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Rohan Regular User Apr 03, 2010, 03:03:50 pm 0 2
happy_heme wrote:
kefka95 wrote:
happy_heme wrote:
Sorry mate, but the same problem with the robber leader escaping still seems to occur in Warband. Also, the option for the tavern keeper to buy prisoners doesn't appear in the conversation with the tavern keeper. But thanks for the program and good luck with working out the kinks!

Are you sure you're using the most recent version of TweakMB (should be 0.41 or 0.42)? I just started a couple of new games with some random TweakMB modifications, and the robber leader talked to me after the fight like he was supposed to each time.

You were correct about the tavern keeper tweak - it looks like it was changed after the last patch. I just uploaded a release that should correct this (v0.42).
I just downloaded the latest version of TweakMB (0.42) and the robber leader still manages to escape everytime. I reinstalled Warband and patch it up to 1.104 if thats any help to you. And the tavern keeper still doesn't have the option to buy prisoners from me.

I've just used v. 0.42 to create a mod and it's working great. The robber leader is captured and I can sell prisoners to the tavern keeper. No other problems encountered so far. Thanks kefka95.
Excellent utility. Great work!

However, I have an issue. When I created a mod using TweakMB, it broke the first quest somehow. When I attack the 4 robbers, win the battle,collect the loot, and exit, I get the message that the Robber leader has somehow managed to escape. So I can't get the location of the robber hideout and can't continue with the quest.

I've had no problem completing the quest with Native at all. But after three tries with various changes using TweakMB, every one has been broken.

I hope you can figure out what's wrong. Thank you.

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