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hotaru69 Regular User Apr 18, 2010, 06:24:47 pm 0 6
kefka95 wrote:
Hassie wrote:
Hotaru69 wrote:
<more stuff>

I appreciate the enthusiasm guys, but this is probably really not worth fighting over :hammer:. If people are having issues with the program, I'll do what I can to get to get it working for them (well, within reason :green:). If something isn't working for one person, then there are probably other people with similar issues who just don't post anything.

I did manage to find the Windows Uninstall registry keys (which contains the install path) for the Steam versions of both games:
Vanilla M&B: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Steam App 22100 Warband: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Steam App 48700

Unfortunately I don't know what the exact registry path is for the non-Steam version. Can anyone with the non-Steam version verify the uninstall registry path? I'm assuming it will be somewhere under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\<something>.

Also, for the next release I'm going to try to make TweakMB a little bit "smarter" when it comes to finding the correct field for the tweak. I won't do this for every tweak, simply because it would take way too long, but with any luck it will make some of the more popular tweaks more compatible with different modules (meaning those tweaks are less likely to be disabled).

"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Mount&Blade Warband"
(Path in "UninstallString" REG_SZ thereof)

I would *guess* therefor, ye old M&B would be:
But I can't be sure, as me old M&B is ported from a previous OS install.

The path can also be found under:
(default [@]) holds the path.

There's another key that points to a specific moduel in use, but I *think* that's from the Mod System.

Hassie wrote:
["omfg how dare you" post so long that quoting it broke the forums]

Okay, go back and read what I said:
Hotaru69 wrote:
Ya REALLY need a system for fixing Morale in Warband. Party size dun mean nuttin, if you can't tweak morale too.

I've got a party size of nearly 10,000 after all my attempts to fix it with tweakmb and *still* the party springs huge leaks at 75 if I so much as *think* of laying siege to anything.

Where in there am I saying something bad about the program?

I made a suggestion for an improvement based on the fact that the morale system seemed not to work for Warband (actually no workie for my ex's install either, which is odd >_>) and I got my head bitten off under the pretext that the mod is perfect and beyond being questioned in any way. That sort of thing is where fanboys become a bane to the object of their fandom.

If I came in and said "LOL FU YER PROGGIE SUX!!11!" that'd be different, but this sort of loyalty to the point of preventing any suggestion is counter productive. Tis like nationalists who shoot anyone who tries to improve anything on sight - nations under that sort of citizen based tyrany tend to die... or end up killing 6 million jews. ;)

[As for the rest of the post, as I said, yes, I already fixed it manually.]


Found default paths for Steam, was going to just tack them onto previous post:

"%programfiles%\Steam\SteamApps\common\mountblade warband"

comment last edited by hotaru69 on Apr 20, 2010, 10:35:11 am
Meh, I've worked on enough free mods to know that of all those things, motivation is the most important. :\ It may simply be my M&B is corrupt from hacking at it myself.

It looks this is done in Visual Basic - sadly likely one of the newer variants, so reading registry keys is not a simple command as it should be, but involves some twiddling that really shouldn't exist in "Basic", but Microsoft has done everything they can to make programming as inaccessible as possible. Guess I shouldn't complain... I guess they see that a lot of us would be out of jobs if programming was as easy as it should be. Gone are the days when the purpose of "Basic" was to make programming as accessible to as many folks as possible. [/rant]

My VB is rusty, but IIRC, ye need something along these lines:
'Declaration Imports Microsoft.VisualBasic Imports System Imports System.Security.Permissions Imports Microsoft.Win32 [<then... somewhere in name space>] Dim readValue As Object readValue = My.Computer.Registry.GetValue("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Someapp", "SomeDefaultKey", Nothing) MsgBox("The value is " & CStr(readValue))

If it fails to find the key, it'll return "SomeDefaultKey".

Granted, I dunno, off hand, what key ye should be looking for. I'd have to look it up.

The default path for Warband's native moduel "%programfiles%\Mount&Blade Warband\Modules\Native\" - ye old M&B is "%programfiles%\Mount&Blade\Modules\Native\" - but that'll likely be different for Steam installs. Steam, however, will have its own regkey for this.

Good luck with it. Making the things easier for folks is some good karma for ye, if nothing else.
*sigh* If the thing was as perfect as you folks seem to think it is, it'd cure cancer. >_> Kind of amazed one dare ever touches the code of such wondrous precision.

Glad to see someone up there, who is actually working on it, isn't so satisfied as to sit on his laurels though.

Obviously some folks aren't going to believe this creation that fell from Heaven can do any wrong without a screenshot:

Yes, the game's up to date... I've two versions of the game (ye old and Warband), but they are, needless to say, in two different folders. Option works fine for ye old M&B, but not Warband, where it seems it has gotten much more difficult to maintain morale. (Maybe something to do with different faction troops having adjusted morales, even though I since kicked out all my angry Nords...)

But NVM - I fricken went into the script file and edited manually myself the hard way. It doesn't seem to report right on the morale screen, and I can't seem to get "Recent Events" above 0 no matter what I slaughter, but it says morale is "Excellent", the leaks have stopped, and the Heroes aren't causing me to threaten to hang them on a daily basis anymore.

As for suggestions that might make it easier to use, as a developer I know we tend to forget this, but a lot of folks have difficulty even navigating folders. For sake of looking more professional, if not for the failures of public education, it seems the program could check the registry as to where Mount and Blade is installed, and save the trouble of using the most hated bit of the standard windows GUI - that damned little folder navigator that doesn't even allow you to paste a path into its klutzy retard interface (Microsoft's fault, not yours). If ye don't know how to check registry entries, or if the program fails to find the registry install entries (say if M&B was ported post HD crash/OS reinstall), then at least check the default install paths (eg. %programfiles%/Mount&Blade [Warband]). If all that fails, the older interface will still there to save those few for whom it does. Improves accessibility, speed of use, and looks hellofa lot smarter.

Also a page of global theme-based adjustments might be nice, as well as appending the backup folder name with a time-date stamp or numerator, so you don't overwrite your backups with subsequent uses (much potential for disaster there). A "restore default settings" or "restore from backup" button, also would be welcome.
comment last edited by hotaru69 on Apr 19, 2010, 08:12:28 pm
galactic bum wrote:
hotaru69 wrote:
Ya REALLY need a system for fixing Morale in Warband. Party size dun mean nuttin, if you can't tweak morale too.

I've got a party size of nearly 10,000 after all my attempts to fix it with tweakmb and *still* the party springs huge leaks at 75 if I so much as *think* of laying siege to anything.

You attempt to fix morale by increasing your party size?? :shock:
Just change your bonus morale from leadership to higher number (significantly higher if you have or plan to have a lot of troops in your party), and give it some time to change (in-game time). Check your report on morale and see how much leadership adds morale should be more than men in your party.

TweakMB works fine (REALLY), very easy to use (REALLY). So ya should stop whining, and use your head once in a while.

Option is Grayed in Warband. :P

Before attacking requests, you should see that they do not work fine (REALLY), and it is not as nearly easy to use as it could be (REALLY). So ya should stop whining like a fanboy, and use your head once in a while to make things better, instead of defending the status-quo (REALLY). :P
Ya REALLY need a system for fixing Morale in Warband. Party size dun mean nuttin, if you can't tweak morale too.

I've got a party size of nearly 10,000 after all my attempts to fix it with tweakmb and *still* the party springs huge leaks at 75 if I so much as *think* of laying siege to anything.
comment last edited by hotaru69 on Apr 18, 2010, 06:38:22 pm

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