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Abraxis Regular User Jul 23, 2010, 02:58:14 pm 0 3
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 Re: Anno Domini 1257 (v 0.95pre10)  » posted under Anno Domini 1257 on Nov 19, 2010, 11:25:02 pm
hey, when I install this it says it's for 1.1.31, and almost certainly won't work for other versions.

I installed anyways, but I'm getting frequent crashes. is there anyway to downgrade from 1.1.32?

I tried changing the version in the taleworlds link for the download, but I guess they're not hosting it anymore. I tried looking for a public torrent of said version as well but to no avail.

Also, often when I talk to a companion, It crashes with an error message saying it failed to create shaders: ran out of video memory. I have a 1gb vid card, could there be a leak there?

Another error when starting a battle in Denmark.
"Unable to open texture file Modules\1257ad\\Textures\"
those two slashes, a typo in the code maybe?
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Is there a solution to these run-time errors before battles or any other 1st person encounter?

Also, did you make Eanswith yourself? I noticed her father is you, and she seems to be one of the few decently attractive women.

Also, very good job with the mod, Haven't played it since pre-1.0, it's looking really good now.
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meb2183 wrote:
Bug Report.............. When doing the intial start/first merchant quest, after the kidnappers are killed . The game spawns a double of my character and puts me in it, my original character runs for the end, my men attack the spawned character. Then its kill or be killed , no way to leave the area , tried it 2 times , same result. The kidnapper hideout is near ( Sliab Culinn ) ( character is female, irish, noble ,slave, traveling warrior, revenge ). (game began/quest given from Emain Macha. ) The mod itself, Looks Fantastic, can tell you put alot of time into it , great job from what i have seen so far . Couple of things are kinda off a bit in my opinion , bow accuracy & weapons speed seem a little low & slow . But im still way early in it still. Other than that, i am greatly enjoying it. Thank You for sharing this mod with us !!!

I am having the same problem, kill the kidnappers, then a double me spawns at a hut (where the kidnappers normally spawn). I become this new spawned me and have to kill my army, as the old me runs to the edge of the map. Once everyone is dead you can leave by activating the edge of the map. but the mission is not successful, and you killed your army.

Also, the Mega Upload txt file for the weekly budget fix is temporarily unavailable. If anyone got it can you just post it in a reply please so we can copy and paste it or something?

Clicked the link a bunch of times and finally it worked, either was fixed or there is limited access to the file, if the problem persists for anyone; keep trying i guess, eventually it'll work.
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