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1  MB Barracks Editor Package Mar 25, 2015 4.59 18,991 5.0 / 5.0 48,154 951.7 KB 8
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 Re: Mount and Blade Barracks (v 1.04b)  » posted under MB Barracks Editor Package on Jan 25, 2013, 04:57:25 pm
loko wrote:
Dear Konrad,
The MBWB.xls does not work on MB 1.011. And I know you already know this, that's why the download contains a 0.12b version of your mod tool (inside a folder named "For MB 1.011 only"), which is fortunate for me since I am just playing Mount&Blade version 1.011 Native. I wish to bring to your attention that said file (your program's v.0.12 included in the download) only has the following command bar options: ProcessTXT and Insert, which I believe is all that it's supposed to have in this early version anyway. The problem is that the only option under ProcessTXT is "Back." There are no selectable "RebuildTXT" and "ExportTXT" options as I believe there should be. Without those commands, how am I going to save the changes I have made using your tool as to effect the game? I really feel that you wanted to have "RebuildTXT" and "ExportTXT" under ProcessTXT even in v.0.12, but just somehow those ain't there now. (I checked your warbands tool version, and tit has "RebuildTXT" and "ExportTXT" options). Kindly fix this in your downloadable v.0.12 too. Looking forward to reading your reply to my message. Thanks :-)
Hi loko,
I'm working on final version for Warband 1.153, WFAS and NW - it should be ready early next week. After that I will try to make it compatible with MB 1.011 as well.
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 Re: Mount and Blade Barracks (v 1.03b)  » posted under MB Barracks Editor Package on Sep 22, 2011, 02:03:29 pm
Cigic wrote:

when exporting ITEM WEIGHT gets messed up
in all situations it adds (,) decimal separator instead of (.)

so txt code looks funny (eg. 2,2.000000)
on next upload it shows 2 weight instead of correct one
all items with weight lower then 1 lose their entry completly

otherwise it would be GREAT TOOL
Tool updated.
comment last edited by [email protected] on Sep 22, 2011, 02:03:43 pm
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 Re: Mount and Blade Barracks (v 1.03b)  » posted under MB Barracks Editor Package on Aug 31, 2011, 04:27:28 pm
thiagolmc wrote:
cause game crash's in M&B-WFS 1.139... =(

i don't like 1.149 trade system and mercenary camp's =/

I have just checked it with WFS 1.143 and is working fine.

As far as I remember they added some new items' flags and capabilities in 1.143 patch. Mayby that is why yours game crash.

Could you tell me what did you change? Or even better send me updated files.

comment last edited by [email protected] on Aug 31, 2011, 04:47:33 pm

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