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Pypok Regular User Jul 27, 2010, 07:47:38 am 0 2
idibil wrote:
Siege -
Commander problem - Is it possible what you have lord party in castle?

Yes, I noticed that if a Lord is present in a castle i'm attacking, then the castle won't surrender even if they agree to surrender. But if a lord is not present, the castle surrenders right away
I decided to register just so I can post on this MOD :)

Best mod I've tried so far! Keep up the good job!

Something I noticed:

During Siege, When I approach the commander and tell him to leave and I won't bother him, he agrees but nothing happens. The garrison is still there. I will attack the castle and kill everyone, but the castle doesn't always become mine. I still have to siege it again against 0 defenders! And I keep doing it until the castle switches. Kind of annoying :P

When I capture a castle and become king, I have a problem with destroying factions:
1) I have completely destroyed one the factions, but within a day I get a message that says "Restoration" and some text with it that doesn't make much sense but what it does is it restores the destroyed faction by making one of my lords turn into that faction.
2) After the "Restoration" i get a "Betrayal" screen which turns one of my lords against me and changes his name to something stupid. I can tell this is a bug since the name of the lord is the same as a text screen that showed in the "restoration", see screenshot 2
3) My most loyal lords just leave. What it seems to do is make one of my lords (and all fiefs he holds) into the destroyed faction (which resurrects with all lords). I destroyed this newly resurrected faction, but another lord defects and restores it.
4) Also screenshot 3: The message says that a lord will join me, but he leaves me and changes his name the message, see screenshot 3


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