brytenwalda 1.34, then i putted them all into the brytenwalda folder like instructions told and played. I maked new game and goed to village and tryed to leave but i cant! i click "leave" but nothing happens. then i try to steal cattle and nothing happens in that either!.... :-(
try just using one of the packs, it might help! :)
Sportzkid wrote:
The Specialist wrote:
Maybe it's just me... But I keep getting C++ Crashes....

It's crashed 4 times.
My system is...
Vista (32 bit)
2.5 gb ram
Not sure which graphics card, but I play fallout 3 with no issues...
And I am not sure why the mod keeps crashing. :(

that happened with me aswell. I keep getting a runtime error

yeah i keep getting this crash too...
and it can be awfully slow when actually creating my character- could be a RAM problem though, my last problem is that the game crashes before i start the game; some textures are missing for the scenery in the character creation screen, and after that screen the entire pages are just blank but still have the continue options.

i recently downloaded the 1.34 update, maybe some files weren't installed properly?
thanks in advance, Tusks
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 Blood and Steel 1.151 (v 1.151)  » posted under Blood and Steel 1.251 on Aug 30, 2010, 04:30:44 pm
no sorry it still crashes during battles and i have no Battle resizing mods, only 4 large mods
it's doing it for both this one and brytenwalda
hey again... it finally worked after a few times, so that's good!
i really like the mod it has a great map that looks like britain which i like! (as i am british!)
but i have to say that the timezone- the 7th century feels a little bit limited as to what you can get as it is almost 600 years before the actual game and when crusades etc. started!
i think your team shoud be working on a century that gives you space and plenty of scope...

my cons are:
the names of the factions and places- although realistic and traditional can be a bit mind boggling sometimes and it is hard to remember certain places, also the amount of factions doesn't help either... all the names seem welsh to me! - i think you can imrove this by making certain factions more memorable and give each faction a specific colour, this would help greatly!

and there is a bug where you can't go to the armor marketplace because the game crashes due to a "plate armour not loading"

the mod is also probably the hardest mod i have ever played! something is a little odd with the small spears...

other than that the mod is great a lot of good points, but this is why this is still a beta!

Also for some reason my game crashes after about 2 minutes into a battle? do you know how to fix this?

but all the best and i hope this mod turns out great! you should think of applying to work for taleworlds! :-D
thanks Tusks
hey idibil..
i will play the mod when it's finished but may i ask how you mod the game?
i know that edit mode doesn't do it right?
could you tell me the software and site?
i'd love to start modding this game... i'd even send you the early versions! to see what you think

I played it and... it seems to crash a few minutes after i press the start a new game button... on the loading screen
this is a huge annoyance as i was looking forward to this
is this current version an update to the base mod?
comment last edited by Tusksplitter on Aug 29, 2010, 08:30:58 pm
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 Blood and Steel 1.151 (v 1.151)  » posted under Blood and Steel 1.251 on Aug 28, 2010, 10:41:00 pm
hey xeno, Great mod... very well done i can't help feeling the combat is faster though!
the game seems a lot more dangerous now though with huge bands of enemies roaming the plains...
this mod is well balanced but something is a little off!

but down to my very important question...

i played the game for about 15 minutes and then oddly it crashed during a battle just randomly... my M&B version is up to date, i tried lowering battle size to 30 and tried reducing graphical input but same problem just after about a minute of battle :(

i tried reinstalling the mod as well and starting a new game but it still crashed
i haven't tried changing to DX 7 yet but i will do that now...

If you have any suggestions i would love to know... as i would love a proper session with this mod and a battle!

Thanks in advance, Tusks
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 Southern Realms (v )  » posted under Southern Realms on Aug 28, 2010, 10:57:15 am
hey guys...

i am having a problem with the zip. file, i have downloaded a few mods recently on the site and there always seems to be a damaged file error when extracting?
this one looks the best but i can't extract...
if anyone can help me or knows what i have to do, that would be greatly appreciated


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