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doriantk Regular User Jul 07, 2010, 06:39:31 pm 0 7
help please! i dont know whats wrong, i installed it into the modules folder as always and it runs. but all the armors and etheral looking. like they are see through! help please.
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 Shogun - Sengoku Jidai 0.70 beta (v 0.7 beta)  » posted under Shogun - Sengoku Jidai 0.70 beta on Aug 10, 2011, 01:58:35 pm
is it just me or does this download insanely slow...4 hours now...
most of my downloads go 1.3 mbps but this is going frmo 40-50
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 Re: 1866 (v 0.9.0)  » posted under 1866 on Apr 29, 2011, 08:05:57 pm
Knight Inquisitor wrote:
You didn't finish the quests. With previous version of this mod I couldn't finish the quest. It said that will be possible with the next version(s). This version seem to be a new one, right? So? What's the problem?

I mean about quest at Cotonwood, to help Deputy Saunders to kill Robert Remington and free up the nearby ranch. I still can't done that quest because I still read the same one attention.

You should have to fix it if You want the people to play.

And, yes, one more thing. The game need a lot of time to be played. You can fix those little bugs.

Give us the mod we gonna like at the first time and nobady gonna tell ya that it's a crap.

All the best
they make it how they want...its not easy making a mod which you clearly don't understand. it take weeks upon months to make a functioning mod. don't demand anything, stop trying to tell them how to make their mod. they make it how they wanna make it. they made it for themselves, letting us play it is a privilege so respect it.
and clearly they dont have to fix it considering thousands of people play it.
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 Re: Shogun Mod 0.5 (v 0.5)  » posted under Shogun - Sengoku Jidai 0.70 beta on Apr 09, 2011, 07:50:56 pm
wson wrote:
Hi im wson ! i loved the version before this one it was like WOW all the weapons the cool armors and cool jumping stuff like that and then when i saw this new upptade i was just like WHUUUUUT!! and downloaded it right away !! but when i started it i just wtf is this !! ok this upptade was seriosly shit no offence ! i mean why did u take away all this cool stuff like the jumping, flaming stuff u know when im throwing ninja star things it is a normal throw what happend to the cool one ! :( i know its just a beta but c mon ! this mod is on the right way but this is seriosley not recommended :( work on it a little more put in the old shogun stuff and it will be great ! ur team is a nice moding team its nice outfits and stuff. cool effect when they die ok!! thats all i have to say about this mod so the rating is 1.5 stars ! i hope the other version is better :( anyway dont take this comment to seriosley im only 13 XD lol srry my bad english ooh and keep it up its on the right way remember that !

lol ok im sorry but im almost 100% sure your talking about kengeki lol. this shogun mod is much more realistic, which is why i go for it.
and now for the troubles. i went to each town as always to check out the new weapons and armors. i havent got to go into battle yet, so these are town bugs.

i noticed that in some towns when i went into the castles, that nobody was in it. same with some taverns.
as for the more major thing.
everytime i went to these towns to buy armor or weapons, i pressed on weapons, it was empty, i pressed on horses, it was also empty. then i pressed on armor and noticed that all the weapons were in the armor section. and all the horses were in the goods section. so the horses and weapons sections were empty, and weapons and horses were moved.
the towns i had these problems in were these:

Nagasaki, Kobe, Aioi, Takarazuka, Obihiro, Kitami, Niigata, Urawa, Hachinohe, Himejl, kurume, wakkarai.

sorry if i got any names wrong, i was writing them down in the dark xP
but other than that, so far an amazing mod :-D
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 Shogun Mod 0.5 (v 0.5)  » posted under Shogun - Sengoku Jidai 0.70 beta on Apr 09, 2011, 06:13:03 pm
first! lol always wanted that.

amazing mod! ive been waiting forever for this update. i know tons of people thought it was dead, but i had faith! ill repost as soon as i stop my first game! may be a few days :P such a great mod ill be up all week playing it! :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P
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 War of Hell (v 1.0)  » posted under War of Hell on Mar 22, 2011, 06:50:07 pm
this is the download mate, its out already or you couldnt dowload it lol
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 War of Hell (v 1.0)  » posted under War of Hell on Mar 21, 2011, 04:36:57 pm
for those of you that cant read german and dont feel like translating. i did it for you.

HI people
I have a new Warband mod (version 1134) is created.

What's new:

-Significantly more recruits of all things, even more enemies
Amazons replace forest bandits, barbarians, pirates replace
-An attendant at the beginning (Iluana, an Amazon queen who has you connected
Empire (Vaegir), Swadi, North and Asmoday (Rhodok) have troops at the end of a tree executor = extremely strong, extremely difficult to get western army.
-All weapons of the executors are commercially available but very expensive.
-All the kings (except Hakim) and many units are perfectly matched to them weapons
-New mercenary
-Complete overhaul Vaegirs (Imperial) including Imperial Imperial attack force and executor
-New armor for North and Swadi
-A lot of new armor and weapons
-Complete overhaul of Rhodok (Asmoday)
Here, as a foretaste of all Asmoday units:
Asmoday tribal warriors
Asmoday-trained spearmen
Veteran Asmoday-Spearman
Asmoday Sergeant
Trained Asmoday-Crossbowman
Veteran Asmoday-Crossbowman
Asmoday Sniper

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