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swordsusa Uploader May 24, 2010, 02:55:33 pm 2 16
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1  Kengeki Gaiden 1.8 Single player & Multiplayer Feb 20, 2011 5 17,708 4.8 / 5.0 37,135 199.02 MB 37
2  1866 Western Mod MP FIXED for 1.132 Oct 19, 2010 14.82 54,251 5.0 / 5.0 85,842 168.35 MB 23
dermeister wrote:
I Cannot find the Kengeki 1.8 server.... i saw it erlyer connected then later on i came back but it kicked me out and since then i cannot find it in the list im so mad i did not put it in my favourites while i could see it....i dont know if its the server thats down or a problem with my game? i see other servers but only Default module with 2 moded moduels thats it.

any 1 els have this problem?

P.S Awsome mod btw

It was probably just a random bug, restarting the game can sometimes fix that, or restart your modem & router, the servers are up.

Thanks for downloading the mod!
Kamianbu wrote:
:-? I have no idea if this one was just a glitch on my part or a bug, but Daimyo/Lord Vuldrat seems to be bare as the day he was born, I saw it during a feast I went to, so I don't know if he remains armorless during combat since going in castle halls removes your helmet and weapons. (I'll check if he has armor during battle or not soon)

This is probably just a game glitch but I've lost 2 companions when my last fief was taken >.> I figure they got beheaded and killed but... eh. There a way to fix this or not?"

P.S. Samurai seem to die like flies >.> but it keeps you on your toes :D

Damiyo being naked will be fixed some time in the next release.

Your 2 companions, have you tried asking a traveler to see where they are?

Thanks for downloading the mod!
comment last edited by swordsusa on Mar 06, 2011, 03:14:51 am
To the guy who thought the mod was dead: it's not dead, I just don't know what else to add so I've begun diverting more attention to the Bleach mod. If you can think of anything you want in let me know and i'll see what I can do about adding it.
Kamianbu wrote:
This is awesome, I've been waiting for someone to release something like this :3

I found a few bugs though...

The Shogunate Archers... are bootless, while it isn't noticable if you don't look at their legs I think their feet get cold in the snow.
The other bug I've found so far is that when you start a new game, every lord thinks you have a banner when you don't and if you take a castle or town, a banner pops up with a bunch of lines on it... fixing this would be nice or adding an option in the camp menu to change the banner would be nice.

I'll see if I can get those bugs to repeat and fix them. Shogunate archers in SP or MP?
killer cam wrote:
Love it bow animatoin and sword = :-D troops = :-D overall :-D
thanks :-D
killertype10 wrote:
nice man looking forward for next release :hammer: hope you can explain to me how to meet the skeleton and the zombie??I am still new to this game.... :oops:
The skeletons and zombies can't be met in single player yet, I couldn't find a way to implement them. for now they are only in multiplayer
Demon666 wrote:
how will the effect be visual for my weapon?
magic? it's possible something not good!
sry my bad english
but pls help !
to make the effects on weapons work, you need to turn particle systems on in your graphic options.
Demon666 wrote:
hy all i have a problem!
how to use the mental power? pls help mee!!!!!
its a shield
Khan1 wrote:
Can you pls make a update of this mod with japan map i dont know hot to put it :roll: btw excellent mod 5+ just need little re-texture :-D

All you have to do is download the map from this link and then overwrite your existing map txt with it, you also have to overwrite the parties txt and make a new game.
comment last edited by swordsusa on Feb 16, 2011, 10:52:03 am
you sir, are a god.
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 Shogun Mod v0.30.0000 (v 0.30.0000 beta)  » posted under Shogun Mod v0.30.0000 on Nov 16, 2010, 04:09:49 am
Great job! keep up the good work! I will host a dedicates US server with what appears to be the two working factions.
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 Re: 1866 Western Mod MP FIXED for 1.132 (v 0.501)  » posted under 1866 Western Mod MP FIXED for 1.132 on Nov 02, 2010, 10:53:43 pm
barthel666 wrote:
hi. Can you tell me how to play with bots? You've mentioned above about some bot patch. Where I can find it?

There was a patch that fixed the bots its included inside of this release.

You can host a local game for your server in multiplayer and submit a poll to add bots.

If you run a dedicated server you can use

set_bot_count 1 5

to add 5 bots to team one.
comment last edited by swordsusa on Nov 02, 2010, 10:53:59 pm
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 Re: 1866 Western Mod MP FIXED for 1.132 (v 0.501)  » posted under 1866 Western Mod MP FIXED for 1.132 on Nov 01, 2010, 10:20:06 am
Crossbow_Joe wrote:
I really wanted to make AI mesh because I am fairly adept at it. But editing directly in 1866 was too instable for me and would crash. I suppose if I ported it out I could make AI meshes for the next release, if you wanted. Though some of the maps will take a very long time...

I replied to your post on the forums, add my Skype name its in the signature.

I'm the same person as Toasticuss.
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 Re: 1866 Western Mod MP FIXED for 1.132 (v 0.501)  » posted under 1866 Western Mod MP FIXED for 1.132 on Oct 31, 2010, 12:05:15 pm
Crossbow_Joe wrote:
Oh cool thanks :D I downloaded this and tested it and when I saw bots I thought oh good I won't have to put them in. But then I realised they were the exact same. Thanks for clarifying anyway. And thanks for making it compatible I was always sick of joining it through native, you brought back the player base again! :-)

Yeah no problem =) glad to have helped.

I'm trying to help out Highlander at the moment. He messaged me asking if I had any experience with the module system, which I do. So hopefully whenever I get this MP source I can help smooth out some of the bugs.

When you made your bot patch how hard was it to make? Did you make new bot paths?
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 Re: 1866 Western Mod MP FIXED for 1.132 (v 0.501)  » posted under 1866 Western Mod MP FIXED for 1.132 on Oct 30, 2010, 08:43:43 pm
Crossbow_Joe wrote:
I'm confused as to why the bots in this are the exact same as the ones I made in the bot patch :-? Did you install it before making this and forget about it?

I think we did use the bot patch.

Added to credits.
comment last edited by swordsusa on Oct 30, 2010, 08:45:06 pm
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 Re: 1866 Western Mod MP FIXED for 1.132 (v 0.501)  » posted under 1866 Western Mod MP FIXED for 1.132 on Oct 24, 2010, 04:37:29 pm
Flippy Gester wrote:
when will the Single player be ported to warband? i loved the single player. it was amazing. Thanks :) cheers

As I do not have the source I'm unsure you'd have to ask Highlander, I would glady help though.
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 Re: 1866 Western Mod MP FIXED for 1.132 (v 0.501)  » posted under 1866 Western Mod MP FIXED for 1.132 on Oct 23, 2010, 11:50:30 am
nambam wrote:
NOOOOO! :shock: what happend to the surver!?

SORRY GUYS, one of the maps crashed the dedicated server, not sure which one.

If you guys could help me figure it out I could fix it, do any of you remember what map you were playing on when it crashed?

Email me at [email protected] or just post here if you know.

Im setting up an auto restarter for the server so if it should ever go down it will instantly go back up.
comment last edited by swordsusa on Oct 23, 2010, 12:11:56 pm

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