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idibil Uploader Jul 22, 2010, 02:59:12 am 3 94
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1  Brytenwalda - Graphic Mod Pack (CiD+PL) v. 1.391 Feb 23, 2012 10.28 33,689 5.0 / 5.0 95,447 102.1 MB 15
2  BRYTENWALDA 1.391 - Warband 1.143 - 21/02/2012 Feb 21, 2012 98.36 357,636 4.5 / 5.0 694,047 588.63 MB 559
3  Brytenwalda 1.3 - Alternative Women Faces Oct 20, 2010 1.52 5,401 5.0 / 5.0 24,113 9.06 MB 5
brummiebiker wrote:
Cigic wrote:
Where can I find latest release compatible with WB 1.134?

latest warband is version 1.153 mate , latest brytenwalda is v1.395 but hard to download (always with corrupted files)

You have links that run fine in webpage:

Cigic wrote:
Where can I find latest release compatible with WB 1.134?


In Moddb there are some old version. However, it is best if you update your warband to 1.153 for can run lastest brytenwalda version.

lordares wrote:
hmm when i want to access the page to the link in, its says access denied..

Ok, reupload:
brummiebiker wrote:
You dont forget this Fix texture patch or you had some texture issues:

1. Donwload it

is it for 1.139 or 1.1391 version ?

1.391 if you use mbrepository download

brummiebiker wrote:
- Optional downloads for 'smaller' PCs.

where is that optional download ?

Sorry, I thought that people see it here have visit brytenwalda web page.
TeaandCrumpets wrote:
brummiebiker wrote:
same problems in every post , but no one listen to (read this)
this is the most beautiful mod , best sieges but the worst battles i've even seen in m&b , warband , WFAS
crap and boring , magic shields , soldiers formations too far to the left , enemy doesn't attack , battlefield too big , useless bows , during besieges no one use javelins
i play that mod only for awesome besieges and castles and because i can have own proper kingdom
rest of it .......

Give it some time. I am sure they are working on it. I know how you feel though. The sheilds are a bit too overpowered and appear to have magnets in to absorb any shots coming at them. It is still the best mod out there!

Any news when the next patch is going to be out idibil?

It is reading ;-)

UPDATE 1.39 in MBrepository

1.39 will be out next week or before. Problem of hills should is fixed!

Maybe this can be a compatibility problem or diplomacy problem.
However, if you are using wagon feature, you dont get send gift.

For rest
1.38 is very stable version. Some minor issues, but it is very stable for near alls player.
brummiebiker wrote:
i changed my culture for engle and i can still recruit ailits (britons?) from my villages
what i suppose to do to sign any pact with other kingdoms? i dont have that option except peace of war :-(

This is fix for next verison.

your rgl seem right.
aussiejuggalo wrote:
I cant load any of my saves
everytime i click load it just shuts down
please help ive got an awesome start

Maybe you are use old savegames dont compatibles. You try begin new game.
brummiebiker can you post your egl_log.txt, is it possible that you havent 1.143 Warband Version?

qdwitt and brummiebiker, could you post your bugs in,196339.0.html for all brytenwalda team can see they and fix?

Thank you

Hunter7 wrote:
Who can tell me where i can find battle formations.

thanks for reading this and for your help

You have it in mod, you can see key in notes menu.

swishahouse wrote:

rgl_log.txt is in your warband folder. maybe you need upgrade your warband to 1.143

you can try too:

texture_detail = 60

render_buffer_size = 12

max_framerate = 75

force_single_threading = 1

DemoStorm wrote:
idibil wrote:
DemoStorm wrote:
Can anyone help me with the battle text disappearing? (Like Archer has been Killed by Soldier, Press Tab to leave,etc)
those have completely disappeared but sometimes pop up for 2 seconds then go away again can someone help?!? :cry:


You need update your Warband Version to 1.143.
You try installa warband 1.143 full version. Then, Brytenwalda 1.38 + patch for old savegames (if you have old savegame)
I have 1.143 , and i dont play old saved games

Could you post your rgl_ files here? I will take look into at it.,183782.0.html

RGL_CONGIF.TXT - your documents\warband
RGL-LOG.TXT - your warband folder

DemoStorm wrote:
Can anyone help me with the battle text disappearing? (Like Archer has been Killed by Soldier, Press Tab to leave,etc)
those have completely disappeared but sometimes pop up for 2 seconds then go away again can someone help?!? :cry:


You need update your Warband Version to 1.143.
You try installa warband 1.143 full version. Then, Brytenwalda 1.38 + patch for old savegames (if you have old savegame)


If you have corrupt file problem or download run too slow. You try get Brytenwalda 1.38 here:

Or other of the 4 servers that you can see in Brytenwalda webpage
JxMAN20 wrote:
Hey guys i was wondering i cant find the file to change the rendering distance,and i also have a question every time i enter a battle it it crashes and say's you have an RGL error????? Any suggestions thx!!,183782.0.html

skonok wrote:
Hi everyone,
how do you add Diplomacy mod to Brytenwalda mod?

P.S. apart some initial bugs, now version 1.37 is working just fine to me, great mod!!!

Diplomacy is in Brytenwalda yet. Please, you read features.

Sitagachatasekaka wrote:
Hello everyone.

I have a problem: sometimes, when i get into a mead hall or the inside of a fort, the screen came all black.
I cant play this spectacular mod for more than 3 minutes, because always this "thing " happens. I have Warband v 1.143 and Brytenwalda v 1.37.

I`m getting desperate :-( . Please, someone, help me!

P.D.: the best M&B Mod. Great work!

Here plz,183782.0.html

cpainnn wrote:
I have installed 1.37 too warband 1.143. But i still have nothing in my modules. I have played other mods and they work fine but i cant figure this one out.

Anyone had the same problem of not being able too see the mod? I have windows 7 x64 does it work on this?

Cheers in advance anyone :)

You have choose bad instalation route. You need install Brytenwalda in your warband\modules folder.


Plz, post your problems and issues in brytenwalda forum for we can fix it.
Thank all you.,189.0.html
Thank all you.

Pls look in forum if you have some bug or problem. We have fixed a lot of them here.

For us is more easy reply and fix problems if you post in forum:,189.0.html

We look forum alls days.
tatoco wrote:
does it work with warband 1.134?

There are people that is run it with 1.134, you can try, but Brytenwalda 1.35 should run best with 1.143
Sorry by dont reply, but we are using all time for bugfix patch 1.35 that you will have this weekend.

We wait that is patch fix alls your problems. Patient, and thank all you.
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 Mendosa_map_pack (v )  » posted under Mendosa_map_pack on May 21, 2011, 04:23:13 pm
Hola Mendosa

I like use dam and caravan attack in Brytenwalda mod if you let.

stojan89 wrote:
Hi mate,i must say this is awesome mod :) But must say that have problem too,when play and i am in battle and fight begin i get so lagged cant even atack with sword or bow. I tried to put video option on minimum,tried even to do battle with max 40 soldiers still same,no matter its 40 or 150 man in fight..I have prety good computer and realy dont have idea what to do to fix this. Pls help me

Have you tried configurate with dx7?
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 Re: The Cave of Odin (v 1.0)  » posted under The Cave of Odin on May 03, 2011, 09:30:36 am
Beauchamp wrote:
thx for the reply! I know there is a Brytenwalda mod, I have never played it though, but I saw some youtube vidoes and liked it a lot. Of course it will be really cool if you include the cave to your mod! Btw if I DL your mod, will I be able to see my map there? Would like to check it out :-)

Just a note: the map is designed for multiplayer battle so there are no AI meshes, I suppose you have to add them somehow (I never did any map for bots)

I want add it like "dungeon" for 1.34, when it is out, you will can see/play cave of odin hehe.
I have add it for AI too :)
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 The Cave of Odin (v 1.0)  » posted under The Cave of Odin on May 02, 2011, 04:15:50 am
About combat and rate difficult, there are un thread here:,160500.0.html

you are invite to post your opinion. We want imprive combat experience for 1.34.
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 Re: Natural maps (v 1.3)  » posted under Natural maps on Feb 21, 2011, 08:21:55 am
nice scenes :-D

I like specially river delta, tilting and quarry, I want add it for single player battles in campaing if you let.
dowdpride wrote:
the guys over at blood and steel implemented a population/recruitment feature in their mod where you can recruit usually 100 troops in a city or castle of varying quality, and it decreases the population etc. i just took my first castle and got a but annoyed that i would now have to go on a huge recruiting hiring spree around england to garrison it, and i was wondering if you guys could implement it? what do you think?

Population feature is good, but I think that prosperity feature, like native, (but improve) is best. Each town or village dont mean 1 town or 1 village, but it shows the population of a particular area. That is, when you're recruiting peasants in village Lugmud,, you're not accessing the population of that village only (200 people at most), but all the smaller villages that existed arround at that time.

Realism People feature mean 3.000.000 of persons on British isles, but Warband not ready for a continuous record of the evolution of a population. Prosperity feature let a us work better on an area.
jano76 wrote:
Wanted to dowload this new version,but stops everytime at below 1 mb , dunno why ,all the other mods on this site download normally.

Can you try download with firefox?

amarildo wrote:
idibil wrote:
amarildo wrote:
Hi.I always get an RGL error like this ˝get_shader failed for:flora_shader_nobias˝ any help i just cant wait until i set foot on this mod!

That isnt brytenwalda problem, you can have native bad install, or if you have add some graphic mod can have conflict.

I do not have any graphic mod installed but how do you mean native bad install??

get_shader failed for:flora_shader_nobias - We havent change anything in flora. Your problem is shader, I think that two options: bad instalation or bad graphic configuration.

TigerGRC wrote:
Hey guys :) It's me again :P Bored of me yet? :P

Well first of all sorry to keep bugging you with reporting problems. I don't mean to be a troll or anything, i am actually very fond of your work and what i want is to help you make it better. What i regret is that I cannot help you more actively at the moment since i lack the proper knowledge on python and such, and for about two more weeks, i also lack the time to read some tutorials idibil had sent me etc.

I take note.
amarildo wrote:
Hi.I always get an RGL error like this ˝get_shader failed for:flora_shader_nobias˝ any help i just cant wait until i set foot on this mod!

That isnt brytenwalda problem, you can have native bad install, or if you have add some graphic mod can have conflict.

-Delete Brytenwalda Folder.
-Donwload 1.332 full version.
-Install it.
-Run and enjoy.

There are small issues with old savegames, but in generally, they run well.

If somebody have dudes about instalation or others problems:,136401.0.html

laoril wrote:

I'd just like to know if anyone of you guys could make this download available on a mirror download site because I've been trying to download it for hours without success. Not only this is very slow but after about an hour of downloading approx 280MB it gets stuck and never continues :shock: . I've been trying with several browsers. Thanks guys !

you can try this rus mirror:

Thank to rusmnb comunnity

try download: file

You will get a instalation file: brytenwalda.exe
Install it (look here:,136401.0.html)
kinerj2 wrote:
I have the newest update released, only problem i'm having is that the game crashes after i leave a battle or go on with the battle, any type of battle. Is there a way i can fix this problem. i've turned down the graphics but that did not work. i know i have enough memory to play the game. So i got no idea what to do hope you can help me.

Read below,136401.0.html
SovietSniper wrote:
I have the latest version of warband. I've tried for almost a year from time to time to install this mod, but now I'm getting irritated. I did as instructed and deleted the old folder of the mod and installed the lastest version. It finishes installing all the way no problems and when I hit Finish. I click on the little box thing that allows me to select what mod I want to play it doesnt show up.. If you could help thanks I would be sooo happy. :-(

When you install mod, you need change instalation route. By example, you can have steam version, or other language different english, where program files folder have other name.



You can/should buy Warband key in if game like you. It isnt expensive, and Warband is a nice game.
Dont mention to crack or piraty here, plz. We dont give support to that problems.
Flanged wrote:
dowdpride wrote:
great. so i have to restart my whole bloody campaign??? i think at least my own country would be proud of me, for disposing our lontim eenemies!! why would you put in a system for killing lords if you make it so everyone hates us for doing so?????

It's realistic, a Lord who executed another Lord (or chief) in those days would've been seen as breaking all the established rules of the society. You could kill all the peasants you wanted (kind of) but not the high-ups. It's a shame if you restart the whole campaign though. Why not just play as a beleaguered tyrant, hated by all for his murder of noblemen? Was the feature not mentioned in the readmes beforehand?

That is.
Howitzer wrote:
Is there a mirror for the 1.134 file?

Mbrepository downloads really slow for me, only to stop downloading at all around 80 mb.

1.134 is warband File, you need donwload it on Talesword web.
brummiebiker wrote:
1-Caer Manaw is a castle but looks like town on the map
2- helmet with plum , hmm i cant see eyes is it "blind fury helmet '?
3- red alerts when im inside taverns , sometimes during battles
something like ' unrecognized opcode1783, line no 5
4- bows stillweak and no point use hem because everyone has very tough shield
5- thick long blue shirt is ....white
6- long yellow shirt
7- Equite : you call heavy infantry but they are riders
8- lorica squamata look strange in inventory , better in battle
9- Teulu : you call them light infantry but they should be heavy cavalry
10- i cant recognize my own soldiers and have to play with these stupid banners
11- i play waband v132 , laptop dual core 2.2, 4gb ram, nvidia 9600m GS 512mb, and this is only one mod i,ve got problem with my computer , sieges/battles my people and heroe movin extremally slow, i cant shoot properly, cant fight , especially when is rainy ,changed battle size to 100, graphic to minimum , when is rainy - same story , nice wheather is just ok
12- when i conquered enemy castle with 160 warriors ,f..n Cado came with about 300 warriors and crushed my army , lucky me i had old save before

beautiful textures , castles, two-level castle with village and shipyard - aaaaamazing ( on the south-west, close to Bristol today )

1- Yes, but is is capital of kingdom.
2- Fixed.
3- Screenshot plz or take note of full red sentence.
4- You need improve your skill.
5- Fixed
6- Fixed
7- Fixed
8- Screenshot plz.
9- Fixed
10- We are working items by faction for future versions.
11- You need Warband 1.134 for this Brytenwalda Version. If you play with 1.132 you will have problems like tavern problem.
12- Cado hate you :-D

dowdpride wrote:
i am a lord of cantaware and i took all of crafus cities because we were at wwar with them, than excecuted the king and a lord, and all of a sudden every single faction hates me, and i am enemies with every god damn lord IN THE GAME!! if you are going to let me kill people, than why do you make it so everyone hates me for doing so????

because you are killed a lord/king. You are break gubernamental system of this time.
comment last edited by idibil on Jan 18, 2011, 12:54:26 pm
HonestSun wrote:
I've run through most of these posts here and didn't find the bug I am having so I'll comment here on my own.

Actually, in tournaments or sparring practice, there are times where you (or your opponents) gets an invisible sword to fight with. I find it most annoying as it makes it much more difficult to fight and it's just kinda odd.

Thank you for this mod which is most certainly the most developed I've had the chance to play so far!

Donwload 1.331 version plz (actual download), it fix this problem.
Guanfei wrote:
I can't play it, it always crashing.
In the beggining of a battle, in the middle of a battle, when i leave a city, when save manually...
dowdpride wrote:
i keep getting an annoying crash where i go into a battle and the game just stops. literally. it stops, shows everyone moving a mm foreward and bacl, and doesnt snap out of it

Try this:
If you have crashed and you have ATI card or 32bit OS...,131274.0.html

If you have problem after of big battles or sieges:

if you are running as an Administrator go to Menu Start -> Run, type cmd and press ENTER
if not go to Menu Start -> Programs ...-> Accessories, press RMB on Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator
in Command Prompt type "bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVA 2990" without quotes and press ENTER

However, you should look here for more solutions, a lot of times it isnt brytenwalda problem:,136401.0.html
AKM wrote:
Idibil, please check your private messages on the Taleworlds forums. On 8 November, BeanyUndead offered to support you with polishing Brytenwalda's English translations. I make the same offer of support. Further details in the PM. Gracias!

I am reading your pm now, and I reply to you.

kinerj2 wrote:
Is there a way i can get this mod to work with the M&B Warband that is bought from steam. If there is a way please let me know

Yes, when you go to install it, look well instalation route.

Look here for more information about instalation:,136401.0.html

dowdpride wrote:
okay i did that, and he told me of them, but then said he had no idea where they were. now what?

Lol, it is a quest, you should meet him.

Look in tavers by example. You take note him say to you, and name of who you need meet
dowdpride wrote:
the old man n the tavern told me i could find mordred in canturburua,(or however you spell it) but when i got there, he was no where to ber seen!

Go to Castle of Cantwaraburh and look for Owain ap Mordred :-D


New 1.331 version is out with bugfixed.
TeaandCrumpets wrote:
Hey idibil. Thanks for the fast reply.

1- I meant the animation for when the arrow leaves the bow and the range of the bows. If you have 5 mins on the 1257 mod and use a bow you will see what I mean.

2- Would it be possible to set the cargo mission rewards to say 1000+ that way it would be worth accepting them.

Just had a 14 hour shift at work...should sleep but going to play Brytenwalda, will try and find the bishop mission! :green:

1- you are talk about shoot_speed. Ok, i will look it.
2- Do :-D
brummiebiker wrote:
warren wrote:
invisible swords?
[/thats not minor bug . i cant see sword or knife i cant sometimes fight, specialy when riding on the horse
love that mod
new towns , vilages , viking ships wicked!!!!
why when my two companions are with me in the tavern their faces are changed , sometimes painted (it depends from my face i know !) but they are completly changed , every tavern , companions look different , one girl probably klethi got shaved head,strange

There arent klethi companion on Brytenwalda :-?

Are you using some submod?
When your companions folow you to tavern? They are generally in party. Are you talk when you recruit them?
TeaandCrumpets wrote:
Hello! Great to see a new update! Absolutely love this mod but there are a couple of things that bug me about it.

1. Arrows. The arrows seem to be able to shoot for miles, even when using a hunting bow. I know it was like this in the original game and I didn't think anything could be done about it, but after playing the 1257 anno dominai mod and seeing they have implemented more realistic arrow flight making being an archer a lot more fun to play. It also looks a lot more impressive having scores of archers firing visible volleys down onto incoming enemies.

2. Delivery/Accompany missions. One of the most common missions I get is to deliver cargo or cattle to somewhere on the other side of the map. This is a really good idea to get the player to go out of the local area however the reward isn't worth it. 330 denars to take things all the way across the map when you could easily make that money by having an encounter with 10 bandits.

I don't know how hard these things would be to put into the next release but personally I think they would improve an already astounding mod.

Keep up the good work!


1- Sorry, I dont understand arrow problem, you have limit number of it. Are you talk about ilimited ammunition? Or are you talk about animation?
2- It is native mission. We can add more money. I will look it. Have you try new escort bishop mission? :-D

warren wrote:
invisible swords?

In tournaments. There is small issues , that we fix when release small patch. Fortunaly, it is minor problems only.

Dark-Reconix wrote:
Impressive work on the mod looks awesome, I didn't get to play it for very long before it crashed though.

Here's the info you'll want to know.

I've played mount and blade a few times before and used many mods without crashes, I thought that maybe some other mods are conflicting with this one so I uninstalled every thing and started again on a clean install of M&B Warband v1.134 and BRYTENWALDA v1.33

I started a new game, and started off in the north of Britannia, decided to help the first village I came to with some bandit problems or some thing. After helping them and trying to leave the village to continue the game. That's where it crashes !

Here's some of the output of rgl_log to help you

Backing up old file name... Removing old backup file. Renaming old savegame to backup file. Renaming new savegame file. Savegame succeded...
SCRIPT ERROR ON OPCODE 1685: Invalid Party ID: -1; LINE NO: 40:
At Mission Template mst_village_attack_bandits trigger no: 32 consequences. At Mission Template mst_village_attack_bandits trigger no: 32 consequences. At Mission Template mst_village_attack_bandits trigger no: 32 consequences. SCRIPT ERROR ON OPCODE 1685: Invalid Party ID: -1; LINE NO: 26:
At Mission Template mst_village_attack_bandits trigger no: 32 consequences. At Mission Template mst_village_attack_bandits trigger no: 32 consequences. At Mission Template mst_village_attack_bandits trigger no: 32 consequences. SCRIPT ERROR ON OPCODE 1685: Invalid Party ID: -1; LINE NO: 40:

There was about 40 occurrences of errors on line 40 and 26. Didn't feel the need to post them all.
Hope this gets fixed soon and if you need further information just let me know.

Mm, it can be problem with new feature critical damage system. It is unique different in this mission template of 1.32 to 1.33 (with 1.32 you havent this problem, no?)

Dan11311 wrote:
If I decide to install Warband 1.134 (I have 1.132) will this mod still work?

We are work in 1.33 Brytenwalda version, compatible with 1.134 Warband. We want release it 5 of January if it is possible.

You can play brytenwalda 1.32 version with Warband 1.134 (it run), but if you have problems, you have wait to release for support.

jazstl wrote:
I tried to download this file a cuple of time, It' s always corrupted...

It is autoinstall, what it said?


can You problem be by Polish Landscapes?
murdock40 wrote:
hi there i have a little can i fix my damage weapons?can someone put the instructions please...i have in a middle of battle and i lost my axe XD..thx a lot

Camp menu>mod options


Brytenwalda 1.32 is for Warband 1.132, we want release Brytenwalda 1.33 for Warband 1.134 at 5 of January of 2011. That should fix your problems of compatibility.

Un saludo


Mm, are you using PL? some player have problems of runtime error by this.
staradama wrote:
Hi Idibil...I have M&B Warband 1.132. and I have problem whit this mod.Meyabe I wrong instal or ... I dont now...You now start menu,like start new game,tutoral,save game etc,those menu is invisible and evreting I see is - could not find any definition for gui widget "initial-tutoral button" in game wariables txt. And I must go out. Please help me...Thanks... ;-)

Reinstall plz.


Thanks for your suggestions and bugs, we are working in it. Actually, seem that 1.32 have few bugs and problems, and It seem very stable. Thanks this we would can improve best next version.
TeaandCrumpets wrote:
Hey Idibil, I have found some controls. Formation ones and such, but I still can't find shieldbash key... :(

Right click + left click in battle.
But you need active shield bash in camp menu> mod options :-D
BeanyUndead wrote:
I’m just downloading your latest release now. Don't know if you have fixed the floating village problem but I’m hoping so. B-)
You are all fantastic ‘modders’. I'm actually an English Teacher from Australia. If you would like your text edited with regards to both spelling and grammar, I would be happy to support you.
Regardless, keep up the great work. Once again, this mod is by far the best. :-D

Thank you. English support is welcome.

PL - there arent changes 1.3 to 1.31 in module.ini. You shouldnt have problem :-|
Paharondark wrote:
Any castels and sometimes battels and i don't know why:((
And i was whit battel size at minimum and again that eror idk..plzz help

Can you add screen or anything? I cannt understand that problem have you, sorry

TeaandCrumpets wrote:
Downloading the new version now. Sounds great! Is there any chance of a manual because its great having loads of features but its a pain not knowing how to use them. Shieldbash for instance... how do I break someones face?!

In game > go to Notes (where is morale explication). You have new notes of gameplays and historical advisor :)

Brian wrote:
Whenever I enter a tournament, half the time people and myself do not have a weapon. Apart from that great mod.

Try download today. Or get out this patch:

That problem was fixed :-D
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 Re: Bug Report if interested  » posted under BRYTENWALDA 1.391 - Warband 1.143 - 21/02/2012 on Oct 28, 2010, 07:53:09 am

Thank you for congrats and bugs. We take note of them for fix.
Paharondark wrote:

Hi man
I have a problem when tryng to sige a castel i kill everibody and when i need to kill the rest of them from the castel gives me an eror and log of the game
Can u help me?

It look scene problem, you can say castle name us?
Alarik87 wrote:
Hi Idibil!

Unfortunately the download link you told for the savegame patch is not working. Can you put it to somewhere else or send it directly to my email ([email protected])?

Savegame 1.21 patch?
Send pm in Talesword forum plz, and we look this problem
Alarik87 wrote:

Congratulations! The mod is becoming more and more amazing. But I have a problem how to make my v1.21 savegame work correctly? I kept my savegame and deleted the previous version. After I installed Byrtenwalda V1.3 I put back the save than in the game then I exported the charecter and after I imported it back. Your instructions were this but I still get script errors and some of my items gone missing. The items are not so important but the script error is ruining the game, it switches of the map messages (I lose picture what's going on with other lords, fiefs etc.)
So I need your help in this, because I don't really want to start a new game as I put some time into this one and already have my own kingdom.

If you Use 1.21 savegame look here:,141946.0.html

Other option is import/export your character to 1.3

1.31 version will have support for 1.3 savegames only.
Paharondark wrote:
Was finish man..320mb butt was an eror yeah butt i had download it 3 times
and anyway had worked:)))

There are people that is have problems, You can try alternative mirror, look Official Donwload:
comment last edited by idibil on Oct 20, 2010, 09:03:30 am
Bones in Blood wrote:

idibil your mod is just perfect now whit this topics and comments you guys posted helped me to make your mode run perfect and whitout any bugs :D

but there is something that iretates me when i go to the tavern i wanna hire merceneires and it says that will join 18 troops or 12 troops but i get just 3 or 6 troops it is not a big problem but i think you should fix it ^^ and will there be a new version of brytenwalda coming out soon ?

thx for the great mod and keep up the good work

I think that we have fix this yet for next version, same problem that companions money
Mr.Man wrote:
allright ive got a problem.. every time i try to run this mod and the anno domini mod i get a runtime error. my version is up to date and all that, so i cant figure out whats wrong. can anyone help me?

Look here:,136401.0.html
TigerGRC wrote:
idibil wrote:
TigerGRC wrote:
Hello there. I've been playing this mode for a while and I have to say it's really nice :) Although it's kinda heavy.

Well I would like to make a question, I hope you don't mind answering. You see, I try to mod a bit the modules I play to change things I like and such. Something I really think is a great aspect in the game is when you can permanently make lods dissapear, allowing you to sack the opponent's strength and get rid of annoying foes. So what I would like to ask you is how this is possible for warband? What should I change in order to make it work? Right now I don't have the slightest clue about how to do it, so if you don't mind answering, please send me a message.

Thank you in advance :)

Keep up the good work ;)

pm me in talesworlds forum plz. I dont understand well that you want say, but I try solve your dude here.

You use the same name for the taleworks forum? What I actually asked was how I can make it possible to permanently kill lords in a mod that this is not happening. But I will discuss more about it in there if you wish. Thank you for answering :)

Ah ok, send pm (i use Idibil in TW too), and I will send you script.
TigerGRC wrote:
Hello there. I've been playing this mode for a while and I have to say it's really nice :) Although it's kinda heavy.

Well I would like to make a question, I hope you don't mind answering. You see, I try to mod a bit the modules I play to change things I like and such. Something I really think is a great aspect in the game is when you can permanently make lods dissapear, allowing you to sack the opponent's strength and get rid of annoying foes. So what I would like to ask you is how this is possible for warband? What should I change in order to make it work? Right now I don't have the slightest clue about how to do it, so if you don't mind answering, please send me a message.

Thank you in advance :)

Keep up the good work ;)

pm me in talesworlds forum plz. I dont understand well that you want say, but I try solve your dude here.
Wölfhramn wrote:
This latest version gives me a stupid error on loading. The main menu doesn't load so I can't start, load, etc a game. This is the only version where I get this. Any Suggestions???

2 more things. Congrats for the module, it is very very good. Second, Any plans for a module on Pre-Roman Iberia, It would be great.

Again, thanks :-)



You need wait 3 minutos in creation of character loading screen.

This weekend we will release 1.3 version :)

Inicially there arent plans for a pre roman iberia in mount blade. We have finish Brytenwalda first.

gracias a ti, Luís, me alegro que también disfrutases del ITW :-D
Andrewz2010 wrote:
Hello, Im new to Warband and Mods and i recently downloaded this mode, but it appears that I have some sort of tech issue?
When i lunch the game while loading it returs to windows showing this:

You have lost file in instalation of Warband (that file is of native). Reinstall plz.

I love this mod so have been sticking with it. I have set textures to 50% and it is now running fairly stable. Still an occasional crash but I can't attribute it to anything particular.

We are best textures for delete this problem in 1.3

Paul_Vitti wrote:
Why you deleted my comment?
Can someone please tell me can I kill lord on this mod?
Cheers. :pint:

I havent delete nothing.
look here:,137199.0.html
MitEragon wrote:
Hi, I have the same problem like "mardam", everytime when i try to start the mod : " fmodex.dll " not found.
I have Warband in Steam and i can play it without mods ( native ) or with mods.
I played a lot of them and Brytenwalda is one of the best. :-D
Can anyone help ?

Mh, Brytenwalda dont add .dll files. If you have it in Warband it should work fine.

can it be language problem?,136401.0.html

Edelstoffl wrote:
I think you overlooked my comment, so here it is once again:

Searching for the sword of Beowulf I paid a guy named Dryhten Eardfrith Cearling 3000 coins, to tell me, where to find the Great Bard Afan Ferdig to get the required horn an lyre. But when I try to talk to the Great Bard afterwards, he asks me what I want- and the only possible answer is "Hum, I have no idea- gonna leave now". There is simply no possibility to ask him for the horn and the lyre.
But after returning to Dryhten Eardfrith Cearling, I can ask him for the destination of the Great Bard again- and again pay 3000 coins.
Can you help?


have you try kill him?

When you paiy him, he say to you a name.

Paul_Vitti wrote:
Hey people I got some problem, I marryed with some girl from my realm and now when I go talk to her it crash back to desktop and leave some message... do you know whats that?

Mh, i wait this is fix for 1.3
murdock40 wrote:
hi there,great mod!!!!, i have a few suggestions,can you add more range to the archers?,when i go to battle,they can fire 1 or 2 rounds before the melee fight, even some of my archers can fire a 3rd round; the other thing if you can put 2 more factions.- 1 like the king arthur´s faction (you can use the total roman barbarian expansion for inspiration :-D ),and the viking or norsmen faction.
1 last thing,when i enter to battle,some of my equites (mercenaries) appear with no horses or decide to fight on foot, and have to fight like infantry,can you check this?.thx again i hope that can develope more and more of this mod,can easily reemplace the native :lol: :lol: :lol: .i salute you.thx

-1.3 - archers will have a few most range.
-King Arthur is dead in 636 :-D
-You can order them use horse. Twice, horseman wish fight to foot when enemy troops have a lot of footmen.
Alarik87 wrote:
First of all Congratulations to you guys! You made an awesome mod, for me it's even better than Prophesy of Pendor V3.01
I played only 4-5 hours yet, and it is really great without disturning bugs. I have also a question abour switching on/off realistic casualties. I mean does it make the game harder?
My experience was when it's on I lost too few soldiers on my side.

In Native, you can kill everybody in battle, but it isnt historical accuracy, in ancient-medieval times, winner have 15-20% of casualities (or less), and loser have 40-60% of casualities. Add RC we have try do it historical.
Mallic wrote:
i realy love how u DON'Tuse rar :-D lol its so confusing :cry:

I dont undestand problem. You have a instalator (.exe) in your language.
If you have problems, look here:,136401.0.html

No support by allies: In many cases allied armies don't join battles to help their confederates but simply pass by (even when they would really be strong enough to rule the battle). Irritating : When besieging a fortress, accompaning forces don't join the fight. I asked my lord to follow me and layed siege to a castle, but when storming the walls, I found me and my men alone in the fight.

are you leader or marshal? Try right click over ally party, you have option of new order for they follow close you.

Native have problem that when ally see enemy near and run to attack or away.
Too, if Ally party is far, they dont help you.

Illogical siege behaviour: Many times I watched armies (both allies and enemies) besieging an fortress or town for days. They fought down the defendig army until only a few defenders left, then pulled back and moved away- stupid...

Or morale. If you have down morale, troops dont attack.
Missing corollary: I suggest my lord to besiege a fortress and follow him to the target. There in fact he lays siege to the castle but then nothing happens. Even if it would only take 6 hours to prepare ladders for the run on the walls, he stays there for days and then leaves (or ist being attacked by reinforcements).

if victory isnt clear, he dont assault. It happen in native also.
A known problem is the general warefare strategy of the NPC's: Mainly attacking targets in the enemies' heartland but not the neighbouring targets.

Yes, Warband try that you have a game different each new character, and there are too aleatory diplomacy. We are try fix this for 1.3 version.

thx you for your clues :-D

Czechers wrote:
im getting super frustrated now i have the right version of M&B and when im loading the mod i keep getting "get_object failed for mesh: prt_mesh_yrellow_leaf_a" no clue what this means ive redownloaded and reinstalled about 5 times and i dont know what to do please help as i really wanna play this mod

This is Polish Landscpaes problem. Download PL version for brytenwalda plz.


We will release 1.3 version next sunday. We wait have all your problems fix here.
Thanks for your patient.
qmax wrote:
Just the kind of mod I have been hoping for. However, the load screen freezes at about 80%. I am running 1.31 Native just fine.

You need wait 3 m first time (character creation) (31 kingdoms to load)

mardam wrote:
an error mesasge pops up This application has failed to start becose fmodex.dll was not found have reinstled dident do anything im useing the steam verson of warband

Can you play to Warband? it look issue of instalation.

Dan11311 wrote:
There's a problem. When you conquer a castle or town you cannot see your own gairrisoned forces or any lords/allied or neutral lords taking refuge there. You still have to spy on your own holdings/kingdom.

You should can see it in notes

IvanTih wrote:
I get this error can't open fur_armors_a.brg.I have latest patch and I use warband.

fur_armors_a.brf isnt Brytenwalda resource, it is Warband resource, it is possible that you have bad install your Warband.
drednought wrote:

Also I think it would be cool if there was a way to change the culture of a village, so I could conquer a Angle village and change it to Saxon or Pict or vice versa.

In terms of purely technical issues, I have noticed since getting version 1.1 that several items from native have shown up in shops, most commonly the "Vaegir Nobleman Helm".
As well when going to certain Cities the picture of the lord in the menu shows him wearing a dress.

All in all I 'd say this is my favourite mod I have ever played for any game and I have played a fair number of mods.

Thanks u for apretion and suggestions.

I am worry becasue native items. Are you sure? have you change somethig?
I was looking code and it is right, you shouldnt can see Vaegir Nobleman Helm in Brytenwalda
Edelstoffl wrote:
Just found another problem:I've watched several times armies of hostile factions meeting on the map and without attacking each other.
I'm a vassal of Conaught which is at war with Ui Neill. At the moment I'm following the Conaught marshall on a campaign but whenever we pass Ui Neill armies/ parties neither Conaugt nor Ui Neill attacks. The hostile parties somtimes ride between our armies without any action. When I try to attack them as an Conaught vassal, the surrounding Conaught armies won't join and help me.
Fights seem to result only in siege situations. Cannot tell yet, if this problem occurs with other factions... any ideas?

Enjoy your weekend! :pint:

It is new AI system for sieges, before, ally run with one enemy, but they now fight with leader. Right click about marshal pary for disable.
pezzza wrote:
there's anyone that see like me "black shadows" on armors, helms, and shields? i don't know any other term to define it. i se it expecially on helms, like light helm ecc.. could someone try to help me? i want to enjoy all wath this mod can offer!

it can be bad configuration, however, we are change all textures in brytenwalda
Edelstoffl wrote:

O.k. that would make sense. I'm using a spear. So I've got to get a kontos to do couched attacks. But in tournaments there "practice lances" being used, so I thought this means all kinds of polearms...

Practice lances are kontos actually, no?
Edelstoffl wrote:
Just found one of the "old" bugs. Again in battles there is no couched lance attack possible. The character doesn't lower his lance when gained enough speed. In tournaments this is no problem.
And the enemies' shields are still hard to come by with ranged weapons. The shields seem to cover the whole body, even enemies with small shields cannot be hit in the legs. (but maybe this is no bug and they're simply skilled with shields, cannot tell yet)

Kontos is lance now, only. Have you other lance? how you got it?
VII century horseman use his lance/spear on his shoulder.

Shields - i think that we had reduce size in 0.94 beta version :-? . A player posted a video about resistence of shields in forum. you have it in old thread, i dont remmember where:,106886.1395.html
necrolineage wrote:
Thank you for this wonderfull mod. it's the best i played till now. I hope you will make others mods like this one. Grats.

I have sometime the same error described by "mefaba" and it's not a Polish landscape error and it occur randomly with some lords, not alway the same and when i talk to the lord who cause the error some days later the error didn't occur but is reproduced on another one. It's a strange meaning ^^

My solution actually is to save the game before talking to a noble, reload the game if this error occur and don't talk to this lord for some time (the game crash each time i attempt to talk to him until i do something else and come back later).

Mm, it is rare. Can you post lord name and situation? it can be item problem or something.

mefaba wrote:
Hey. I just downloaded v1.1 and I want to ask if we still have to install polished landscapes. Or is it already included in v1.1?

Also, have I missed something or this mode doesn't show any blood during battles? Normanlly I would be soaked in blood after a battle but in this I see no blood. I love blood you see. >:)

You need overwrittre other time, sorry, but PL is alternative download.

Jur, we have add most blood to battles, you should see blood in air when you swing

mefaba wrote:
Hands down, the best Warband mod out there. Excellent job! Thanks to everyone who put their effort to make this mod.

But I have problem with it.

I frequently get the error: get_object failed for mesh (followed by a zillion digit number)

This happens when i try to interact with other lords and the game crashes to desktop. Do you know why it happens?

If fail mesh is yellow, it is Polish landscpaes problem, you need download PL for Brytenwalda.

I need know that Lords have you problems.

It is end of map, native format, we cannt change it sorry.

Yes, i speak spanish, i am spanish hehe

Si, yo hablo español, de hecho, soy español jeje
Edelstoffl wrote:
And finally the offical release! Can't wait playing it- Thank you!!!

Just one question: will following patches be savegame compatible? I mean, does it make sense to start an new game now, or would it be better to wait for the patches? I would hate to start a new game now and then having to restart after installing the next patches....

Anyway, thanks alot for your great work! This evening I'll have a :pint: on you!

Savegames will be compatible with next patch ;-)
Guacharo wrote:
hey man i have other thing to say... the music is good, but, i think will be better if you revamp the music.... doing it more....frenetic... understeand what i say?

if you want, i can help you whit that...

Thx u. Jagger had send us 4 or 5 songs that we add in next patch. It is most frenetic :-D
English isnt my native language also ;-)

For heads, it is ATI driver problem.


what edge? can you add screent plz.


You can look parties.txt, but are you sure? Actual names are VII century names, it is ancient times - different names.
Pianist wrote:
SCRIPT ERROR ON OPCODE 1570 invalid Item kind ID: 1 LINE NO 22
At Mission Template mst_lead_charge trigger no 53 consequences

I'm getting this every time I start a battle, why?

Fixed 1.0.

You have it this tonight.

I have also noticed a lot of textures missing in the armors, when you are looking at certain angles you can see black blobs on diffrent armors and also, how do you recruite bandits into your armys?

textures missins - you had problem when you unrar. Try again, plz.
Recruite bandits - you have be bad boy (negative honour) and help them
I get an RGL error saying get_object failed for mesh: prt_mesh_yrellow_leaf_a. I am using patch 1.127 and i dont know what i can do to fix it, please help me.

"It is polish landscapes problem. Have you download recent PL version for brytenwalda?

Problem is fix here, or it should."
jmcmahon27 wrote:
I cannot get past the "Launching Game" Screen when starting new game, I have re-installed Warband, have most recent version of both game and Mod, nothing seems to be working, have tried starting the game about 20 times same happens, warband just stops responding, can play native and other mods fine, just not this one.

Sounds like a great mod, real eager to play, any help would be highly appreciated.

You need have patient, Brytenwalda is most slow to load (there are 31 kingdoms, a lot of lords, ladies, etc...), you have wait 3 or 4 minutes when you are in launching screen for create your character. (when you load savegame, you havent wait yet)

Pianist wrote:
I'm receiving lots of script errors, is it normal? It mostly happens in the campaign map but also in battles.

Any thoughts?

No, have you install other mod that affect native files?
Other option is that you have lose somefile to copy folder.

the3rdgray wrote:

My primary complaint is that the spelling and grammar are both absolutely terrible. It's painfully obvious that the modder is not a native speaker of English, and that's alright. It just really needs someone who IS a native speaker to go over and revise/rewrite it.

Mm, Wilson have work long in language, he tried give it "old style", can it be that problem? If you are native speaker english, and you wish, you can say him that words/sentences is bad, for that he look it.

the3rdgray wrote:
Other than that, all I can do is nitpick--the custom battle characters don't have weapons, some of the text from Warband is left over in the custom battle screen, on the campaign map deer are represented by a cow, the deer don't behave believably at all, and so on.

Sorry, single campaing was change, but we havent "renovate" custom battles. I try look it before final release if time let me.

Thanks u for you suggestions.
stojan89 wrote:
In game when go to town,marketplace armor merchant some armor items are missing,their fields are empty and game crash. What need to do to fix this?

I think that it have download or unrar bad. Can you donwload complete version 0.96 (this download) and overwrite brytenwalda folder?
hi Tusksplitter,

You need donwload 0.96 and it should run well (bugfixed). You try download it here (i have change it today) if you wish complete.

I like crusades, but i love dark ages. If you look timeline in mod game, you meet a beautiful world, savage and violent.

On how to make a mod, you need visit talesword forum, i recommend you begin with Jik guie:,56798.0.html

kalhalha wrote:
I Cant Play!!!!!!!!!!!!

It appears launching game.... after that appears finished and it dont enter why?


You have bad install something.

Unzip Brytenwalda and overwritte your instalation.
dakota wrote:
when i do the cheat find an item on the second try at looking at things i get rgl error

You can see with this cheat items native and brytenwalda items, but there are a lot of changes here and you can have problem with native items (crash)

What rgl said you?
pezzza wrote:
hi! i think this would be a great mod. but in version 0.93 i had some problems with amor textures. during the gameplay, i see "black shadows" on armors, helms, and shields. you think this can be fixed? it's a problem that i also had with the "sword song" mod. anyway, thank you very much!!!!!

We want improved textures for final version. I wait that you have that problem fix then.
alzbeta wrote:
"alzbeta wrote:
Odd problem. When i enter marketplace (arms or armor) in a town game crashes giving this error message "RGL ERROR": unable to open texture file modules/brytenwalda//textures/". This doesn't happen in every town. just some. Could you help me please :)

I am upload pacth 0.95, it fix this problem. You will have it for download in 30 minutes or less.
Install: you need paste new pacth 0.95 about old 0.94 (eye! you no erase 0.94, overwrites it)"

Well.. could you tell me where i can download this :)

Here you have it:
alzbeta wrote:
Odd problem. When i enter marketplace (arms or armor) in a town game crashes giving this error message "RGL ERROR": unable to open texture file modules/brytenwalda//textures/". This doesn't happen in every town. just some. Could you help me please :)

I am upload pacth 0.95, it fix this problem. You will have it for download in 30 minutes or less.
Install: you need paste new pacth 0.95 about old 0.94 (eye! you no erase 0.94, overwrites it)
comment last edited by idibil on Aug 19, 2010, 01:26:44 pm
snoweagle123 wrote:

What do u mean is Salinae???

Salina = Salt Mine in Brytenwalda

It is near of Pengwern kingdom.
snoweagle123 wrote:
Can You Tell Me How To Get The Active Salt Mine????

I cannot find it till now...

It is Salinae :)
Moshein_Gunn wrote:
Awesome mod, I'm just gettin into it, but I really like what I see. I really like the enormous map, and the british isles is a definate plus (Playing an Irish or Scottish underdog never gets old). I feel kind of limited by the weapons, armor, and horses though. Is there a way to turn up the number of these items the shops carry?

Most items? Items are by culture shop. You have most of 150 new items.
Dan11311 wrote:
I'd say leave the damage that weapons do to armor alone. You don't actually expect a butcher's knife or a seax to go through mail do you you? I've also found that you don't need a 2h sword to do major damage. A tempered Irish (short) sword moving much faster than many of the other swords in this mod does perfect damage. So again you don't need a lance or 2h sword to kill a top tier troop. Other than fixing the many bugs mentioned above I'd agree to making the shield a bit weaker (not a lot weaker) and making it so that a lance can heavily damage wood shields and pierce mail armor or knock a shield from an opponents hand. Also make spear thrusts more deadly to mail wearing soldiers (because mail doesn't stand up to thrust attacks well). Make archers more lethal (depending on the arrows of course).

We had improved combat system for next version, We agree with your findings.
I wait it like you :-D
comment last edited by idibil on Jul 28, 2010, 06:38:16 am
Pypok wrote:

During Siege, When I approach the commander and tell him to leave and I won't bother him, he agrees but nothing happens. The garrison is still there. I will attack the castle and kill everyone, but the castle doesn't always become mine. I still have to siege it again against 0 defenders! And I keep doing it until the castle switches. Kind of annoying :P

When I capture a castle and become king, I have a problem with destroying factions:

Thanks you. We had some problems with Restauration system. Finally we had eliminate it for next version.

Siege -
Commander problem - Is it possible what you have lord party in castle?
-Attack castle - it is know problem. We are work it for next version :)
stojan89 wrote:
where to find stump horses for suply wagon?? :)

They are ponies.
It said you stump horses? I thought that 0.91 had fix that. Can you confirm?
snoweagle123 wrote:
ERm... Can I Know? Where Is The Active Salt Mine???? I am a king now.. but i still do not know where it is and how to get it... thx

It is Salinae
KingPercival wrote:
Ok after playing for like 12hrs I've found:

Battles: there's seem to be a problem with commands ( units sometimes don't follow or are slow responding)
Archers are crap, shields are too strong to brake ( maybe thats realistic but if u could make something like npc dropping the shield after a lance attack), heavy armor its almost impenetrable without a couched lance), coulnd't find a 2Handed sword or anything else with piercing dmg

Yes, we are work in battle system for next version
murdock40 wrote:
hi there, i have 1 bug,when it comes the WEEEKLY BUDGET,the table its in blank and i cannot continue the game :-( ,even the option CONTINUE not appear,can you please check that?,by the way awesome mod.thx

Download new version 0.91 plz.


- There seem to be problems with the weapon's balance:
- In tournaments some of the NPC's sometimes seem to be distracted from something outside the arena. They even don't pay attention to the player's char when he's the last opponent but hold their shields up and throw their spears in direction of the spectators :-D
- How about tearing down those "water bridges" between Ireland and England? I hate to see my party riding over water like in other mods. Traveling between the islands only by ship would be more realistic and challenging. And there would be a greater motivation to buy a ship.

Weapons balance - we are work it :)
Tournaments - this is new. I will look it.
Water Bridges - it is for npcs. Warband dont let npcs use ship, water bridges are necesary. You look it like a travel. If player wish go most fast, or looting and land wherever he likes, he buy a ship :)

LordBarell wrote:
Once upon a time, i dont remember his name, but he was a npc standing in tavern, near other npc named Nekas. So he provided some task to do, so i done it, then i gone back to tavern, and when i started to talk with him, there was a menu item which confirms - that i have completed task, so i pressed once, got xp, pressed twice, got xp, and this was repeatable for infinity. Menu item didnt disappear when i pressed it.

How i can attract bandits, my honor < 0, then ?
How i can create skirmish units?

-Are you use version 0.91? It should is fix here.
-You need very down honor and reputation.
-Hire spy unit in tavern.
stojan89 wrote:
i reinstall mb warband,then again unrar this mode to the modules,again start and again i got warning "hlsl_data_handles[45] is not valid. When start game my character is there but his armors and weapons is above him. i have warband 1.127. if anyone can help then help :)

It look a old issue, native problem. I was reading it in talesword forum.
People reinstall game until it run

Look here:,119454.msg2886618.html#msg2886618,119593.msg2889685.html#msg2889685
Update download, new version 0.91.

golden knight wrote:
Which faction is the most civelized one

A difficult question. If you understand by civilized, Roman world, the closest are the Britons of Dumnonia :-)
I am upload now 0.91 version, with bugfixed. It is to 35%

Have you Warband 1127? or other mod install? It look that you have change something in your native files (warband main folder)

@peton, meb2183, Abraxis
and i was doing the First quest when the Merchant asks you to save his Brother you can find this Scene yourself just by Killing the Robbers and finding the Hideout the Faction i started in and got the Quest From was "East Engle" i believe

Fixed next version. Really, merchant native quest dont exist in Brytenwalda.

@Golden Knight

Dont worry, i upload new version this night here.

peton wrote:

Edit:I think this may Be A Bug im not sure i arrived at the Kidnappers Hideout Next to Earnningtun and there was this Huge Mountain in the middle of the Map with took quite a while to get over and there was also Snow and grass everywhere i mean there would be a huge plain of Snow and then patches of Grass the same For Trees aswell there was normal ones then Snowy ones everywhere and there were also tops of trees sticking out of the Mountain

Mm, it look scene problem. Can you get screenshot?

What quest is you doing?

It is for Warband 1.127.
If you have other old version you will have warhorse_new problem.

weekly budget fixed (download and change it in Brytenwalda folder) - it fix a small problem in code of weekly budget:

I want this night change main download with weekly budget fixed, new scene props and problem quest merchan fixed.

If you meet most problems, avise us :)

Thanks you


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