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Malikfaris Uploader Aug 05, 2010, 10:54:03 pm 5 12
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1  Companions .97 + Diplomacy 3.3.2 + PBOD .85 Jun 06, 2011 1.73 6,379 5.0 / 5.0 18,490 18.56 MB 15
2  Lots of New Companions + Diplomacy v3.3.2 Dec 25, 2010 2.31 8,986 4.8 / 5.0 28,566 18.53 MB 22
3  Lots of New Companions for Warband Sep 21, 2010 3.17 12,352 4.8 / 5.0 35,170 18.84 MB 10
4  companionsbackup Sep 21, 2010 0.08 295 Unrated 967 1.16 MB 0
5  more New Companions for Warband (modsystem) Sep 20, 2010 0.49 1,914 Unrated 9,853 1.23 MB 4
crossfire74 wrote:
Sorry if you have already said this :-( but is there anyway to change your troops name
I think you can in the troops.txt
Wolkhada wrote:
I try to start the game with this mod but it gives me an error with "Unable to open file: CommonRes/weapon_meshes_e.brf" Any help with this?
It doesn't give the same error when I play in Native.

i havent edited any of the .brf files, so...

try a clean up-to date install of native.
tdring wrote:
I have yet to see of the insta lord companions do you need to have a faction first?

err what insta lord companions? you need to be more specific.
Galiphile wrote:
Out of curiosity, can users change the name of the troops for the "Your Troop" tree?

probably, just changing the name of the troops in troops.txt should work

open up troops.txt, press ctrl + f search for "your"

change ONLY the bold text to what you want:

trp_player_recruit Your_Recruit Your_Recruits 0 70254592 0 0 21 212 213

Toasticuss wrote:

In your companions troops source code text you missed a ) for npc31
["npc31","Camilla, Battle Maiden","Camilla",tf_female|tf_hero|tf_unmoveable_in_party_window, 0, reserved, fac_commoners,[itm_coat_of_plates, itm_full_helm, itm_gauntlets, itm_iron_greaves, itm_strong_bow, itm_saddle_horse, itm_one_handed_battle_axe_c, itm_steel_shield, itm_barbed_arrows], str_20|agi_30|int_15|cha_25|level(41),wp(250)|wp_firearm(120,knows_warrior_npc| knows_weapon_master_1|knows_riding_1|knows_athletics_10|knows_leadership_9|knows_tactics_6|knows_power_strike_7|knows_ironflesh_6|knows_prisoner_management_3|knows_power_draw_4, 0x00000004e8001006721b6db81badc4db00000000001db6c30000000000000000],

wp_firearm(120, should be wp_firearm(120),

wow well turns out i figured out why AUGUSTINA always sucked ass with her firearm. because i gave camilla the firearm proficiency -_-
Preludium wrote:
I reinstalled the game and updated to 1.127 and i'm still getting the same error, this never happened to me with others mods.

uhh, the newest version is 1.131.... which is what this mod uses and why you get the error.
Preludium wrote:
When i launch the game i got this error
RGL ERROR get_object failed for mesh : prt_mesh_yrellow_leaf_a
if someone can help me with is thanks.

do a full reinstall of warband, actually download it from the mainpage/steam whatever you use.

i didnt add any textures, so your game might need updating.
x346x wrote:
When I press download it comes up with a box asking me to 'find', 'save' and close. What do I do to extract it?? Sorry my knowledge of this is poor :-P
1. have you ever downloaded anything ever?
2. you need Winrar to extract it.
3. extract it to your Mount&Blade Warband/modules folder.
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 Re: 14 (and counting) New Companions fo (v 0.952)  » posted under Lots of New Companions for Warband on Sep 03, 2010, 07:01:44 pm
buckkiller888 wrote:
I cant figure out how to install this :-( :cry: Can someone help me? tried to put it in native folder last night and it messed up so i had to re install my game :-(

make a copy of your native folder, than extract this to a different folder, and copy the files inside the extracted folder to the inside of the copy of the native folder.

also you probably have to update warband to version 1.131
comment last edited by Malikfaris on Sep 03, 2010, 07:02:08 pm
Natureboy wrote:

Warband crashes while launching a new game. Is this mod compatible with the newest version of the game?

with version 1.131 it works fine for me.

you may need to do a full reinstall warband with version 1.131 if you have been applying only the patches for a while.
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 Re: 14 (and counting) New Companions fo (v 0.93)  » posted under Lots of New Companions for Warband on Aug 12, 2010, 08:07:56 pm
thepronto wrote:
Thanks for the quick reply Malikfaris and I would like to see it in other mods but it would probably be put together by someone who wanted to combine several mods like yours and "Custom Commander" or some others and these mods only seen to be getting better & better as time goes on so I guess patience is what I need. :lol: Glad to see you are commited to this and I do love what you have done so far, not all men was a good choice as I always enjoyed several if not all of the original companions who were woman above the others and I quess it was thier stories and personality that make them great.One of my favorite from the MB mod POP has and always will be "Sarah the Fox" as the mod adds all new companions and they are porting to Warband but that will take time.I will be watching your mod for updates and I am sure someone will grab it up and add it in their mod since it will make for richer game play. ;-) Keep up the great work.

I lied.

Companions + Diplomacy
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 Re: 14 (and counting) New Companions fo (v 0.93)  » posted under Lots of New Companions for Warband on Aug 12, 2010, 11:52:40 am
thepronto wrote:
Sounds really interesting but most of us are using "Custom Commander" by rubik or "Diplomacy" by waihti and wouldn't want to play without them, I for one would like to see a merge of them both but if wishes where wings pigs would fly. ;-) You may want to consider using one of those as a base to build this on but thats your call and I will be looking in from time to time to see how its going.Good luck with what ever you decide and I do hope to see you finish your goals of story line, dialog etc. :-D
Oh and I do wish you could figure out the code for having a son or daughter, the would be cool to take them out with you some, you know like hey son/daughter wanna go help dad/mom kill some people today. :oops: Maybe something nicer to do together. :hammer: :pint:

If you want this in other mods, go bug their makers. it would easier for them to put my mod in theirs, then me to put theirs in mine.

I don't think anyone has figured out how to have children in the game, it could be because the timeframe is wrong for them to mature into adults and thus be of any use. all i do is copy a companion that exists, and change their name & stats and what they say when you talk them.


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