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Abhuva Uploader Apr 21, 2010, 01:36:27 am 6 11
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1  Scaedumar Source Code Aug 25, 2011 0.1 378 Unrated 3,109 1.52 MB 0
2  Scaedumar Warband (SP) Apr 22, 2011 4.06 16,198 4.5 / 5.0 41,436 351.59 MB 25
3  Scaedumar beta Language Files Apr 20, 2011 0.05 198 Unrated 1,192 350.2 KB 0
4  Scaedumar Mod User Manual May 03, 2010 0.25 1,060 5.0 / 5.0 4,018 154.6 KB 0
5  Scaedumar Patch 0.11 May 03, 2010 0.33 1,388 5.0 / 5.0 6,384 15.11 MB 0
6  Scaedumar Apr 21, 2010 0.72 3,011 4.9 / 5.0 14,432 215.46 MB 9
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 Re: Scaedumar Warband (SP) (v 0.4 beta)  » posted under Scaedumar Warband (SP) on Jun 11, 2011, 12:32:36 pm
Call4Pizza wrote:
..are there reworked troop trees for the factions or at least do the faction units have new armor?
Right now there are no reworked troop trees, i have some ideas for future updates but overall the main concept was to stay as close as possible to the original flavour M&B offers. As far as i remember the only units that have new armour are Vaegir, beside that nearly all factions utilizes new horses...
I hope this isnt too dissapointing =) This mod focus more on gameplay / scripting / scenebuilding things for now ( and this is a one-man work of course =P )
There are some nice armours available in the mod, but for now the factions mostly dont use them.
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 Re: Scaedumar Warband (SP) (v 0.4 beta)  » posted under Scaedumar Warband (SP) on Apr 26, 2011, 08:56:50 am
angmar1 wrote:
i wanna know if there is any virus or something in this mod
There is defintly no virus in here, antivir programs sometimes make false alerts.
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 Re: Scaedumar Warband (SP) (v 0.4 beta)  » posted under Scaedumar Warband (SP) on Apr 23, 2011, 05:18:53 am
Zoso wrote:
if theres an update for this mod, it'll be posted just like this one right???

Yes, you will find information about updates etc. either here or, in more detail, on the original forum thread at talesworld (see homepage link) - and also here:
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 Re: Scaedumar Warband (SP) (v 0.3 alpha)  » posted under Scaedumar Warband (SP) on Dec 26, 2010, 03:50:23 am
The_Dashing_Rogue wrote:
Will you allow me to upload a mod that is basically Scaedumar but with some things tweaked/changed around? :-) If yes can I include Scaedumar in the title if I give you credit for allowing me to use your mod? I've already made my min-mod/tweaks but the question is if you'll mind if I upload them..? Thanks again. :-D

Go ahead with this, as long as you give proper credits. I guess you are aware that this is still a early alpha version, i am atm working on the open beta with lots of improvements, balancing and bugfixing.
Scaedumar is a selfdeveloped, made-up word (and band-name) from me and a friend, but its not copyrighted. I have no problems seeing it used in your title (or better subtitle =P) as long as its clearly stated in your readme/credits that this name belongs to me.

Once i have a stable open beta i guess i will make it open-source (download with full module-system, game-design-documents, other used documents during development) - but its still a nice long route to go before that =)

At the moment i am in the painful situation to decide what features will stay and what not for the open beta. But i hope that within the next few months i will finish this project and release a stable, satisfying version.
Due to heavy limitiations on both the engine and the team-resources (hurray for one man dev-teams =P) some really promising and cool features are likely to not be implemented, but overall there are some nice new things for the beta.
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 Scaedumar Warband (SP) (v 0.3 alpha)  » posted under Scaedumar Warband (SP) on Dec 06, 2010, 01:20:11 pm
The strategic map will be reworked completely for open beta, also thx for the bug report, i fixed it.
comment last edited by Abhuva on Dec 06, 2010, 01:35:37 pm
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 Scaedumar Warband (SP) (v 0.3 alpha)  » posted under Scaedumar Warband (SP) on Nov 29, 2010, 12:52:37 pm
@Befenismor: thx for the support, i will for sure keep improving it =)
@OK Wookie: Screenshots are at the taleworlds forum, just visit the mod-thread there (via homepage link), i will improve the presentation here once i am done with the work for open beta.
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 Scaedumar Warband (SP) (v 0.3 alpha)  » posted under Scaedumar Warband (SP) on Nov 21, 2010, 03:15:09 pm
Its a quite graphic heavy mod, i will try to improve this for beta but i guess on older systems it will be always like that... i developed it on a rather old laptop and to play smoothly i also have to turn down nearly everything. Things that improved it greatly for me was turning off HDR and shaders (in the Video Options menu), and using Texture on demand, beside the usual stuff like turning off grass etc.

On the other side i love the look of it, even if my laptop can barely handle it during normal game-play. This was one of the main reasons i maked LODs for Polished Landscapes and Buildings.
I hope you can still enjoy it =)
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 Scaedumar (v 0.1 beta)  » posted under Scaedumar on May 03, 2010, 03:36:16 pm
@galactic_bum: I plan to port this to warband, but i dont want to rush, at the moment i want to get a stable, good tested and mostly finished release for M&B. When the module-system for Warband is finished (and not patching every 2 weeks like at the moment) i will begin to port. There is still a lot of content in here which needs the porting by other people (mostly things like the PolishedLandscapes) and i think its better to wait till that is done before i patch my own mod =)

@Pearson_de_Saap: hehe, i answered your question at the taleworlds forum... in the newest patch i fixed the chances for the relation-loss a bit ( 5% for lords instead of the 10%) but there is still the chance for loosing some relation - and thats intended.

All in all, thx to all for the support and the great feedback. Thats pushing me to work even more on that project :-P
Saved me a lot of time and worked like a charm. Thx for it :-P
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 Scaedumar (v 0.1 beta)  » posted under Scaedumar on Apr 22, 2010, 08:31:54 pm
When Tempered didnt changed something with that in his version 1.8 release of the RangerCompany (and i dont believe it, cause his mod is focusing on other things atm) then its the same like in native. So you can recruit Nords from Nordic Villages and so on, the culture/troop tree didnt change when the ownership of a village changes. I like it more that way - seeing it as a kind of stable culture you are recruiting from. I have no plans to add Kingdom Management features atm cause of 2 things. The first is that Tempered mentioned that he maybe will do something similar with his system (and this mod here is based on his work), and the second is that i wanted to left out all things in coding which may cause more trouble when i should try to port this mod later to M&B Warband.
Also i finally had the time to spend a bit more testing my own mod (i am spending more time in text and scene editors than actually playing it :lol: ) and i found some new strategies for your problem with the recruiting. I was basicly beginning with slaughtering some looters on my own and some trade-runs through the map and as soon as i found some Rangers or Watchmen/Merc Horseman i start recruiting them... then i just send my Rangers as spy in the villages. Having a spy increases your relation everyday, so after a week i could retrieve him and send him to another, this way it was easier to build up Relation in several villages to recruit from without having to rely on quests.
Now that i actually played it i have to say i really like it, its a bit more complicated and you have to make the decision if you want that top-tier merc troop for fight or want to do some kind of politic with him.
Btw, just to mention, i uploaded a new Manual and some of the concepts are written a bit more in-depth in there...
Over the time of the next weeks i will try to work more on that Manual, seeing as the added features and there interrelation are quite complex.
comment last edited by Abhuva on Apr 22, 2010, 08:41:02 pm
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 Scaedumar (v 0.1 beta)  » posted under Scaedumar on Apr 22, 2010, 05:52:58 pm
@Natureboy: Its a fresh feature from the RangerCompany Mod. Peasant Relations affect gameplay now much more, it seems like starting out on your own is now much harder. But it makes sense to me, why should peasants trust anyone who didnt done them any favor? I will test it a bit more to see how much work you have to do to get the relations up. Btw its not only relation to that village. There is a new stat you can see in the Reports called Peasant Relations. Helping Farmers out in battle will increase it, also it should be noted that helping caravans also affect the relation with the towns now. My advice would be to start out with a mercenary party, and after building up some relations switch to a faction-troops.

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