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benkasim Uploader Apr 21, 2010, 09:26:13 pm 1 4
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1  [Warband Mod] Caldaria - Warring States Oct 14, 2010 11.2 40,174 3.1 / 5.0 92,506 28.06 MB 19
TigerGRC wrote:
What I think would be a great addition is giving the option to permanently kill the lods if you capture them. I tried to find how to do it myself but I can't seem to find a way to edit a mod in order to do that. Still I think it spices up the whole thing a bit since you can get rid of the annoying people who keep attacking you and sack the power of your oponents military that way.

I also want to say that this is a great mod and I was playing it from the moment it got out, trying to mod a bit myself, but my crazy scedule and lack of knowledge on the M&B moding didn't let me to do great things. All I was doing was edditing some items and improving the faces of characters like trying to make the ladies a bit more charming. :P Although I had trouble removing those silly hats they have to wear xP

Anyway... Keep up the good work! I hope to see upgreats soon ^^

You can get the source files for your own modding experience here...
TigerGRC wrote:
Downloading as we speak. I really try to spice up Warband a bit with any interesting modes i find around. For example i am thinking of getting this mode and add Pike&Blade on it. I think it should work. (Maybe i would have to add the new faction units in the end but i will work on it). What i really miss is the great variety of items from mods like PoP or such. I would greatly suggest it as an addition to further versions. I think it will attract a lot of players.

As for the moding... I am a junior developer, still in uni, and i would love to get some experience in such things. My schedule is really heavy with all the projects and labs (plus football training and matches xD), but if you think you would need any extra hands don't hesitate to add me in the team! If you want to discuss any further on that feel free to message me ^^

Thanks and keep up the good work ;)

Sure TigerGRC.. I welcome any help I can get.
galactic bum wrote:
Thanks, good work :-D
Might want to add some new items, or maybe even few new quest in the future release for more fun. PM me if need help, i don't have much experience but a lot of free time :P
@Ralen you have 1.1 version of the game? Why don't you upgrade it to the latest 1.113? Perhaps thats why you have problems with loading this module.

Thanks for the offer. I am new to modding as well. This is my first time coding in Python with the Module System, too. Caldaria - Warring States is sort of my training ground before I work on my new world project.
Ralen wrote:
Not trying to sound mean or something, but what about the start menu's?
Don't know if I'm the only one, but I get a lot of errors and just the background pic and menu block but that's it...

Thanks in advance ;) and the idea is great

What are the errors that you get? I have started a new game a few far ok... Mine is the latest version of Warband v1.113

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