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Neptunius Regular User Jul 11, 2010, 11:11:51 am 0 5
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 Calradia 1480 Zendar Offensive 1.0 (v 1.0)  » posted under Calradia 1480 Zendar Offensive 1.0 on Sep 17, 2010, 01:54:13 pm

I've been waiting for a faction that is some-what gypsy-esque (other than khergits). Now with Zendar, its possible.

I'm an American but happen to be of german/czechoslovakian descent, so to Sverre I say:

Dobre Rano! Jak se mas? Pomale Jachti! (I may have spelt the last part wrong, I'm rusty at my czech language). :green:

But really, nicely done on the mod!
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 The Pagan Way - A Barbarian Clans m (v )  » posted under The Pagan Way - A Barbarian Clans mod v1.1 on Jul 27, 2010, 06:06:18 pm
dude, I apologize for being honest.

frnakly, this mod blows. here's why:

no horses means taking like 10 minutes to cross the whole of calradia, which with horses takes about 2 minutes give or take.

only 12 or so different flags? back then banners or "heraldry" if you will were used to denote the armies or camps of different lords. they had both faction banner, and personal banners. just like military uniforms today, they have the country flag, and the division, infrantry, support staff, engineer, command staff, etc. each with DIFFERENT EMBLEMS. Even barbarians had a granted, crude way of distinguishing. they had the clans flag, and they also had their tribal chief's flag.

the idea of fur and leather ONLY is long as you up their stats so you dont DIE in three hits or less.

weapons are fine. everything else is fine.

Honsetly though, it looks like you just took the native mod and took out horses and metal types of armor. To me, thats not really modding.

Granted, I know even less than you when it comes to modding, but I've played some beginer's mods that have really turned out great.

Anyway, enough of my pointless ranting. If it makes YOU happy, play it. If it works for you great.
Really, its alright, but I'm just trying to say I would have done more research in modding before I released it. Again, sorry if I sound harsh. Just being honest.
Hey, yeah. <- grammatically that's not an actual sentence.

Anyway, great mod. Fucking love it!

To some of you who havent gotten used to making mods playable:

You go hard drive (C or D drive, etc.), program files, mount and blade, modules, save (or paste, copy whatever).

I used to run a Windows 98 with dial-up modem, and now I have Windows 7. I upgraded before I even knew this game existed. But anyway, when my uncle helped me upgrade, he made the security so tight that Fort Knox is as a garage sale by comparison. So for me, I had to do it a different way (installing mods).

make a personal folder where your keep 99% of your personal stuff (i.e. papers for your college english class, various poems or songs you've written, etc.), and save the mod folder there, right-click on folder of mod you just downloaded, and click "extract here". It should now have made a new folder called whatever the name of the mod you just downloaded, i.e. age of blackpowder. then copy and paste it to your modules folder (accessable from the first way that I mentioned.

It should be there and ready to play.
I have some ideas for new armor, weapons, and helmets. If they turn out okay, I'll go ahead and upload them.

But first, I know less than nothing about modding. What programs do I need to mod?

In other words...

I want to mod any and everything I can think of.
What programs do I need and where can I find them?
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 The Ranger's Apprentice (v 2.00)  » posted under The Ranger's Apprentice on Jul 14, 2010, 02:32:13 am
yeah. downloaded to a different folder, (my computer wouldnt let me save it to modules. admin permission needed). Whatever that means.
anyway, its in a seperate folder. Instead of it being a whole package like most mods, its jut the file with the 7-zip logo.

Is everything as it should be or did I miss a step?

then, I copy it to the actual modules folder. I have to tell it to 'run as adminstrator' (wont run otherwise). Everything extracts and now there's a folder called ranger apprentice v2.0 or whatever.
so far so good? if not, tell me.

......alright, well it working fine now. whatever I did. So I guess I answered my own question. I think I had to run it as admin. before I was trying that rename as zip and all the other stuff a few of the other guys were talking about. Ah, I'll figure it later. Now, to play.

Judging by the weapons, map, stats, etc...this mod makes native and europe mods utter shit!

When I first heard ranger being talked about, I was like, "Really? a mod based on M. Knight Shyalaman's The Village?" although that would be a neat mod, it'd be kinda hard since it'd be a few villages surrounded by the monsters. (I never actually saw the movie, so I dont know what I'm talking about).

But I digress, very nice mod, possibly my new fave. Job very well done.

ALso, I've been thinking of a super-hero mod. Your character is a super hero, and you pick from a list of powers, i.e. flight, x-ray vision, invisibility, teleport, etc. and the armor would be the super hero costumes, weapons would be tied-in to abilities (x-ray goggles increase spotting by 3 levels, arrows and/or guns are increased by 25 damage via flight ability, etc.) The towns would be like New York, Gotham, Budapest (from Van Helsing). VH not really super hero, but I consider him one.

anyway, I would do it myself, make the mod. Trouble downloading ranger apprentice, I'd make my computer crash trying to make a mod. LOL

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