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LTC Rodrick Regular User Mar 28, 2010, 11:42:49 am 0 10
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 Re: Persistent World MOD (v Version 3 Beta)  » posted under Persistent World MOD on Jan 25, 2011, 04:20:03 pm
Miika270 wrote:
Umm where┬┤s the installer file?
You install it manually doofus.

Also, I got an error about it not being able to open a sunset skybox file. Any fix out?
comment last edited by LTC Rodrick on Jan 25, 2011, 05:56:26 pm
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 Re: Mount & Musket: Battalion (v 0.4.2)  » posted under Mount & Musket: Battalion on Jan 23, 2011, 11:36:10 am
QWW wrote:
also takes to long to reload I know you're trying to go for realistic but know one wants that.

A. It's like, based in mid-late 1700s, they didn't have quick reload clips and holographic sights back then. Guns were just starting to evolve. Reloading guns here actually takes less time than it really did.

B. If people didn't want realism, then they shouldn't have downloaded this. This is the most realistic mod to date.

So seriously, deal with it, or try a different mod.
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 Re: Mount & Musket: Battalion (v 0.3.3)  » posted under Mount & Musket: Battalion on Dec 04, 2010, 10:53:42 am
SniperGDude wrote:
I only played For 30mins but i got to say that this game still needs alot of work, I get Error Scripts Trying to shoot rifles and doesn't play any sounds or Bullet/Smoke animations, And When it hits an NPC it only does Minimal damage, and i couldnt find any Armor but hats,and as i recruited Troops I couldnt Find any tree with a troop tree with Muskets/Rifles, But It was at least nice for small Changes, But has many Flauds Still. As No Other NPC had Rifles/Muskets.

You probably host your own battle didn't you? The sounds don't work for any guns on any mod unless you join a dedicated server for the mod. Do what I do, Kill a teammate with the soundless gun and take his after dropping your original. Works every time.
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 Mount & Musket: Battalion (v 0.3.4)  » posted under Mount & Musket: Battalion on Dec 04, 2010, 10:51:18 am
My god, I remember this mod when it had incorrect gun animations, crappy uniforms, and script errors.

Look how far you guys have come! I am very impressed. Still has a few script errors though.

I may actually tell friends about this! Excellent work guys
Maybe I dont see it because I usually log in around 5am EST on weekends. idk
err. What is the server usually called, also all i ever see is native module servers and pw-something something module servers. Never the finland mod ones. so i host my own and play vs the AI.
BTw i also noticed that whe you start, the gun you have doesnt make noise, but when you kill someone and take their gun, sound happens. can that be fixed quickly?
Well either way i salute you. Congrats on the first (known to me) working World War multiplayer mod!
Lol! I downloaded the previous version on friday and i was gonna mention the several errors and bugs today, but you were on top of it!!! Great job! :pint:
WWII!!!! :hammer: :hammer: :hammer:
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 Re: 1866 Multiplayer Beta (v 0.1)  » posted under 1866 Multiplayer v.5 on Aug 09, 2010, 08:41:03 am
shimi776 wrote:
is there 1866 single player mod?

Yes there is a single player. It's in the original M&B mod area, search 1866.

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