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kefka95 Uploader Mar 21, 2010, 04:27:40 pm 1 31
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1  TweakMB (With Fire & Sword support!) [v5.09] Dec 29, 2013 117.43 492,923 4.6 / 5.0 809,290 1.5 MB 146
DatrixTSW wrote:
it would be a brilliant mod if it would actually work i already have .net framework 3.5.1. The only problem is that there is an unhandled exception error with ammodebug.txt says that it is "access is denied... Did you put a password on that file? or do I need something to patch this?

Here is the error msg:

Try moving the TweakMB folder out of the Program Files folder. The message you're receiving means that you don't have access to write files in that folder (the Program Files folder is often a protected folder).
mclovin0211 wrote:
I downloaded it, made sure I had Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 installed (Which it was), and downloaded this. I extracted to desktop, M&B:Warband, and M&B:WFaS. I ran it in each location and all it says is "TweakMB has stopped working" immediately.
Help please?! I'd love to use this!

Does the error message provide you with any additional information?
Swadia4Ever wrote:
hi there
first of all i would like to thank you for your wonderfull tools

i have two questions :

1. is there a chance you would add prophecy of pendor 3.4 support
2. do you share you're source code and if you do where can i find it

thanks in advance

Glad you're enjoying the program! To answer your questions:

1. Yes, PoP 3.4 support will be added after the WF&S 1.143 tweaks have been updated
2. TweakMB is currently not open source
erundil wrote:
Sorry, but your new system for ammo is a failure. See it working on clean Warband (or rather NOT working...):

Do you by chance have an "international" version of Windows (ie, not North American)? The ammo tweaks work correctly for the vast majority of users, but every once and a while there will be someone it doesn't work for. I've never been able to reproduce the problem (it works fine for me), so I'm trying to gather as much information as I can from the people who are having the issue. I have a theory that it's related to certain international versions of Windows, but it's difficult to verify.
Quickhand69er wrote:
Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword is comming out soon and I was wondering if the auther of my faverite MB program will be adding support for it?

Yes, TweakMB will fully support WFAS :green:. That said, it will take some time to get everything updated, and it may be somewhat limited until the WFAS module system is released.
AlexDragon wrote:
Need help , everytime I change something in tweak in mount and blade 1.011 ,
I went to the game nothing happen but when I sell prisoners in tavern or ransom broker I get $999999999999999
A couple of things to check:
  1. Did you start with an unmodified copy of the Native module?
  2. Within TweakMB, are you sure you loaded it with the "Load Module (MB)" button and not the "Load Module (Warband)" button?
tucker wrote:
this is a really useful tool
but would it be possible for a future version to be able to change betting odds on tournaments and/or increasing the number of betting options cos just making bigger bets is sorta like cheating and i want to make huge rewards possible but only at large risks as oppose to betting high and always winning
plz add a comment telling me why not if you cant do this
thanks in advance

If I'm understanding what you're asking, you would like the odds to be based on the size of the bet (ie, higher bets have higher odds, lower bets have lower odds). You can change the odds for each individual round, but right now the odds are based entirely on which round of the tournament you're on (ie, the game doesn't look at the bet amount when calculating the odds).

You could do it by writing an entirely new script and then modifying the existing scripts to call the new one, but you would probably have to recompile the module in order to do it. In other words, I don't think it's possible to do as a "tweak", per se.
samlenaik wrote:

I also wanted to ask about the Guild Master and Village Elder at the Menu of Villages and Towns. Village Elder button does nothing at all. I can click it 25 times and it doesn't do anything. I know you have that message in there about if it was checked and so forth, but this was a new script from Native I made for my new mod to be current. I havent ever seen 2 Village Elder Buttons, just 1 that does nothing.

It's really a problem because this options correctly works with the 1.113 version but don't work with the new one 1.124. If you have solution it'll be great ! This options were wonderfull to not lose time in game !

This was broken with the new patch (like a lot of other tweaks!). The next update will correct this.
metallicawoo wrote:
Oh right ok :) so will there be any progress on mods in the future at all?

It's highly unlikely. I would have to manually recreate most of the 300+ tweaks for each individual mod, which is obviously not realistic. The other problem is that many of those mods are updated on a very frequent basis. So I could spend a huge amount of time getting one mod setup in TweakMB, only to see the mod updated the next day, breaking half of the tweaks in the process (in which case it would just be a complete waste of my time to try and keep it updated).

If there is a feature or tweak you would like to see in a mod, your best bet is to contact the author of the mod and let them know what changes you would like to see.
metallicawoo wrote:
:-) This is actually awesome, but i am being a bit of an idiot i think, coz i want to sort out "assigning fiefs" with "Zlogoljni AGE OF CHANGE" but for some reason all the options are grayed out and i cant change anything. What do I need to do to resolve this? Im sure its something really simple haha. Thanks :-)

TweakMB is developed and tested on Native only. If you're using any other mods, there's a good chance that some tweaks just won't work (or at least not through TweakMB).
You said it uses up the ammo 133% as fast as normal? I havent seen that, nor the 10 makes you shot 5. I have a siege crossbow set to 8, and it shoots 8 and takes 8 out of the ammo. Maybe I changed something else to make it work.

Apparently it's a known bug with Warband:
Well I appreciate it, and I was actually asking, if I find the line of code, like I did for the Mercenary numbers, would you want me to list them for you in that specific txt file?

It actually almost never takes more than a minute or two to find a given tweak. Once you understand what you're looking at, the module system is pretty easy to use :green:
PS- Kefka as in FF3/6 Kefka?

Yup! FF6 is probably one of, if not my very favorite game of all time :hammer:
Hassie wrote:
Kefka, you have gone far and beyond what I could have ever hoped for in a tool to modify this game. Honestly, all this stuff I would expect to find in 9-17 different tools, and you made it so simple, my "13" year old brother can navigate through it, and make changes, and make the game how he, and my father (Master's in History) and I can't begin to express my gratitude for doing this. I know you worked hard on this, to make it work for as many people as possible, if not everyone that uses it. I have several requests, but I don't know how gung-ho you are at putting in new features, or doing another tool, or stopping altogether to enjoy your work and update it when they release new versions of the game, if/when they do.

Thank you for the kind words - it's always nice to know that at least some people find it useful :green:
I did want to ask you, if it was easier for you to know the specific line of code in scripts.txt, menu.txt or any other txt file, or do you use something like python, and those numbers that I use to change things around, mean less to your program than for me to change the game? That wasn't really a question, more the statement, but you have added battle map tweaks, camp feature tweaks and nearly all the Lord tweaks possible. You have gone through the whole scope of the game, hitting every point very nicely. There are a few things that were left out, I think on purpose.

I'm not quite sure what you're asking, but I find most of the tweaks by looking through the module system files. Sometimes I have a specific thing I'm looking for, and sometimes I just randomly come across things that seem useful. Once you know the number you're looking for and the line it's contained in, it's pretty easy to get the tweak pinned down (although it certainly does help to understand how to read the compiled text files).

Those are all very good suggestions, and shouldn't be too hard to add. I had actually never heard of the "reloading" one, but it seems to work pretty well, albeit a bit strangely (ie, changing it to 10 only lets you fire 5 times before reloading, and seems to use up your ammo ~33% faster?). Whatever the case, I'll play around with it a little bit more and see if I can't get it added sometime soon.
MutantRex wrote:
looks great. but now that i've used it, when i try to boot up the game it crashes after the loading screen saying "unexpected end of file when trying to read item_kinds1.txt" or something like that. what do i do?

Try restoring the backup copy of your item_kinds1.txt file and see if it still happens. If you're using any mods outside of TweakMB, that could also cause a conflict.
lordglyth wrote:
so, is there a way to tweak the chance of the lord actuly joining me?

It's possible, but it wouldn't be easy. There a lot of different variables and miscellaneous factors that figure in to whether or not a lord will join you. They can all be tweaked, but it would get fairly complicated. I'll look into it a bit and see if I can come up with a way to simplify it :green:
Hassie - I'll try to get that mercenary tweak added after tonight's release :green:
Hassie wrote:
Zenix wrote:
TweakMB is not working for me. I load the module and edit whatever, but don't check off anything that has a warning, load up the game and start a new game but the changes are not sticking. I am playing Warband via steam, I am wondering if that is causing this issue?

Kefka they released Warband 1.113, again I'm pretty sure JUST to screw with you. Some of the mods do not change with the 0.91 application. You make the changes, save it, load that same mod again and almost nothing changed. I'm playiing a 1.112 ver mod still, and it SEEMS to run fine on the newer Warband version, but this is getting annoying. They need to STOP releasing new mods EVERY day or two. They need to gather it all up and do one patch a week or 2. I can't even keep my mod current, let alone built on it at this rate, and for really minor things that CAN wait I'm sure another 5-12 days. Anyhow, just letting you know that Since I have Steam I am OBLIGATED to get the newest version, as are you too I'm sure Zenix. It ALWAYS looks for the newest version and grabs it when trying to play. You can turn this off, but I would advise against it. Anyhow you may have a newer version of Warband, than this TweakMB is for. Look at the top right of the start, configure, exit screen, and see if it is 1.112 or 1.113. This TweakMB is for 1.112, NOT 1.113, which will not save the changes from my experience in the past.

However, STEAM is NOT the problem as I have it, use it and it has always worked fine. Make sure you are using the RIGHT module, and not one you downloaded like a lot of people do. Make sure you Tweak the program files/steam/steam apps/common/Warband/module/native??? if that is the mod you want, or it could be in program files 86 or whatever, but make sure you are tweaking the right game, and not another one.

Just to clarify, TweakMB will save your changes regardless of your game version. If you're using a newer or older version, then some of the tweaks may be disabled, but the tweaks that are NOT disabled should still work fine (well, most of them anyway). I can also confirm that Steam is not the problem (I test TweakMB with the Steam version).

Beyond that I'm not sure what would cause your issue. Are you sure you're saving your changes? Make sure the game isn't running when you do this. Does TweakMB say that it's been saved successfully?
Hassie wrote:
Hotaru69 wrote:
<more stuff>

I appreciate the enthusiasm guys, but this is probably really not worth fighting over :hammer:. If people are having issues with the program, I'll do what I can to get to get it working for them (well, within reason :green:). If something isn't working for one person, then there are probably other people with similar issues who just don't post anything.

I did manage to find the Windows Uninstall registry keys (which contains the install path) for the Steam versions of both games:
Vanilla M&B: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Steam App 22100 Warband: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Steam App 48700

Unfortunately I don't know what the exact registry path is for the non-Steam version. Can anyone with the non-Steam version verify the uninstall registry path? I'm assuming it will be somewhere under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\<something>.

Also, for the next release I'm going to try to make TweakMB a little bit "smarter" when it comes to finding the correct field for the tweak. I won't do this for every tweak, simply because it would take way too long, but with any luck it will make some of the more popular tweaks more compatible with different modules (meaning those tweaks are less likely to be disabled).
hotaru69 wrote:
*sigh* If the thing was as perfect as you folks seem to think it is, it'd cure cancer. >_> Kind of amazed one dare ever touches the code of such wondrous precision.

Glad to see someone up there, who is actually working on it, isn't so satisfied as to sit on his laurels though.

Obviously some folks aren't going to believe this creation that fell from Heaven can do any wrong without a screenshot:

Yes, the game's up to date... I've two versions of the game (ye old and Warband), but they are, needless to say, in two different folders. Option works fine for ye old M&B, but not Warband, where it seems it has gotten much more difficult to maintain morale. (Maybe something to do with different faction troops having adjusted morales, even though I since kicked out all my angry Nords...)

But NVM - I fricken went into the script file and edited manually myself the hard way. It doesn't seem to report right on the morale screen, and I can't seem to get "Recent Events" above 0 no matter what I slaughter, but it says morale is "Excellent", the leaks have stopped, and the Heroes aren't causing me to threaten to hang them on a daily basis anymore.

As for suggestions that might make it easier to use, as a developer I know we tend to forget this, but a lot of folks have difficulty even navigating folders. For sake of looking more professional, if not for the failures of public education, it seems the program could check the registry as to where Mount and Blade is installed, and save the trouble of using the most hated bit of the standard windows GUI - that damned little folder navigator that doesn't even allow you to paste a path into its klutzy retard interface (Microsoft's fault, not yours). If ye don't know how to check registry entries, or if the program fails to find the registry install entries (say if M&B was ported post HD crash/OS reinstall), then at least check the default install paths (eg. %programfiles%/Mount&Blade [Warband]). If all that fails, the older interface will still there to save those few for whom it does. Improves accessibility, speed of use, and looks hellofa lot smarter.

Also a page of global theme-based adjustments might be nice, as well as appending the backup folder name with a time-date stamp or numerator, so you don't overwrite your backups with subsequent uses (much potential for disaster there). A "restore default settings" or "restore from backup" button, also would be welcome.

Thanks for following up. The only thing I can say regarding the disabled tweaks is that there must be something different between the files you have in your Native folder and the files most other people have, as it works fine for me as well as for most other people. I don't mean to sound defensive in saying that, it's just that I simply don't think there's any other reason why it wouldn't work.

This doesn't prove anything, but I can tell you that if I load my Native files from 1.105 or earlier (I keep backups of every version that comes out), I get the exact same results that you do in that screenshot (ie, the morale tweaks are disabled, as well as the disable companion interaction tweak). If I load 1.110 or 1.111, everything on that screen works fine. This makes me think that maybe your text files are still based on an earlier version. Again, that's just a guess.

I agree that it would be nice to have the program find the install folder automatically. If I knew how to do it (or even what the default install paths are), I would certainly implement it. As it is, I don't know how to do it (I'm not a professional developer, this is just something I mess around with in my spare time). That said, it takes about 10 seconds to find the folder manually, and that should be a one-time thing the very first time you use the program.

I also agree that the other suggestions you mentioned would be nice. At the end of the day I think they're fairly minor issues (ie, none of them prevent the program from working as intended), but hopefully I can get them added at some point. Being a developer yourself, you probably know that adding seemingly simple things to a program often takes about 10x longer than you would expect it to. Like anyone, I have a limited amount of time, motivation, and coding skill, so I simply try to do the best with what I've got :green:
hotaru69 wrote:

Option is Grayed in Warband. :P

Before attacking requests, you should see that they do not work fine (REALLY), and it is not as nearly easy to use as it could be (REALLY). So ya should stop whining like a fanboy, and use your head once in a while to make things better, instead of defending the status-quo (REALLY). :P

Are you sure your module files are updated to 1.111? It's possible for the game to be updated to 1.111, but your actual module text files can still be based on an earlier version. Try loading up an unmodified Native module from 1.111 and see if it's still grayed out.

Also, just out of curiosity, in what way do you think it could be easier to use? Anything can be improved, but at this point I think a small child who knows nothing about Mount & Blade could pretty much figure out how to use TweakMB :roll:
boromir wrote:
:hammer: :hammer: hey first time poster but been using tweak mb since release,is there any thing in line to boost relations/rtr with other lords as i find it hard to get them to join me most times >:( awesome programme btw :lol: :lol:

It will be in the next release :green:
lordglyth wrote:
kefka can you add the following?

can you add a tweak for rite to rule, chance for lords to cross over, how much a lord likes you like how much from how much relation you get from a questa quest ,aslo the 90 days and 30 day needs to be in tweaks thats way to long to starv a castle

aslo the infinite ammo is great, can you add a damage tweak to it to there way weak or a speed tweak be nice to so you can have machine gun bows lol

Some of those may be possible in a future versions, although I don't know if any of them are at the top of the list right now (there's a long list!). Things like the reputation from quests will be enormous tweaks, just due to the number of quests in the game, so it may be a while before those get added.
Hassie wrote:
--lots of stuff

Try something for me. Assuming your game version is 1.105, make a copy of your unmodified Native module, and load the copy in the latest version of TweakMB. Does everything show up correctly (except for the known issues)? Everything else seems to be working okay for me, and the text files I'm loading should be exactly the same as the text files in your Native module.

The only thing I can think of is that your non-Native module files are still from an older version, in which case some things won't work with the current versions of TweakMB. The only module that gets automatically updated with the game patches is the Native module, so if you're using anything from before the patch, you would have to manually copy over the new module files from your Native folder. This is where most of the problems people have with TweakMB stem from.
Hassie wrote:
I appreciate the update to your mod, and taking off the guild from the menu of Cities works on new games. Saved games seems to be set in stone, Dungeons are arenas forever-more. I will try and do some tweaking with your mod, and see what it comes up with.

Removing the tweak should work regardless of whether it's a new or saved game (it's not really possible for TweakMB to permanently modify a saved game). I tested it on several savegames, and removing the tweak brought it back to normal each time. A couple of people on the TaleWorlds forums also reported that removing the tweak fixed their problems. Are you sure the tweak was actually removed? If all else fails, you can always just copy over an unmodified version of Menus.txt, and that will pretty much be guaranteed to fix the problem, savegames included.

The morale tweaks almost always get messed up whenever a new patch comes out (that's why it was disabled for you before). Unfortunately that's just a side effect of the game being patched so often. I try to get TweakMB updated as soon as I can, but there will always be a period after every new patch when some of the tweaks just aren't going to work.

Hassie wrote:
EVERY single dungeon door says (Arena Door), and if you are in a castle, NOT a City, you go to a desert, grasslands or whatever if you try to enter.

I was doing a quest to free a lord early on from a dungeon. If I give the guy the purse of 100 denars, I go into the dungeon. If I kill him for the keys, I cannot get in. When I did go in, I couldnt talk to the lords at all in the prison, even when I'm standing right in front of them, no bars, nothing, just standing there. Almost like they aren't there.

It worked when I put the normal files back in, but I like my changes. Any reason, or code, or file specifically doing this so I can just make that change? I figure maybe in the menu, it's changing dungeon door, to arena door instead by accident.

I'm getting this same issue. I think it's definitely directly related to the "Add guild master to the menu" tweak (once I removed that tweak it went back to being normal). Assuming that is the case, the short-term fix would be to simply not use that tweak until I figure out what's causing the bug. I have to say, it's a bit disorienting to open the prison door, only to be teleported to the arena :pint:
jpratt30 wrote:
Great program! Seems the tweaks have converted over well, for the most part.

One problem I have ran into is the party moral option is greyed out. Now at some point, it was not.

Are you using Warband 1.104? The tweak was changed when they patched the game to 1.104, and the current version of TweakMB is setup for 1.104. The morale tweak won't work in any earlier versions.
happy_heme wrote:
I just downloaded the latest version of TweakMB (0.42) and the robber leader still manages to escape everytime. I reinstalled Warband and patch it up to 1.104 if thats any help to you. And the tavern keeper still doesn't have the option to buy prisoners from me.

Are you using a clean copy of Scripts.txt when you make the modifications (ie, one that you haven't tried to modify before)? The "bad" version of the tweaks may still be on your first Scripts.txt file, which would explain why it's not working. That's the only thing I can think of. I've tried it several more times myself with no problems, and it seems to be working for other people.

The other thing to keep in mind with the tavern keeper thing is that you have to actually have some prisoners before the option will come up. However, I'm guessing the old tweak was still on your file and that's why it wasn't working.

If you still can't get it to work with a clean copy of Scripts.txt from 1.104, let me know and I'll have you send me your file so I can take a look at it.
comment last edited by kefka95 on Apr 04, 2010, 09:46:36 am
happy_heme wrote:
Sorry mate, but the same problem with the robber leader escaping still seems to occur in Warband. Also, the option for the tavern keeper to buy prisoners doesn't appear in the conversation with the tavern keeper. But thanks for the program and good luck with working out the kinks!

Are you sure you're using the most recent version of TweakMB (should be 0.41 or 0.42)? I just started a couple of new games with some random TweakMB modifications, and the robber leader talked to me after the fight like he was supposed to each time.

You were correct about the tavern keeper tweak - it looks like it was changed after the last patch. I just uploaded a release that should correct this (v0.42).
SinTroN wrote:
It would be great to add such tweaks for WarBand as - make price of prisoners be valued depending on their status/skill (like peasant should be much cheaper than vaegir kinght), and a period between ability to hire prisoners, if this is possible.

Both of these tweaks can definitely be added, assuming I can get them successfully ported over to Warband. I'll try and get them into one of the next few releases :hammer:
Asgar wrote:
Rohan wrote:
Excellent utility. Great work!

However, I have an issue. When I created a mod using TweakMB, it broke the first quest somehow. When I attack the 4 robbers, win the battle,collect the loot, and exit, I get the message that the Robber leader has somehow managed to escape. So I can't get the location of the robber hideout and can't continue with the quest.

I've had no problem completing the quest with Native at all. But after three tries with various changes using TweakMB, every one has been broken.

I hope you can figure out what's wrong. Thank you.

I got the same problem, but additionally, I find myself unable to capture any units, be they lords or regular enemies, after a successful siege every time.

Asgar and Rohan - Thank you for pointing out the issues with the capture rates. The release I just uploaded should correct that. As it turns out, TweakMB was reading the correct value for the Warband tweak, but it was writing the value based on the vanilla M&B tweak (whoops! :oops: ). It should be working okay with the current release though! Please let me know if you come across any other issues.
SinTroN wrote:
This program is AWESOME, so nice and easy!

But one question is up - will it be updated and are there any future possibilities for making it updatable by users? (Mostly interesting concerning Warband)

TweakMB will be updated on a regular basis, especially now that Warband is out :green: There will likely be at least one new release every week (if not more) as I get more and more tweaks added.

Allowing users to add their own tweaks is certainly a possibility, although it's probably a ways off. It's one of those things that sounds easy on the surface, but is actually fairly difficult to implement successfully.
OsGood wrote:
Does any version of .Net Framework work with this? I'm downloading now version 2.

You will want to get the most recent version of .NET Framework, which as of right now is version 3.5.

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