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riffking88 Uploader Mar 24, 2010, 01:09:43 pm 1 7
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1  NotYetNamed. Mar 24, 2010 0.22 758 Unrated 6,099 154 bytes 18
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 NotYetNamed. (v 1.011)  » posted under NotYetNamed. on Apr 14, 2010, 05:30:36 pm
okay the forum is made check it out --- Ive decided to name it --- Plain of Time
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 NotYetNamed. (v 1.011)  » posted under NotYetNamed. on Apr 11, 2010, 10:56:00 am
so everyone, i decided if u all insist i will make a thread, but if someone could put a quick guide on how to do so, because i signed up on the forums page, and i cant figure out how to make a post, only tried for about 5 minutes and got tired, but i would appreciate it, it would also be for your benefit. I also have decided that i will need alot of help making this mod. First thing is first, i need a big map. So if anyone is experienced in map-making, i can send you a sketch of the map labeled with all towns and castles. just let me know and give me your e-mail.
Thank you

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 NotYetNamed. (v 1.011)  » posted under NotYetNamed. on Mar 26, 2010, 12:49:30 pm
plate armour is definately a must in certain factions, but there will be factions that only wear mail and fur and leather, and others that wear nothing but fabric such as the desert factions. Im going for lots of variety in this mod. sorry everyone but i doubt i will be making a forum, this is good enough for me, u can suggest on this page if u hav anything in mind. everything will be strongly considered. Id like it if someone would post a link to a video tutorial of some sort, ive watched all the wings 3d ones and am currently using it. but id like some tutorials for maybe animations or coding. i watched the one on coding that is on the repository but it didnt quite do it for me.

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 NotYetNamed. (v 1.011)  » posted under NotYetNamed. on Mar 25, 2010, 01:35:12 pm
thanks alot everyone, ive begun already and have some extremely good looking helmets and shields done. i will be posting some screenshots in the near future so stay posted. any ideas would seriously be considered, such as the farms outside the walls. I want to make every town and castle much bigger, but the scene will have to grow as well, and there will be plenty of room for things like that, so pls post any ideas that come to mind. Also, i am getting an error message after downloading the latest BRFEdit, unable to open module.ini-and it said error loading the directory. any solutions?
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 NotYetNamed. (v 1.011)  » posted under NotYetNamed. on Mar 24, 2010, 05:03:51 pm
thanks for the comment, but id prefer to get some links to useful programs and tutorials other than bad input.
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 NotYetNamed. (v 1.011)  » posted under NotYetNamed. on Mar 24, 2010, 03:22:03 pm
On second thought, i have alot of time on my hands. So, if anyone can post some links for modding tools, things i can edit or create items with, animations, people, horses, textures, the whole works actually, that would be much appreciated. It must be free though cause i do not intend to spend any money on this, and if someone could post some modding tutorials with the programs that would be great. because i haven't seen any decent ones in all the places that i've looked. O, and i forgot to mention that i will be adding camel riders and war elephants.
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 NotYetNamed. (v 1.011)  » posted under NotYetNamed. on Mar 24, 2010, 02:53:04 pm
Pls do not download, it is a readme file- i just put it there so i could post this. Like i said i am new to this and i didnt know if i had to put a download file or not, but it said required.

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